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.“I was just thinking the same thing about you.”“Naw, mine are just blue.Yours are awesome.They look like a turquoise ocean you’d see in Mexico or something.” He reaches his hand across his chest and brushes a strand of hair off my forehead.“And they are so big and round.I like that.” I slow blink my eyes, relishing his touch.“Expressive,” he adds, looking deeply into my eyes.“Mmmm, yeah, expressive.They get me in trouble sometimes.”His warm breath blows across my face as he laughs softly.“I bet you can’t hide your emotions very well, can you?”I purse my lips and shake my head.“Your eyes look like denim,” I say, ready to take the attention off of me and back onto him.His hand drops as his chest rumbles with laughter.“I’ve never heard that one before.”I laugh, feeling slightly foolish.“It’s weird, but true, they are like this perfect swirl of a great pair of jeans.Nothing better than a great pair of jeans, right?”“Depends who’s wearing them,” he says, grinning his wicked grin again.I look back up at the sky, nodding my head shamefully.“So, how did you discover watching a sunset from the bottom of a pool was this beautiful?”“I don’t know.I was working late nights out here all summer.I was spreading the liner on this pool, and yeah, I guess I just kinda checked the sky out ‘cause I was losing daylight.It seems like from down here, there’s less distractions.You only see the sky.”I nod, thoughtfully, and say, “Like tunnel vision.”“Exactly.” He appears deep in thought for a moment and then turns on his side to face me.“At the risk of sounding creepy…I’ve had tunnel vision on you for over a year now.”“What?” I ask, my jaw dropping.I turn on my side to mirror his position.He avoids my piercing gaze, looking past me toward the house.“I had some shit go down with my ex sophomore year.She was…something.” He shakes his head.“I’m not going to go there.I just…I wanted to ask you out for forever, but I needed to get my shit sorted.” He swings his eyes back onto my face and looks serious and sincere.“Why me?” The words come out of my mouth before I can stop them.He flinches slightly, like he doesn’t understand how I would ever ask such a question.“Are you kidding?” he pauses, waiting for a response from me, but I just shrug.He sits up and rakes his hand through the side of his hair and rests his forearm on his bent leg.“Besides the fact that you…look like that…” He shakes his head, appearing almost frustrated.“You have this…” he pauses, seemingly collecting his thoughts.“You know that Parni we were talking about at your lab? The real bitchy one?”I bite my lip to contain a snicker.“See, look.You won’t even call her that.She is always such a bitch to you but you always seem to somehow find the humor in whatever she says to you.Like she can be going off on you for the pettiest shit and you just let it roll off your shoulders.”I stare in amazement at his detailed description of my interactions with Parni.The raw honesty of his confession stings like something I’ve never felt before.“And I can tell you think it’s funny when she’s throwing one of her tantrums,” he continues.“Most people would let that shit get to them.They’d get riled up about it or snap at her.You don’t.You see the funny side of it all.I love that.Fuck…it’s just…it’s cool as.”Before he can finish that thought, I sit up and kiss him.I didn’t even know I was going to kiss him.My body just took over! This man, this beautiful man is like no one I’ve ever dated before.He’s open and honest and sexy as hell.Maybe if I wasn’t so obsessed with Jake, I could have noticed him sooner—really noticed him.His hand instantly grips the back of my head and his lips respond with enthusiasm.His fingers squeeze around the hair at the nape of my neck.He pulls my head back slightly, further opening my mouth to his.I may have started this kiss, but Brody is in the driver’s seat now.His tongue enters my mouth and I swoon at the erotic feel of it.He furthers the pressure of his tongue and I feel completely commanded by him.And I like it.I more than like it.This is a kiss.As he works passionately on my mouth, I can sense all of my previous week’s feelings of insecurity evaporating.The thoughts of my worthlessness engrained in my brain by Jake are now entering into the mixture of swirling, curling colors in the sky.My insides flutter as Brody pulls me down on top of him.His hands rove over the sides of my breasts and down my ribcage.He cups my ass in both of his hands and my groin screams for more.I break the kiss, panting hard against his mouth.“I just…I…huumm…” I swallow hard, trying to tame my obvious arousal, albeit, not as obvious as his.“Yeah, sorry.I probably kicked that up a notch too far.”I nod, unable to form a coherent thought.I roll off of him and sit crisscross, facing him.Worried my sudden interruption will give him the wrong idea, I scoot closer to him so our legs are touching.“That kiss was…” I purse my lips.“It was good.I definitely want more of that [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]