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.His dad was sick and Raiden didn’t bother him much these days, but this was his life at stake.“Son, is everything okay?” Lee asked sitting up straight in the bed.“No, it’s not fucking okay.What is this?” he questioned handing over the piece of paper.Lee’s brows furrowed, “Where did you get it?”“Kai Lukas just dropped it off.Is it true, dad? Have you just not told me the truth, because.because I don’t know why.”“Did you call Tom?” Raiden stared at his dad perplexed.“Yes, is there something I need to know?” Raiden questioned as he tried to calm down.“Where’s Tai?” Lee questioned.“I’m here, Lee, if this is the price to marry your son, he’s worth it and much more.” she said wrapping her arms around Raiden’s stomach and pressing her cheek against his back.“It’s worth it and so much more, playboy.”“No,” he responded with finality.“Lee, Raiden?” a new voice called.Tom was there.“Upstairs, Tom, first room on the right,” Raiden called.“What’s going on?” Tom questioned entering the bedroom.“This Tom.” Lee responded handing over the document.“Hmmm.I see, Lee, we need Roy.” Lee nodded.“I thought that was the case.Can you get him here, please?” Lee demanded.Raiden watched the exchange between Tom and his dad and was more confused than ever.“Roy, I need you to come to Aishan.” Tom spoke low.“This is not happening,” Raiden muttered.“It’s okay, playboy, I’m yours, remember?” She was speaking gently.Trying to calm him, but calm just wasn’t happening for him not right now.Not when his whole world felt like it was shattering into tiny pieces.Tai“Lee, what’s going on?” she questioned coming around to stand in front of Raiden, who was still boiling.“Tai, this document is most likely legit.” Lee spoke soft and seemed sad, but Tai wasn’t.“Okay.How?” She asked trying to get herself and Raiden as many answers as possible, right now answers were what Raiden needed and for her, well they didn’t hurt either.“When the Elder Panel was setup I passed certain tasks to each member.While vampires in our form mating with a human is allowed, I entrusted Roy with setting some boundaries as every society needs them to succeed.I was unaware of this boundary, or Raiden would have known this sooner.” Tai nodded at Lee’s words.“If he knew this in advance we wouldn’t be together most likely.” The words almost caught in her throat.The tears pooled in her eyes.“Beautiful girl, don’t say that.I have confidence you would have been, it just would have been something he told you like being a prince and a vampire.” Tai nodded but she could feel Raiden tense behind her.“This is fucking bullshit!” Raiden hissed.Tai turned around, she needed to defuse the situation.“Raiden, I agree, but it is what it is.Playboy, this is something I want to do for you.” She reached to cup his face in her hands.“No, Tai, this is something I will find a way around.” He was determined, but Tai knew by Lee’s tone, Tom’s look there wasn’t a way around.She shook her head.Turning back towards Lee and Tom, she gave them a small sad smile, “You know my decision.Excuse me.” She left the guys to further discuss things, but she couldn’t be in there a second longer, she had never seen Raiden look so distant, so lost, not even when he begged her to stay.This was ripping him apart.She needed to talk to someone else about it, she needed someone else in her corner if she was ever going to convince Raiden that this was the right choice for her, for him, for them.Bethany, she needed Bethany.RaidenRoy had now arrived, “I’m sorry, Raiden, but I felt this was best,” Roy sighed.“Why the fuck did you think that?” How? Why? This wasn’t adding up.“Think about it, Raiden, the Lukas family isn’t the only one against what Lee created, I felt it was best if the leading family was always full vampire.I did what I thought was best.Something your dad entrusted me with.” Roy crossed his arms.“Fucking hell.I can’t I made her a promise.There has to be a loophole.” Raiden slid down the wall of his dad’s room.He wouldn’t let Tai make this sacrifice which means things were back to square one, but it was his turn to let her go.“Can I have time?” He finally asked if he had to say goodbye he needed more time with her first.Their wedding was six weeks away, she was pretty much done with everything, Dale was moving here, he couldn’t lose her, but he knew setting her free was best for her.“You can have three weeks, after that, Raiden, her decision is final whatever that may end up being.Then we will have other things to discuss, one step at a time though, Raiden.” That statement came from his dad and Raiden knew there would be another choice for Tai to make.Dark night meaning she couldn’t be with him based on rules he did know or like him.There were benefits to both and certainly more glamour and mystery surrounding the dark night side, he was scared of her picking the intrigue over him.“I need some air,” he whispered pulling himself from the floor of his dad’s room [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]