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.I even managed to find a killer pair of boots to replace my pair that was falling apartI was going through a duffle bag of random clothes, when I heard a small scuff behind me.Fingers brushed my bare arm, and I jerked away, grabbing for my knife.Spinning, I tripped against a bit of pipe on the ground and landed flat on my rear, only to see Billie laughing evilly a foot away, making choked growling sounds between her chuckles.“Ha! I finally freaking got you!” She said.I picked up the pipe in response and whacked her legs lightly a few times.“Not funny!” I said.“You almost gave me a freaking heart attack!”“Rawr!” She said, still laughing and holding her hands up like claws, dancing out of swinging distance from me.I smacked her again and, gathering my things, retreated to the RV, choosing to climb on top of it where there was a small breeze to ruffle my hair.The pipe I was still holding was jagged on one end, the other smooth and slick.I quickly wrapped the smooth end with a small length of rope to use as a grip, and decided to get to work mending some of our torn clothes.“Oooooh,” Billie said from behind a car.“Nice,” She held up a silk pillowcase.“Think you can turn it into a shirt?” She asked, looking up at me.“Toss it up,” I said.She gathered it into a ball and threw it up.Catching it by a loose corner, I pulled it to me and inspected the fabric.“Well?” Billie said.I nodded, and added it to the small pile of sheets and fabric that needed sewing.Even with the slight breeze, it soon became unbearably hot up there, and I could feel my skin burning so I climbed back down and sat in little shade allotted from the side of the RV, sitting on the bag of fabric to keep myself off the burning asphalt.Something metal slammed near the engine, and I saw Dean standing, wiping his hands on his pants.“Dear God, are we actually good to go?” I asked.“Sully’s starting it now to check,” He said, and right on cue, the engine turned over.Inside, I pulled Billie into the kitchen area.“Look, if I really bothered you, I’m sorry,” She said.“It’s not that.I will get you back, but it’s not that,”“Then what?”“We still have those fishing poles,” I said.She raised an eyebrow, “Ok.” comprehension dawned on her face, “You’re thinking what I’m thinking?”“Yup,”“Yes!” She said, grinning from ear to ear and jumping up and down on the balls of her feet.“What are you two doing?” Dean asked, looking at us from the passenger seat.“Jo just suggested we break out the fishing poles.”“Zombie fishing?” He asked.“Zombie fishing,” I said.“Alright! Let’s find a good building,” Sully said, immediately scanning the skyline for a decently sized building.Chapter fiveWe sat on top of a single story brick building, fishing poles in hand, preparing to begin fishing.“Ready?” Dean asked.“Ready,” We all said.Dean held out a lighter, allowing us to ignite the wicks of our firecrackers.They were the small ones that did too little damage to do any good other than as a distraction.Hurling them to the ground below, we waited, hands over our ears, for the noise to draw in the zombies.The cracking was deafening in the silence.“Hey Zombies! Over here!” Billie yelled.“Come on you flesh eating freaks, come and get us!”They trickled toward us in groups of varying sizes, all drawn in by the racket of us screaming and hitting pots and pans, leaving a few firecrackers in a bag in case we needed a distraction later to get away.We settled onto folded towels under big beach umbrellas we had propped up, and cast our lines, the hooks dangling freely at the height of the average zombie’s head.“Hey Jo,” Dean said after a while.“Yes?” I asked.“You’re the one that suggested this, right?”“Yes,”“So you’re over the whole ‘they’re people too,’ thing?”I let out my breath.I knew this was going to happen, I just wasn’t sure if I had the right words to answer.“The way I see it, they could still be people.They probably are, in fact [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]