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.“Wave our magic wands, click our ruby red shoes together and wish for it?”“Sarcasm isn’t going to help us.”“I wish Aunt Tillie was here,” Clove lamented.I would never have said it out loud, but I was mentally agreeing with her.Another twig cracked and then the bushes to our left rustled.“Alright, that did it,” Thistle snapped.“This is our property.I refuse to be scared on our property.” She strode to the bushes and peered behind them boldly.My fear told me to stay here, but my loyalty to Thistle urged me to back her up.Loyalty won out.When I got to the bushes and looked behind them, relief washed over me – quickly followed by anger.“What the hell?”Landon and Marcus were both crouched down behind the bushes.Landon seemed to be considering what to say when Marcus solved that particular problem for him.“We weren’t spying!”Landon sighed and stood up.“We were spying.”“Really?” Thistle asked sarcastically.“Why?”Landon looked at me, shame and anger warring for dominance on his face.“Because I knew you were lying.”“I wasn’t lying,” I countered.“Technically, I wasn’t lying,” I corrected.“How do you figure that?”“We didn’t leave the property,” I said.“You’re not taking a bath.”“I was going to do that when we were done,” I said.“Done doing what?”Oh, screw it.“Holding a séance.”Landon looked around the clearing in confusion.“A séance?”“We called Erika.”“Did she come?”“She did,” I said.“And what did she say?”“Who is Erika?” Marcus asked.“A ghost,” Thistle said.“She died on a boat and we’re trying to figure out exactly when it happened.”“Oh,” Marcus said.“Did she tell you?”“No,” Thistle shook her head.“She’s all over the place.Then she heard you guys and ran away.”“That’s too bad,” Marcus said.“Call her back.We promise to be quiet.”I glanced at Thistle.Marcus was clearly curious about ghosts – which was better than fearful, I guess.“You wouldn’t be able to see her,” Thistle said.“Can you see her?”“No,” Thistle admitted.“If Bay is around, we can hear her, though.”“Why?”“I have no idea.”“Oh, it’s cool, though,” Marcus said.“How is that cool?” Landon looked irritated.“It’s like stuff you see in movies,” Marcus said easily.“I think that’s cool.”“I think I’m getting a headache,” Landon lamented.Another twig snapped.This time, it was on the far side of the clearing.Landon went from agitated to FBI agent in one second flat.His body tensed and then he strode over to the other side of the clearing to investigate.The four of us stood where we were, watching.Landon growled as he searched through the bushes.“What are you doing out here?”I watched with wide-eyed wonder as Landon reached down and dragged Aunt Tillie into the clearing.She didn’t look happy about being discovered.“This is undignified.”“What are you doing out here?” Landon repeated the question.“Taking a walk.”I looked her up and down, my eyes lingering on the bag she was carrying.“What’s in the bag?”“Nothing.”“Why don’t I believe her?” Landon asked, pulling the bag from Aunt Tillie, who only put up a token fight before she relinquished it.“Because you’re not stupid,” Thistle replied.Landon unzipped the bag and looked inside of it.Disbelief registered across his face before he held it out towards me.“What is that?”Uh-oh.I moved to his side, taking the bag from him and peering into it.I frowned when I saw its contents.“What are those?” I questioned Aunt Tillie.“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.”“You’re lying.”“That’s an ugly thing to say.”“Just tell me what’s in the bag.”“I have no idea,” Aunt Tillie said.“You packed it,” I reminded her.“I’m old, I forget things.It must be the dementia.”“Oh, just let that go,” Thistle sighed, picking her way over to us and taking the bag from me.She looked inside and then turned to Aunt Tillie incredulously.“Is this what I think it is?”“That depends, what do you think it is?”“It’s some kind of larvae.”“Like for bugs?” I took a step away from Thistle and the bag.“Yeah.”“That’s gross.”“Where were you taking this? And what kind of bugs?” I asked.“And where did you get them?” Thistle added.“I ordered them off the Internet.”We had to find out where she was shopping, I swear.“What are they?”“Butterflies,” Aunt Tillie responded coldly.“They’re butterflies.”“Why would you be sneaking around at night with a bag full of butterfly larvae?” Clove asked suspiciously.“I am not sneaking,” Aunt Tillie countered.“This is my property.You can’t sneak around on your own property.”“You can if you’re hiding something from your nieces and grand-nieces,” I shot back.“So, I ask again, why are you sneaking around with a bag full of butterfly larvae?”“They’re not ready to swarm yet,” Aunt Tillie admitted.“I couldn’t risk your mothers finding them and destroying them.”“Why would they kill butterflies?” Clove asked.“Because they’re not just butterflies,” Thistle interjected.“She’s done something to them.”“Why?” Landon asked.“My guess? Because she’s enchanted them so they’ll do something evil and she plans on releasing them at the Dragonfly,” I replied.“You’re on my list now, too,” Aunt Tillie threatened.“It sounds like a pretty long list,” Landon sighed.“It’s getting longer every minute,” Aunt Tillie agreed, narrowing her eyes at him suggestively.“Well, I’m going to take the.larvae, and you’re going to go back to the inn, and we’re going to go back to the guesthouse and I’m going to try and pretend like this entire night never happened.”“Good for you, Sparky,” Aunt Tillie scoffed.“Marcus,” Landon barked.“I want you to walk Aunt Tillie back to the inn, make sure she goes inside and then join us at the guesthouse.”Marcus didn’t even attempt to argue with Landon.He moved to Aunt Tillie’s side quickly and directed her out of the clearing.She complained bitterly the whole time.“I’m not going to forget this,” Aunt Tillie warned.“You’re all on my list [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]