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.’‘No Bec, I should be out there trying to find THE one, not plotting to get Nick, I-must-climb-a-mountain and a-baby-would-cramp-my-style, Nick, into bed.’‘Even if he does have a hundred percent success rate?’‘Yes.’‘I don’t know Sam, those men are hard to find.’‘Goodbye, Bec.’Nick almost choked on his coffee when Samantha pushed the door open and breezed past him.She was wearing a dress, a sensational dress.It kind of crisscrossed her cleavage, of which there was plenty, and wrapped around her, tying at the back in a bow, emphasising the smallness of her waist and the curviness of her hips.He stared at the bow and wondered if he pulled it, would the whole dress just fall off her?Since the lift he’d been thinking way too much about Sam and her clothes and how to get her out of them.The deep red material looked soft and clingy and it was intriguing enough to make him want to reach out and touch it.No doubt, like her strappy four-inch heels, it had some designer label.‘That doesn’t look like your uniform,’ he said as she emerged from the back room tying her apron in place.‘A special occasion? Are you going to a show after work?’Samantha looked at Nick and all she could hear were Bec’s words in her head.This was going to be a really hard day! Somehow between the early morning phone call from her sister and coming to work she had all but convinced herself that sex with Nick would be the perfect present.No strings.One-off.Not for her eggs.Not for a baby.Just for her.Damn Bec for putting the idea out there.She’d not had one sinful thought about Nick this morning until she’d rung.Of course she’d dreamt sinful things, but then that was nothing unusual these days.But Bec had made it sound almost like her birthright.Birthday sex with Nick…Which was why she’d dressed this way.Oh, she’d told herself that it was her birthday and she was just treating herself to some girly, feminine indulgence but deep down, as she knew she was never going to be game enough to just come out and ask, she had hoped to at least make him drool a little today.‘No.No occasion.Just felt like getting out of my jeans.’ She smiled at him as she brushed past him and caught a whiff of his aftershave.God but the man smelt good.He always smelt good.She had a sudden urge to rip his shirt open and sniff him all over.She made herself a coffee instead.Then she plonked herself on the leather lounge, picked up her book from yesterday, found her place and proceeded to read.She’d get up when she’d finished her coffee and do the dusting, but for now she needed a shot of caffeine to calm her nerves.She tried to ignore Nick but she had a case of lust so bad that she could hardly even make out the words on the page in front of her.She’d read the one line so many times it had ceased to make sense.Samantha gave up.She downed her coffee quickly and went out back to wash her cup.She leaned against the sink and took some deep cleansing breaths.Get a grip, Samantha.People do not die from sexual frustration.It will pass.‘Okay…what’s wrong?’Samantha almost jumped a mile in the air.Her eyes flew open and the press of his arm against hers as he stood beside her was more arousing than it should have been.‘Huh? Nothing,’ she said, going through the motions of washing up.‘You seem kind of…’She held her breath.Sexy, gorgeous, desirable? In fact I think I should shut up shop, go upstairs and bonk you like there’s no tomorrow?‘…weird today.’Samantha laughed.Okay.Weird.That was good.She needed some water thrown on her.‘Gee thanks, Nick.Don’t worry, I’ll try and not act weird around the customers.’Nick watched her butt sway out of the room.The fabric of her dress outlined her curves to perfection.What the hell was with her today? First she came dressed like Nigella Lawson ready to whip something up and stick her finger it before licking it off with carnal intent, then she ignores him and then he catches her practising Lamaze at the sink.Chicks!Samantha wasn’t sure if the morning was moving so slowly because of the lack of customers or because she was excruciatingly aware of every breath Nick took.She sat at the counter going over the books but was acutely conscious of his presence hovering in the background.Their first customer came in around ten and Samantha was so relieved she almost kissed him.He browsed for a short while and brought his purchases to her to ring up.‘I can’t believe this bookshop is still here,’ he said.‘My mum used to drag me in here as a kid [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]