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.”“Yeah.But it was big news at the time.That’s really not that far away when you think about it.”She was right.“A few days after the boy was found, a girl was found the same way.Her heart was missing and her body was abandoned in a barn.I think this one was in like Acme, but it was only a few miles away from the first body.”“Did they ever catch who did it?”“No,” Edith shook her head.“It was big news for a long time, but the police ran out of leads and eventually everyone forgot about it.”“I guess, since it didn’t happen right here in Hemlock Cove, that explains why I’ve never heard of it,” I said to myself.Edith nodded.I looked over her shoulder at the articles she was perusing.I asked if I could borrow them and then sat down heavily on the couch to read through them.I spent the next two hours wading through the extensive coverage.“It looks like they covered it really well,” I said when I was done.“I told you, it was the biggest thing to happen to this area in years,” Edith said.“They sound like similar cases,” I broke off, biting my lip.“What are you thinking?” Edith looked confused.“If it’s the same killer – or the same killers – then they would be kind of old right now,” I explained.“If you were that old, would you be confident enough to approach teenagers in a high risk area? Would you be strong enough to carry their bodies?”Edith considered my question seriously.“Maybe it’s not the same killers.Maybe it’s someone who read about the previous killings and wanted to repeat it?”“Like a copycat?”Edith nodded.“Why do it now, though? Why not do it when people still remembered the old case? As far as I know, no one around here even talks about these cases.”“Maybe the killer is just crazy,” Edith clucked.“You can’t find reason in crazy.”“That’s a good point, too.”I gathered up all the articles and shoved them back into the envelope.“Are you done with them?” Edith looked at me quizzically.“No,” I said.“I have to focus on this week’s edition.I’m going to take this out to the inn later and see what my mom remembers.”“That’s probably a good idea,” Edith acknowledged.Then she brightened suddenly.“If I remember right, your Aunt Tillie was called in as a psychic in that first case.”Well, this was definitely the first time I heard of anything like that.As far as I knew, Aunt Tillie had a general disdain of law enforcement.“Who called her in?”“I can’t remember exactly,” Edith said.“One of the families hired a private investigator and they came out to talk with Tillie and to see if she could talk to the dead or something, if I remember right.Which I guess she can actually do, so I probably should stop making fun of her for that.”“I don’t understand why I’ve never heard about any of this?”Edith seemed nonplussed.“I would wager there are a lot of things you don’t know about your family.”I’d give even odds that she was right.Twenty-OneAfter my discussion with Edith, I couldn’t really focus on work.Instead, I did something I rarely do – I delegated.I called the paginator Lynn in early and told her I’d be willing to pay her overtime if she could handle a few of my duties.I explained that I was working on a banner story on the murders that would take up most of the edition – and that was essentially true.Despite the fact that my ankle was still tender, I managed to hobble downtown to Hypnotic.I had brought the files Edith had unearthed with me.“What are you doing? You’re not supposed to be walking!” Clove chided me when she saw me stumble inside the store.“It’s fine,” I waved her off.“Trust me.It could be a lot worse.”“What are you doing here? We were going to bring you lunch.”“I’ll just eat here with you guys.”“What about Friday’s paper?” Clove was like another mother sometimes, I swear.“I called Lynn in early.”Thistle and Clove exchanged wary glances.“What?” I asked in irritation [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]