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.“He’s taking a nap,” Mae informed me in her warm, British accent.“He’s a little jet lagged from the trip.”Like the other two boys, Ezra was incredibly attractive.His eyes were deep mahogany and infinitely warm.His skin was the same tanned color as Jack and Peter’s, and his sandy hair had soft blond streaks through it.The most powerful thing about Ezra was his voice.It was low and resonated through everything.He had a faded accent that came from being born in England, but he hadn’t lived in Europe in over two-hundred years.Through the glass French doors off the dining room, I saw Jack rollicking about with his Great Pyrenees, Matilda.The deck lights revealed the taut muscles of his chest and back as he rolled around with her.The stones of the patio should’ve left him battered and bruised, but he’d have nothing to show from it.“Alice, do you wanna try it?” Mae asked, pulling my gaze away from Jack.She held out an apple slice covered in dip, but I shook my head.“I’m getting pretty chilly.I think I’m gonna head outside.”“I’ll be out in a minute,” Milo said through the mouthful of the fruit he’d sampled.“Okay,” I nodded and headed out the French doors into the night.Jack ventured off the patio in his pursuit of Matilda, but I saw easily in the light of the full moon.It was much warmer outside than it had been in the house, but I kept the towel wrapped around me.I walked down the patio onto the small lawn that separated the house from the lake.Matilda caught sight of me and bounded towards me.She’d knock me over, since she was used to vampires who could handle her lunging at them, but Jack overtook her and playfully tackled her.Then he stood up, brushing the grass from his swim trunks, and grinned at me.“Are you gonna go swimming with the towel too?” Jack teased.“Maybe.” I pulled the towel more tightly around me, and he laughed.Matilda sniffed me heartily before concluding that it was only me, and then sauntered off, wagging her tail slowly behind her.A mischievous glint caught Jack’s eye, and after spending a summer getting thrown in the lake, I knew exactly what it meant.Dropping my towel, I turned and ran towards the dock.He trailed a few steps behind me, even though he could easily sprint past me.The sport was in the chase for him.I almost made it to the edge of the dock when I felt his strong arms looping around my waist.I squealed and let him twirl me around once before he released me, sending my soaring into the air and landing in the lake with a loud splash.Jack took a running jump and leap out, flying over me and splashing way out in the lake.He howled excitedly, as if he hadn’t made that same jump a million times.“Jack!” Mae leaned out the French doors and shouted out at him.“You’ve got to keep it down so the neighbors don’t call the police again.” It was after midnight on a Wednesday, and the neighbors weren’t big fans of the noise.“Yeah, Alice,” Jack said.“Oh, whatever,” I rolled my eyes.“As if I’m even half as loud as you are.”Jack laughed, taking long strokes out farther into the black water.He swam slow circles around me, but I was content to float on my back, staring up at the full moon and the stars shining.I had never really had the courage to swim too far from the shore when the water was so dark.I always had these horrible visions of being eaten by some unseen monster coming up from the depths of the lake.Milo joined us in the lake a bit later.Mae stayed inside to continue chopping fruit.She always went overboard trying to feed us.We were just two people, but she cooked like we were an army.It only made it more obvious when they didn’t eat anything, but Milo had only made a few comments about it.Surprisingly, he hadn’t really caught on that they weren’t human.Jack had been more discreet about his paranormal abilities, but Milo was a smart kid.I thought that he suspected something but let it go, because they didn’t seem dangerous and they made me happy.“It’s a really beautiful night out,” Milo said.He floated on his back, admiring the night like I was.“It’s been a fantastic summer.”“I can’t believe it’s almost over,” Milo sighed.“Don’t remind me!” I cringed.“It won’t be so bad.”School was only three short weeks away.Milo tried to convince me that it had little effect on my life, but it changed everything [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]