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.We float in silence for a few seconds then the outer solarium door flings open and a women and a man walk out.I peek out from our hiding place.“Crap, Lane it’s the Boss-man.”He looks over my shoulder.“And fucking Mia,” he hisses.“Mia? His ex-wife?”“Yeah.She’s a fucking piranha.She’ll eat the flesh off your bones.”“So, you don’t like her?” I say with sarcasm.“I hate the bitch.”I scan over a pretty petite blond sporting extra-large tatas.“Sure is a tiny thing.She looks like a pixie with large tatas—like Tinker Bell.”“Tinker Hell is more like it.”“So you really don’t like her.”“Fuck no,” Lane says a little too loudly and we start to giggle.They move closer to the pool and we freeze.“Boss-man looks hot in that tux,” I comment.Lane smirks.“I wouldn’t know.”“Why are you here Mia?” Jaxson shouts.I jump and pray they didn’t hear the slight splash.“Oh, come on Jaxson—I’m here with a date.When I found out it was your charity dinner we were attending it was too late for me to cancel.”Jaxson huffs.“You came here to cause trouble and you have…so now you can leave!”“Leave? But we haven’t finished our dinner,” she whines.“What did you say or do to Hanna?”“I didn’t say or do anything to her.”“Well, she ran out in tears.God, Mia! You are such a bitch.Hanna is the chair of the charity.And just because she was sitting next to me—you what? What do you think you’re doing? Marking your territory?”She laughs.It’s a high-pitched squeal—like a dying cat.Lane and I wince.“I was just curious.I thought she was that whore Alexia that you have living here.I can’t believe you talked the rest of partners into that.She should be in jail.”I look at Lane and whisper.“Jaxson never told me that his ex-wife was a partner.”“Yeah, she has the majority of the partner shares.”“That’s too bad,” I whisper.“Mia, I’m not going over this again with you.I want you to find your date and get the hell out of my house!”“Okay.Don’t get your briefs in a tangle.At the partners’ meetings you said there was nothing personal between you two, but I knew you were lying.”“Mia, get out of my house or I’ll have you thrown out!”“Okay, no need to get all hot and bothered, I’m leaving.It won’t be long before you’ll be calling me anyway—you always do.”She purrs and I all but throw up.“Goodnight my dearest Jaxson.” She gives him a wave then walks back through the solarium and into the house.“I can see why you don’t like her.” I whisper to Lane.“Yeah, she’s a real charmer.”Jaxson paces near the pool for few minutes then turns and starts walking back toward the solarium.Lane and I let out our breath.“Didn’t need to hear that” I say.“Told you, Tinker Hell.”“Who’s out there?” Jaxson shouts as he stomps back toward the pool.“Under now!” Lane whispers.We go under.When we can no longer hold our breath we slowly surface.Jaxson is gone.“That was close.” I sigh.“Sure was dudla.”We wait for a few minutes just to make sure the coast remains clear.Then we climb out, grab our clothes and run to the solarium.Lane pulls a couple of towels from a cabinet.We wrap ourselves in the towels and hustle out through the gate.We run up the path toward the guesthouse, enter, and make our way to the kitchen.We stand draped in our towels dripping on the tile floor.We look at each other and crack up like hyenas.”Fuck, that was fun!”“Yeah real fun.Not,” I reply and start to dry myself off.I look up and Lane has stopped laughing and is staring at me.“Sorry dude.Can you show me where the bathroom is?”“If you insist.” He pouts, and leads me to the guest bathroom, then walks to his own.I get dressed and soon meet him back in the kitchen.He looks up from raiding the fridge.“Are you hungry?”“I’m starving.” I sit down on a barstool.Lane starts randomly pulling food out when Mary walks in.“Where have you two been? I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”She frowns and puts down a tray wrapped in foil.“Leftovers from the party” she says.Are you two hungry?”Lane and I look at each other.“Starving.” We both pant.”Mary gives us a suspicious look then removes the leftovers from the tray.Lane gets out plates and utensils.We go at the leftovers like starving Hannibal Lectors.Mary sniffs the air.“What’s that smell?” She sniffs Lane then me.“My good God you two smell like dope.Have you been smoking crack?”We look at her serious expression, and then we laugh our asses off.When Lane finally gets his voice he puffs out.“Mom we’re not on crack.”She sniffs us again.“Just a little pot, Mom.You know, weed, grass, marijuana, cannabis.”She rolls her eyes.“I know what pot is smart ass.”I finally stop my hysteria and she gives me a stern mother look.“I expect this kind of behavior from my son Alexia, but not from you.”“I’m sorry, Mary.” I laugh-pout.“Well, just don’t do it again.That shit messes up your reproductive system.” She points at Lane.I giggle.“Thanks, Mom, I love you too.”“You know I love you son.Why else would I drive a minivan with a bumper sticker that reads: ‘Proud Parent Of A Clueless Pothead’.” She laughs, Lane frowns.“Well, you two, I’ve got to get back to the party [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]