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.The dogs are in the cottage going crazy, barking and jumping at the door.I think that they might actually break it down.“They think I would only come at night, but I showed them who is boss,” he mocks and I can tell he is impressed with himself.He continues to drag me toward the woods and I struggle to keep up.He doesn’t say anything, his alert is up, and he constantly looks behind him.“Please, you’re hurting me,” I plead as he drags me towards the tree line.Blood has started to drip from my arm where his fingernails have buried into my skin.He doesn’t stop and keeps yanking me closer to the woods.I feel that once we’ve reached the cover of the trees, it’s over, that they aren’t going to find me.I try to drag my feet to slow him down, but this only angers him and he pulls harder.I scream in pain as I feel my shoulder pop out of its socket.He still doesn’t stop.He seems more determined than ever to get me to the tree line.Where’s he going to take me, what is he going to do to me? Pain and fear take over as we reach the timber.I feel like it’s all over.I see he has conduits set up rerouting the electrical current for the invisible fence.He pushes me through the opening, but he keeps a tight grip on me as I struggle to get through the tiny space.Once I’m through he lets go of my arm.A second later he’s through the opening and is grabbing my arm again.He finally slows down now, taking my other arm since the one is bleeding and throbbing in pain from being out of its socket.I feel like my whole body is numb.I can’t believe this is really happening.He continues to drag me through the timber.I trip on a log and land face first into a pile of leaves.The pain sears through me as my cheek gets cut from a sharp rock in the bottom of the pile of leaves.He hastily helps me up and continues to drag me.“You know, it didn’t have to be this way,” he tells me anger in his voice.“You were mine, and then he came along and poisoned you,” he shouts as he talks of Luke.He’s getting angrier as he talks about Luke and I pray he doesn’t trigger the bomb with the detonator still swinging around his neck.“He’s such a fool to think he could keep us apart,” his voice rising more in anger.“He doesn’t deserve to live,” I see him fumble with the device hanging from his neck.“Please, I’m with you now and it’s where I want to be,” I blurt out in desperation to save Luke’s life.“There’s no need to kill anyone now.We’re together at last,” I choke the words out feeling like I’m going to vomit, and swallow hard to keep from doing so.He stops and turns to me.I can see the anger dissipating from his face from my words.I force myself to smile at him as screams want to escape my lips.I compose myself, with all of my might, for my Luke.“You betrayed me with him,” he looks at me and I can tell he is confused by my words and not sure if he believes me or not.“You toyed with me and flaunted him around in front me.” He is so close to my face, his mouth goes to my ear and I feel his long facial hair brush my cheek.A shiver runs through me.“I don’t like being toyed with,” he breathes in my ear and I feel like I might faint.I want so bad to start swinging and to fight this monster, but I can’t take the chance that he would detonate the bomb.“This is where I belong, I can see that now,” I whimper desperate for him to believe me.He turns away from me and continues to drag me through the trees a little more carefully now, but I still get beat up with branches smacking me as we hurry through the woods.After about 30 minutes of walking we reach a dirt road and waiting there is a large blue van with all the back windows blacked out.He opens the back doors shoving me in, and he follows shutting the doors behind us.I try to sit up, but my arm sears with pain as I have landed on my dislocated shoulder.My shirt is torn from the trees and my skin stings everywhere from the cuts they delivered.“We’ll be home soon,” he whispers and pulls out an identical syringe to the ones he used on Luke and Lucy.I feel the sharp prick of the needle go in my neck.Darkness starts to close in and I see his face staring at me when he reaches for the detonator on his neck and he pushes the button.I want to scream no, but my world goes black [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]