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.Too bad they hadn’t spent their few hours living that fantasy yesterday, but on an upside, when he closed this case, he could test this man’s sexual orientation boundaries again and hopefully get him on his knees at least once before they went their separate ways.“Come on, handsome.We have some clothes to buy and a plane to catch,” Kreed said as he reached to push the front doors open, still dwelling on his missed opportunity.~~~“All right, you ready? We need to head out,” Kreed called through the opened door in their hotel room.“I already told you that I can’t leave until I can ship my shit somewhere.” Aaron didn’t move from the desk chair where he sat playing Pay Day.He focused all his attention on executing the perfect heist.Man, he had to get Mitch on this game.Aaron had always felt like playing games where the bad guys did things like rob banks and plan strategic heists in casinos should be a conflict of interest for a deputy marshal, but having Mitch on his team… They would just kick ass.“I texted you Colt and Jace’s home address.Skinner’s working on the details of our stay.It won’t take long for him to get us hooked up with a place.He’ll have our operation headquarters ready tonight.Did you load your background information for the job interview yet?” Kreed asked, coming to stand at the door.“Yep.Done.Ha ha! Oh, man,” Aaron exclaimed, his eyes glued to the screen, even though he’d lowered one earbud in order to hear what Kreed was saying.He’d felt, more than heard, Kreed walk up behind him and watch over his shoulder.“What kind of masks are those?” Kreed asked, bending to better see the laptop’s screen.“Clowns.I’m always Dallas,” Aaron said, never stopping the flow of his fingers.“Huh? Hurry up and do whatever.We gotta go.”“I need to ship my equipment,” Aaron repeated, not moving.“We’ve already discussed that.Get your ass movin’,” Kreed ordered, walking back through the open door.After a minute more, Aaron closed the laptop and moved out from under the fresh scent of Kreed’s cologne.How the hell was he going to sit next to that the entire trip to Texas while trying to manage the impending hard-on? If karma were on his side, maybe the flight would be booked and they would be forced to have to sit apart.As Aaron packed his laptop into his bag, he decided he might prefer sitting next to a crying baby over Kreed Sinacola, and he could only pray that would be the case.Chapter 8Aaron followed along behind Kreed through the back entrance of the airport.What a seriously better way to enter and deal with an airport.Kreed had managed, through official channels, to book them on the earliest flight out, forcing the airline to bump two passengers to another flight in order to make room for both of them on the plane.Aaron stood ready with his credit card in hand to purchase his ticket, but when he placed the plastic on the counter, Kreed did little more than look down, laugh, and hand his marshal service credentials to the airline employee behind the desk.Apparently she remembered Kreed, because she waved his badge off with a smile as she worked at entering their information.The attendant never weighed their luggage.Instead, she fastened the ticket around each handle and dropped both on the conveyor belt behind her.She printed and handed over their tickets, and they were moving toward security in a matter of minutes.When Aaron headed for the standard TSA security line, Kreed grabbed him by the back of the collar, guided him around the long line, and pushed him toward a back entrance.“You’re with me,” he growled.“Okay, so you have the traveling pass?” Aaron asked.His parents did the fast-boarding passes, but he didn’t realize that it had its own area.“Nah, it’s different than that being a US marshal.” Kreed opened a door, waving Aaron through first.Once inside the restricted area, Kreed placed a hand on the middle of his back and guided him to the side.Aaron looked around in amazement; it was a completely different setup.“I’m Deputy Marshal Kreed Sinacola,” Kreed said to a person sitting behind a podium.He pulled his wallet and badge, flipping them open.“I remember you.You’re Deputy Knox’s partner,” she said, checking his boarding pass and credentials.“How’s he doing?”“Good.Ornery as always, but good.”She gave a cackle as she stuck out her hand for Aaron’s information.“He always is.We see so many of you guys coming through here, but he’s got such a big personality,” she said, doing her thing with Aaron’s driver’s license before handing it back.“Don’t tell him.He’s already got the big head.” Kreed laughed.“Yeah, he’s not lacking in ego, I would imagine,” she grinned.“Have a good flight.”“Will do,” Kreed said [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]