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.” His eyes are stern and I want to look away but I know he’s right.“When did you become the older sibling here?” I try a laugh but it sounds forced.He rolls his eyes before he ushers me back to my bed.“When you fell off the deep end.Don’t worry, in a few years I’m sure you’ll be back to the wiser older sister.” He gives me a real smile and a small one appears on my lips.“I love you, Bentley.” I hug him tightly before I climb back into my hospital bed.“I love you too, Wesley.” Then he laughs and smoothes some hair from my face.“We have to be the weirdest siblings ever.”“No joke,” I tell him.Twenty minutes later, Royal strolls into my room.My mom and dad are handling all the paperwork with my doctors.I’m pretty sure they are going to have me committed.He doesn’t say anything when he walks in; he just grabs a chair and pulls it up beside my bed.Then he grabs my hand and squeezes it before placing a kiss on the back.“Why are you here?” I question.He looks up at me with his deep brown eyes and they shine with tears.“I don’t know really.After the night you got drunk at my house, I can’t stop picturing you in my head like that.All broken and messed up inside.I just realized you needed a friend, someone who wasn’t involved.If I have a quality you need in a friend, then I’m all over that.” He smiles a little, lost in thought.“It feels nice to be needed.Rachel finally made a friend, which is a blessing, considering how she is.And Channing’s about to have his hands full with a certain sexy redhead.Plus being there for you, it’s effortless.”We are quiet for awhile, lost in our own thoughts.Then he looks at me, intensely.“Seeing you in here, with that gown, breaks my fucking heart.”“I think I broke a lot of hearts today,” I mumble looking down at my hands.His hands come up to my face and turn it toward him.“And you don’t have to be sorry about that.Whatever is going on, you need to deal with it.Being put in here shows me you weren’t dealing with it.It also shows me that those around you, who know, they weren’t helping.”I finally meet his eyes.“You’re too good to be true,” I tell him, wishing I could just blurt it all out.But I can’t, and I don’t know why.It would be so easy to tell him everything.There’s just a part of me that likes that he doesn’t know.He may look at me with pity sometimes, but it’s not because of death.It’s because he can see I’m hurting.He chuckles and I close my eyes in pleasure from the sound.“No, girl.You’re too good to be true.” Then he kisses my cheek before letting me go.Channing hurriedly walks into the room and looks right at Royal, “Pierce is coming in the building.We’ve got to get out of here.” Then he looks at me.“If you need anything at all Bridges, you just let me know.” Next he salutes me.“Get better soon.” After that, he leaves the room.Royal laughs and turns back to face me.“Yeah, get better soon, Duchess.” He lifts my hand up again and kisses it before walking to the door.He turns to face me before exiting the room, “Stay sane, girl.” Then he’s gone.I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.My life seems to be turning around and just maybe I’ll have Royal Sanders to thank.***“They want to put you in a mental hospital for a few days, Wesley,” my mother tells me later that night.The funny thing about it is, I want to get better.I want to go.I take a deep breath, because I know she’s not going to agree with me on this.“I want to go, Mom.I want to get better.”Tears fall down from her eyes and she lifts her hand to wipe them away.“I should have known.My sweet little girl.You always do what’s best, whether I think it’s right or not.”I grab up her hand and squeeze, “I need help Mom.I collapsed today.That’s not good at all.I’ve also lost touch with reality.I need a break from all of this.I need to go somewhere and get right again.”She lays her head on my shoulder and sobs.I know this is hard for her, that I’ve become this way.But she is going to have to face it.Everyone is going to have to face it.“I know baby.I know.”Chapter NineOne Week Later…My parents finally agreed to let me go to the mental hospital.It was only a one-week thing.The doctors wanted me to talk to someone and adjust to eating right again.And now that I’ve had time to talk to a shrink, I realize I should have done it in the first place.I had a really nice shrink who asked me to call her by her first name, Michele.Come to think of it, I don’t even know her last name.She helped me overcome my emotions involving Trey.She made me realize it’s okay to mourn him but I still need to move on with my life.He passed away and it was tragic, but I’m still here.I’m still living and I need to start doing that again.Living the way I was, I was headed in a really bad direction.I can’t even process in my mind what would have happened if I hadn’t passed out at Ashley’s.Michele also helped me see I needed to make new friends [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]