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.He wanted her happiness yet she was afraid to grab it.“Jordan called when you were talking with your mom.Bethany isn’t being as embracing about moving their relationship forward now that we’re engaged.” He watched her nod and look out the window.Placing a hand in her leg he spoke low, “Sweetheart, is something wrong?”She sighed, “I don’t know what I was thinking about Bethany and Jordan, my mom.My world feels settled now, peaceful even, but their lives aren’t.I guess I feel bad.” He caressed her thigh.“Don’t feel bad, sweetheart.You and your mom will get there and that’s all it will take for her world to feel right.And Bethany just needs a friend to talk to.She won’t listen to me.I’m too much like a brother and she won’t listen to Jordan because she wants to try things with him but she’s scared.” Her eyes finally shifted back to him and she nodded.“I’ll talk with her.I know all about being scared.” Raiden smiled as he pulled into the parking space reserved for him at the airport.“Let’s go get your dad, sweetheart.” At that statement he was greeted with her brilliant joyous smile.TaiRaiden wasted no time interlacing her fingers with his as they walked to the airport.She meant what she had said in the car.She felt settled; she didn’t know how she thought she could survive without him.The last week after her kidnapping, their breakup, his proposal, their reconciliation she knew one thing; a life without him wouldn’t be a life at all.She tugged on his hand causing him to stop their forward motion and gaze into her eyes.“I love you.” He smiled.“I love you, too.Not complaining, but what prompted that?” he said bringing her hand he was holding to his lips.“Was just thinking about everything from the past week and how I almost royally screwed up my life.Because without you.there is no life.” He showed more emotion at that moment than she had ever seen in his eyes.And that’s when she truly knew she had indeed found Prince Charming.Her Prince Charming, he was very real and she could never truly express how much she loved him.He didn’t know how the human ended up in his bed last night.Probably a weak fucking moment.He was reeling about Raiden and Tai’s engagement when the bitch, Gloria, showed up at his door.He was pissed as fuck at her for not succeeding in breaking up Raiden and Tai and now what the hell had happened? They were engaged.So he solved his anger issue by fucking her all night long, hard.Very hard.She didn’t complain.she just took it over and over until Kai passed out, but he hoped she would’ve left.She hadn’t, which meant he now had to get rid of her skanky ass.He was a jackass, woman who slept with Raiden before he met Tai thought he was jackass but no one dared to mess with him.“Get your shit and get out, dammit!” he hissed.“Kai?” she questioned.Really? Seriously? What the hell did she think was going on with them?“Don’t know what you’re thinking.Really don’t fucking care either, but I asked you to leave and I suggest you do it now!” He yelled, his patience was already wearing thin.It would be wise for her to not test that.He wasn’t Raiden; you did not mess with Kai Lukas.“I thought Raiden was a jackass,” she spat as she left.He growled, but let her leave.He had bigger things to worry about.Moving to his desk, he began reading over the documents he had found after his failed kidnapping attempt of Tai.He was pissed off that she escaped, but grateful for a prayer that could solve his problem.Raiden getting married.As he scanned the document he found it.If the leading family’s heir chooses to be with a human, the human must make the ultimate sacrifice.Become a vampire.’One choice.One sacrifice.Happily ever after.I’m beginning to question its existence~TaiTai and Raiden are happy; their life together is moving forward.She has complete rein over their wedding.Time isn’t on their side though, as Lee’s takes an unexpected turn for the utter worst.And just when things are stressful enough for them both, documents arrive from the Lukas family.Documents that will alter their world and possibly their happily ever after search.Can Tai stand and be strong? Will Raiden allow her to make the ultimate sacrifice for him? Does happily ever after exist?PrologueLife never works out as planned.Tai and Raiden were madly in love, living a fairy tale.One document from the Lukas family crushed it all [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]