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.” She pouts and I see a very, very red Quinn.She storms off towards the reception area and everyone who was trying to hold back their laughter lest loose and it’s belly laughs all around.Ryder picks Demi up and kisses her cheek.“Angel, I think you need to not listen to Auntie Quinn and Mom talking anymore, ok?” She nods her little head.I walk up to them and Ryder offers his mouth to me, which I take greedily.I feel Demi being removed from between us but we never break contact.I wrap my hands around his neck and drag my nails over the back of it, earning me a sexy as sin growl from my man.“Baby, we need to stop and get this day under way.Demi is going to love it, she gets to get covered in paint and throw paint at all of us.Hell, I think the boys will enjoy this just as much as she will.” He gives me a chaste kiss and takes my hand pulling me to join the other in the reception area.I see Demi on Rafe’s back; I was so lost in Ryder’s kiss that I didn’t see who took her from his arms.I knew she was safe and that’s all that matters.I walk over to Lucy and rub her belly.She is a good size for her gestation.“How’s it going, Mama?” She smiles at me but then does a playful pout.“I’m really not liking your man right now, he won’t let me play today.” She folds her arms and they sit on her bump and I can’t help but laugh.“Hey now, Snowflake.I have to think of my niece and nephew you are growing in there.” He rubs her baby bump and kisses her head.I love the relationship that Lucy has with Ryder and Reeve; they truly see her as a sister.“I know Ry Ry, but it still sucks ass.”“Oh suck it up, Luce.You get to have a beautiful baby Phoenix to carry and a hot Phoenix man at your beck and call, win, win I say.” Kenzie winks at Lucy.“Hey now Red, are you forgetting who you belong to?” Kenzie’s boyfriend Zach adds.Holy shit, I love all this eye candy I get to look at.Rafe comes over sans my daughter, who is now walking around on Reeve’s feet.It is such an amazing sight to see a six foot one Reeve and a barely three foot Demi playing kiddy games; he is simply amazing with her.He plays tea party with her and they make dens in my apartment.I have to say that all the guys are ornery uncles to Demi and she being the little girl that she is, just laps up the male attention.I can tell you this now, when she is old enough to date that boy will have to go through Ryder, Rafe, Reeve and all the other guys and I have to say, I freaking love it.I love that they all see Demi as their own when Ryder lets them spend time with her.After getting all geared up with goggles and safety rules, we head over to the start gate.Rob the guild explains about the balloons.“Ok, listen up.There are barrels and bins around the yard filled with balloons already, just grab and throw.There is no hit and die rule, the rule is get your opponents covered in as much paint as possible.Now I don’t have to remind you all that you do have a very small person among your group so please be extra careful or you will deal with me and not her father, got it?” He looks at everyone and they nod.“Once it starts getting dark we will turn the lights on and that will make the paint glow and that’s where the extra fun begins.So please be safe and enjoy.” He unlocks the gate and we all enter.Music starts play0ing through the surround sound system and Demi stops in her tracks and turns to smiles at me.I nod and she starts jumping up and down.Demi Lovato's “Really Don’t Care” plays through the speakers.She knows that she was named after Demi Lovato.We all fan out and I notice that Reeve and Skeet take Demi, what are they planning? Sneaky fuckers.I reach the first bin and bend over to grab a few balloons when something smacks my ass and I feel; wet, I turn to see Gunner smirking at me.“I had to get that hot piece of ass first.” He winks at me and then I see a bright green balloon explode on his chest and I burst out laughing as the paint spreads up his neck.I see Maisey laughing her ass off and she winks at me before high tailing it across the yard with Gunner hot on her heels.I see a rainbow of balloons flying across the yard and making pretty patterns all over the place.I see Lucy sitting on the small bleachers cheering Rafe and Demi on who is at this moment riding on Reeve's back, throwing balloons at anyone who they run past; Skeet is handing her balloons.I love these guys.I see Beck hiding behind a Batman frame waiting and watching people so I know this is my chance to get him.I sneak around the side fence while keeping a watchful eye on everyone doing their thing.I approach Beck and slam a bright pink balloon on his back.He spins around and I jump up in the air, very proud of myself.“Yeah, baby.Ninja Letty, Ninja Letty baby.Woohoo!” I do the chicken dance until I feel a balloon hit my shoulder.The paint gets in my hair and my ear.It starts running down my neck and is cold as hell, causing me to shiver.I turn to see the love of my life smiling at me.“Bastard,” I say, running after him.He is yelling at me.“Come and get me Ninja Letty, c’mon baby you know you want me.” He winks and starts running backwards.Cocky little shit.Five Seconds to Summer's ‘Don’t Stop’ starts playing and I have to say, these boys are my guilty pleasure.I start running after Ryder, who is still jogging backwards but stops.I am about to shout and tell him to watch himself but I refrain myself, serves him right.Ryder falls over a bale of hay backwards and lands on his back, full feet in the air, turtle style and the laughter fills the yard.Demi takes the opportunity to slam a purple balloon on his chest.Demi giggles like crazy as Ryder pulls her down onto his chest and starts tickling her.After about two hours of throwing paint balloons we decide its tome to have a snack break.We sit on the bales, chill and talk about what we all just did.I see Hayley and Brax walk through the gate to join us and I smile at them.Demi jumps off my lap and runs over to Hayley [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]