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.”He looks thoughtful for a moment before saying anything to that.“She probably had a nightmare about what happened, woke up and felt you touching her, and thought it was still real.She’s going to be off for a while, but I think she will pull through it.She’s too strong not to.” He shakes his head and rubs his hands up and down his face.“It kills me to see her this way.I wasn’t expecting the anger.She made me spit out why her mom killed herself.I wasn’t ever going to tell her.No child deserves to hear that kind of thing.”“Well, how would you react? She had her body violated and her trust stolen from her.It’s a fucking wonder she isn’t more fucked up then she is.” I rotate my shoulder around before the muscles get stiff and won’t move at all.“I know.It’s just so frustrating.I thought she was safe here.We have lived here her entire life.” He slams his fists down on the counter, making me jump, along with several dishes.“I mean, that little prick had been under our noses for years.I would never have thought he would do something like this.”“Yeah, well, how do you think I feel? He had been one of my best friends most of my life.I didn’t see it in him either.” The guilt eats holes in me.Why couldn’t I have seen it? I could have stopped this whole situation.Mom walks into the room, looking sad.“Harley, okay?” She asks softy.“She may be messed up now, Mom, but she won’t be that way forever.We will get her through this.” I know we will.We have to.I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if Harley never got her fire back.*****She has been gone for hours.I’m starting to realize what she went through yesterday while I was gone.I shouldn’t have left, but it was either that or sit around here freaking the fuck out.I never have done well with feeling like that.Lucy, Carter, Paige, Dean, and Liam are sitting around the living room with me.We are waiting for Mason to call Lucy back.I always knew there was something about that guy.When we called Lucy to see if she knew where Harley was, she said she’d get Mason and his boys to find her.Apparently the rumors are true.Mason is the leader of a gang.I didn’t think he had it in him.He’s not big or anything.Nor does he look the least bit threatening.When Lucy’s cell phone rings, I jump up out of my chair.“Hey,” she says.“Umm.okay?” Pause.“So you’re not going to tell me?” Long pause.“Fine.” Short pause.“I’m not mad.You do what you need to do.Excuse me if we are her family.She doesn’t even know you.” With that, she hangs up without saying goodbye.She takes a deep breath before looking up at me.She looks madder than hell.What the hell? “Mason says that he found her.He also said that she doesn’t want to see any of us right now.” She crosses her arms over her chest.“Oh, and that he is going to stay with her.”Well, isn’t this peachy.“Why doesn’t she want to see any of us?”“He wouldn’t say.He says that she’s safe and that is all that should matter.” She tosses her long black hair over her slim shoulders.“Which is completely crazy.They don’t even know each other.” Is that jealousy I hear in her voice?“Should I be worried about anything?” I ask as I start to feel my blood boil.“Why would you ask that?”“Because you are acting jealous, Lucy,” Carter says from the couch.“I am not! Mason and I aren’t even together!” She exclaims, trying to get her point across.It doesn’t.“Whatever, I’m going to my room,” I say, and leave.I can’t help but to feel hurt by her actions.Or maybe I am jealous as well.I want her to come to me, not some guy she doesn’t even know.Then it hits me.She doesn’t know him.At this point I’m betting strangers look more trustworthy in her mind.Chapter 15Harley“Thank you,” I say softly.Mason turns his head to look at me.“For what?”“For giving your shirt.you know.when I was out of it.” I feel uncomfortable talking about this.On the way home from the hospital, I overheard my dad talking to Polly about what Spencer and Mason did with their shirts.“It was nothing.No one should have to be put through what you were.” He looks off into the sunset.I can’t help but notice the way the sun reflects off his brown hair, making it the color of honey.“No, they shouldn’t.I’m only glad Spencer came before he got away.I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else.” I shudder just thinking about it.“Why are you hanging out with me, anyway? I’m sure Lucy is better company right now.”He raises his knee and rests his arm on it, giving him a lazy pose.He is anything but.I think it’s something you can only see by looking at him as long as I have.I’m beyond fascinated with the guy.“You remind me of someone.” His lips curve up into that little half smile again.“Someone I miss a lot, and Lucy isn’t happy with me at the moment.So, you are the better company.”“What did you do to Lucy? She hardly ever gets mad.” This is so true.That girl has the heart and soul of a saint.“She’s jealous because I’m out here with you.She is also pissed, and I’m sure everyone else is too, that I won’t tell them where we are.” He gives out a light chuckle.“Why would she be jealous? That’s stupid.” I try to laugh, because the situation is funny, but it’s more of a “gruff” sound.“The girls claim I’ve had it bad for Spencer for years.I don’t know why she would think I’d want you.”“It takes getting into a situation for people to realize things about themselves.She hasn’t ever had a guy like me in her life, so if I spend time with someone else and don’t want her along, she thinks I have more feelings for them [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]