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.A Warning to the Latter Day Saints, Generally Called Mormons.AN ABRIDGMENT OF THE NINTH BOOK OF ESDRAS,by James Colin Brewster.Return unto the Lord your God, lest ye be cast off; for the wicked shall surely be destroyed, and the ungodly shall be consumed with unquenchable fire.They that know the way and walk not therein, shall find darkness, and not light; they that turn from the ways of God shall not be comforted; they shall go into darkness, and unless they repent, they shall be utterly destroyed; for speedy destruction cometh upon the ungodly, who have seen the way and walk not therein; who teach the word but turn aside from the commandments, walking in forbidden ways, and speaking vain and lying words; and turn aside after the temptations of satan.They lay a snare for their brother and dig a pit for their neighbor; they turn from light unto darkness, and because they cleave unto darkness, they shall have darkness, and shall stumble and fall, being taken in the snares which they set, and falling into the pits which they have dug.For the word of God is not in vain, neither shall it fail, but shall continue the same forever.Therefore the ungodly shall not stand, but shall perish in the midst of their days; for they that serve satan shall fall into darkness.Therefore be not led estray, for they that are led estray and do not return, shall be cut off.But they that serve God shall be made strong; they shall prosper and dwell in the land which the Lord their God shall give them.For his strength is above the strength of men, and his word cannot be broken.They that fight against their enemies shall be slain, and they that escape the sword shall pass through much tribulation and few of the ungodly,1 even those that call themselves saints, shall escape; for they have been a wicked and rebellous people; they have been called but have turned aside from the right way.Therefore they shall be driven.They shall build houses but shall not inhabit them.They shall plant vineyards but shall not eat the fruit thereof.They shall be scourged for their iniquity and perish, because they will not repent.But they that will repent shall receive mercy; but they who are proud and rebelious shall receive affliction, they shall not be spared or pitied, for the hand of the destroyer is upon them.They shall be brought down and made desolate by fire and the sword.For this saith the Lord, I will bring upon them a strong people, whom they hate, and a terrible one whom they despise, and I will utterly bring them to nought.Though they be numerous as the sand of the sea shore, yet they shall be confounded and their multitude shall be afraid and tremble when the Lord God shall commence his great work, and begin to cut off the proud and destroy the ungodly, to whom judgement is as gall and righteousness as wormwood.Therefore, shall their destruction come quickly and their end shall come in an hour, for they are strong, yet they shall be brought down and they shall become weak.They shall all be smitten, but they shall not all perish.Therefore they that repent and turn unto the Lord their God, shall be preserved.Let not the inhabitants of the Earth rejoice when God shall destroy the ungodly, for he will surely recompense upon the wicked their wickedness; for he will not suffer the wicked to escape, (i.e.the enemies of the Mormons,) and he will also punish the ungodly, for he is a God of justice and truth, and will not suffer any transgressor to escape.Turn unto the Lord your God, that ye be not utterly destroyed, for God will surely recompense the wickedness of the ungodly upon their own heads, for his judgement shall overtake them suddenly, neither shall the fire be quenched when it burneth in the stubble, neither shall the lion be turned aside from the prey.Therefore the judgments of God shall be as fire among the ungodly and as a lion among the wicked; for on one hand shall be sword and fire, and on the other wild beasts and desolation.Therefore they shall be scourged, because their transgressions are as numerous as the sand of the sea shore.They shall not be spared, but they shall be driven out of the land of their inheritance.As Israel was driven forth by Nebuchanezzer, king of Babylon; even so shall the ungodly perish and be visited with utter destruction in the last days.Therefore let the ungodly fear and tremble, and the wicked be afraid, for God will not spare them any longer.Serve God, therefore, that ye be not destroyed with the ungodly; for they shall be destroyed, and none can deliver them from the hand of the destroyer for destruction shall surely come upon this people, for the oppressor shall surely be oppressed, and they that break shall surely be broken, for the scorner shall be consumed and they that watch for iniquity shall be cut off.For the ways of the ungodly are in darkness, having turned aside from the right way, they shall surely stumble and fall.Therefore turn aside from the ways of the ungodly and walk not in their ways, for they go to destruction.Let not them that do evil say that their works are good, they shall surely come to nought; they shall surely be destroyed by the sword of the Lord, for his hand is strong and he will destroy the enemies of his saints and will confound the Nations, and overcome their strength.He will send upon them pestilence, earthquakes and wild beasts to devour them.He will dry up their rivers that ships cannot sail therein, and make the glory of the earth vanity, and their strength as dust before the whirlwind.He will make the fenced cities heaps, and the strong holds a desolation.He will smite the rich, that are in the plains and the strong that are upon the mountains, and make the vallies desolate.He will break the ships that are in the sea, and send upon the Islands a consuming fire.He will make the nations to mourn and the earth to weep.When men sow the seed he will withhold the rain, but in time of harvest he will send an abundance (of rain.) And on the Idle city he will bring fear, and the Prince of fear shall rule over them, though they say every man to his neighbor, let us be strong.Although they make to themselves swords and snares, and dig pits for their enemies, yet shall they turn back from the battle and they shall be snared, taken and broken, and the words of Alciba shall be fulfilled, which he wrote saying:—“Strong is the God of the heavens, whose power is over the earth, and the sea and all things that is therein; at whose power the sun is darkened and the moon shall be turned to blood before whom Babylon is as stubble, and the Idle city as chaff, to be consumed or driven away by the whirlwind, yet will the transgressors transgress, will the wicked continue to do wickedly, will they seek after wickedness before him who created both the heavens and the earth [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]