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.They hadn’t delved into Patrick’s background before.Arthur planned to remedy that.“I think I’ve steeped enough,” Arthur said to change the subject.There was no point in trying to hide his erection.He dared any gay man to stay flaccid while a hot male rubbed anything all over his skin.Despite his body’s excitement, exhaustion pulled at him, causing a yawn to crack open his mouth.The noise echoed a bit in the bathroom.“Sit up again and I’ll wash your back off then we’ll tuck you in bed,” Patrick coaxed.Arthur leant forward the little bit he could and not injure his leg further.He gasped as pain ripped through his body.“Shh, I’ve got you.”Patrick plucked Arthur up out of the tub and set him back on the toilet lid.“You’re a lot stronger than you look,” Arthur remarked.Although Patrick had muscles, his lean body had deceived Arthur into thinking he wouldn’t be strong enough to lift him.It was obviously a mistake to consider Patrick a weak man.He wondered what else he didn’t know about the man he loved.Patrick grabbed a fluffy towel out of the closet and patted Arthur dry.“You’re good, babe.Let’s go.”Accepting Patrick’s arm around him, Arthur hobbled his way into the bedroom.A sigh escaped him as he snuggled back onto the comfortable mattress.“Thanks, man, I appreciate all your help.I owe you one.”He would probably owe Patrick a lot more than one favour by the time they were finished, but debts were for settling another day.Right now he needed rest.Arthur closed his eyes.A brief brush of lips slid across his forehead and made him smile.“I’ll collect it from your ass when you’re feeling better,” Patrick promised.“Hmm, my virtue for a scalp massage and a bath… Sounds fair,” Arthur agreed.Laughter followed Patrick out of the bedroom.Arthur sighed.Who knew a dip in the water could be so tiring?The doorbell rang, preventing Arthur from calling Patrick back.He frowned hoping it wasn’t either of his brothers.If the choice of caregiver lay between Patrick and Callum, he’d take the hot lover every time.A moment later, Patrick appeared in the doorway, a puzzled frown on his face.“There’s a visitor here.He says you are old friends.His name is Addie? Did you want me to tell him you’re not up to visitors?”Arthur looked around his bedroom.No way did he want to talk to Addie from his bed, especially naked in his bed.“Could you bring me my robe?” Arthur pointed to the garment hanging from hook on the back of the bedroom door.“Sure.” A relieved smile crossed Patrick’s face.Arthur slid out of bed and let Patrick help him into his robe.“I’ll get you your crutches.” Before Arthur could say anything else, Patrick left then returned with them.“Thanks.” Arthur tucked them under his arms.He followed Patrick out, ignoring the curious glance flashed his way.“Arthur!” Addie jumped to his feet like his ass was on fire.He examined Arthur from head to toe as if trying to ascertain whether he needed immediate assistance.The cold, analytical expression creeped Arthur out a bit.Addie was starting to have a bit of a stalker vibe.He never wanted to leave Arthur alone for a minute.“Hey, Addie.Nice of you to come by.”He didn’t really think that.He’d rather be lying in bed with the blow job master, but it would be rather rude to tell Addie that.Arthur knew Addie lived on the other side of town and had to have gone out of his way to visit.Addie watched Arthur with an unblinking gaze.When Arthur sat down, Addie rushed over to sit beside him.“How are you doing?” Addie slid an uncomfortably familiar hand up Arthur’s thigh.“He’s doing fine,” Patrick said in short, clipped syllables.Arthur flicked a glance to Patrick, but his lover’s clenched jaw spoke louder than any words.An awkward bit of silence descended when Addie completely ignored Patrick and focused all his attention on awaiting Arthur’s response.“I’m doing well.Patrick is taking good care of me,” Arthur said.“I can come and stay with you if you need someone,” Addie insisted, pushy in his need to please.“We don’t need any help,” Patrick growled.“Arthur and I are managing well.”A shockingly hate-filled glance was sent Patrick’s way.Arthur tried not to let his jaw drop to the floor.He’d known Addie for two years and he didn’t even know the young man could make an expression like that, much less so effectively.Arthur rushed to fill the gap his shocked silence had created.“No, he’s right, Addie.We don’t need any more help.My brother Callum stocked the fridge and Patrick is making sure I rest, eat and take my meds.The rest is up to Mother Nature.”“If you need anything, you call,” Addie insisted.His scowl conveyed his unhappiness with their arrangement, but Arthur couldn’t make himself care.“Will do.” Arthur yawned, hoping Addie would get the hint.He really didn’t want the guy sticking around, but he didn’t want to be rude either.Arthur couldn’t forget Addie had helped him when Arthur had first been stabbed.“Right now, Arthur needs his sleep,” Patrick interrupted.“Thanks for dropping by.”Arthur nodded his agreement.Addie pressed a quick kiss to Arthur’s lips before standing.“Call me, Arthur.”With those words, he left the apartment.He didn’t bother to wait for Patrick to show him out.The sound of the front door slamming shook them from their stupor.“What the hell was that about?” Patrick asked.Arthur opened his mouth, snapped it shut again, then opened it.“You would know as much as me.I didn’t even know he liked me.At least not like that.”The kiss had felt weird.He didn’t want anyone’s mouth but Patrick’s touching his.Patrick made a rude noise of disgust.“He more than likes you.I tried to turn him away at the door.If I hadn’t been here, I think he would’ve tried to see what you have on under that robe.Did you see where he put his hand?”The outrage in Patrick’s voice pulled a tired chuckle from Arthur.“I am tired,” he confessed.“I want to go back to bed.”Sympathy crept across Patrick’s face.“Come on, babe, let’s get you to sleep.We can leave our discussion about crazy co-workers for another day.”“Deal.” Arthur nodded his agreement.Patrick helped him up to his crutches, and Arthur limped back to bed.Slipping between the sheets, he felt a quick kiss brush his forehead as he fell back to sleep.Chapter ThreePatrick smiled at Arthur’s sleeping form.Unobserved, he gave in to his urge to touch and gently stroked Arthur’s cheek.He wondered if Arthur would ever let him top.Patrick found he didn’t care if Arthur never bottomed as long as they got to stay together [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]