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.”“We won’t?” Landon looked stunned.“Why? Because she threatened to tell her mommy?”“She could provide valuable help,” Chief Terry said.“And don’t say anything negative about her mother.”“How?”“She’s just.very, very good at what she does,” Chief Terry replied.Chief Terry was well aware of the rumors that floated around town about my family.He had never come right out and asked me if we had special abilities, but he had taken me to a crime scene or two.I think he knew that there was something different about me – and Clove and Thistle, for that matter – but he either didn’t want to know or was scared to know what that something special was.I shot Landon a victorious smile and got to my feet.“I’ll check in this afternoon after you get the autopsy results.”With those words, I flounced out of the office without a backwards glance.“I can’t wait,” Landon grumbled.ThirteenAfter leaving the police department, I went to The Whistler to do some research.Edith and William were waiting in my office for me – and the parking lot was empty – so I figured Brian hadn’t made it into work yet.“What’s up?”“We heard that Myron was killed last night,” William said.If a ghost could look pale – paler than usual, that is -- I would think that William was about to pass out.He looked shaken, for lack of a better word.“Yeah, he was found behind the town square with a knife sticking out of his stomach,” I said.“Right by the library.”“Do they know who did it?” Edith had been a ghost for decades.She had no idea who Myron was, I didn’t think but she did like to gossip with the best of them.“Not yet,” I said.“They didn’t see anyone around?” William asked.“No.”“How do they know it wasn’t an accident? Or suicide?”“I don’t know anyone that accidentally shoves a huge hunting knife in their own stomach, or chooses that way to commit suicide.There’s got to be a better way than that to go.”“That’s horrible,” William shuddered a heavy sigh.I turned to William curiously.“Did you know Myron well?”William looked uncomfortable.“Of course I knew him.Everyone in town knew him.He was a good boy before he went off to that war and it ruined him.”That made sense, but there was something weird about William’s reaction to Myron’s death.I just couldn’t decide why he cared so much.I wracked my brain for memories of William and Myron together.All I could come up with, though, was William giving Myron a place to sleep a handful of times.Given the fact that Myron was usually drunk, though, that statement could be applied to any number of the town’s denizens on a regular basis.“It’s sad,” I said finally.“I didn’t know Myron well.He just seemed like a really sad guy.”“He was sad,” William said.I wanted to question William further, but I heard the front door of the office open.I wasn’t surprised to see Brian at my open office door within a minute.“So, what did you find out about the dead guy?”“His name was Myron,” William growled at his oblivious grandson.“They’re not doing the autopsy on Myron until sometime this morning,” I said, trying not to stare at William to see his reaction.“We’ll know more this afternoon.”Brian looked disappointed.“Does it usually take this long to do an autopsy?”“We share a coroner with three other towns,” I explained.“Why?”“We don’t have enough suspicious deaths to warrant keeping our own on the payroll.”“That makes sense,” Brian said finally.He still looked a little disappointed – which bugged the crap out of me.I looked up at him expectantly.“Is there something else I can help you with?”“Huh?” Brian clearly had trouble with knowing when he wasn’t wanted.“Oh, no.Go back to work.I’ll be in my office fixing things up if you need me.”Once Brian left, I Googled Myron on my laptop.I wasn’t surprised with what I came up with.There were a few articles about his track prowess from his high school days – and even an article about him returning to Hemlock Cove after the war.After that, though, there was nothing.Even though Myron had been something of an embarrassment for the town, he had never been arrested and didn’t have a criminal record.Since he was technically homeless, I had once heard he had a small shack out by the Black Creek – a small tributary of the Hollow Creek -- but I had never seen it.There weren’t any property records either.He obviously didn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account.After a couple hours of fruitless searching, I left the office and made my way down to Hypnotic.Clove and Thistle were busy helping customers when I entered, so I kept silent while I waited for them to finish up.Clove could read minds – or rather she could read auras and sense what people were feeling – so she was the resident “psychic.” Basically, she read tarot cards and told visitors what they wanted to hear.She was busy helping a young couple now – and they couldn’t help marveling at the wonder of her insight.“I am a total nurturer,” the young woman gushed.“You’re amazing.”Thistle was behind the counter helping a woman load up on homemade candles and power crystals.After about twenty minutes, it was just the three of us in the store.“Did you find out anything about Myron?” Thistle asked.“Not much.They won’t have the autopsy results until this afternoon at the earliest.More likely tomorrow morning,” I replied.“Did Chief Terry tell you anything else?”“He’s not in charge of the case,” I said dubiously.“He’s not? Who is? The state police?” Clove looked angry [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]