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.You just made me totally wet.”Hearing the words, murmured low and husky while a hot, wet tongue flicked the edge of her ear, sent the blood rushing to her face and tightened her nipples like someone licking a trail up her spine.Callie could feel her pussy, swollen and wet and aching now with desire.She wanted to rock against something hard.Kate’s thigh.Gabe’s cock.Anything that would bring her closer to this edge of pain and desire between her legs that was sharp and wanting.“Christ.” Gabe wasn’t laughing anymore.The assholes were gone and Callie hadn’t even noticed them leaving.The room was empty except for the three of them and the older couple in the far corner—who were very carefully not looking in their direction.Right now she didn’t care if the entire room filled with posturing frat boys or staring suburbanites.She was about three minutes from pushing Kate flat on that table and stripping her naked.Kate tucked her face in Callie’s neck and just held on for a second.Breaking himself away from watching them, Gabe smacked his cue down on the table’s edge and lined up his shot in an instant.He pulled his rear hand back all the way.And stopped.He nailed Callie with a predatory smile.“Hey, Callie.You never told us what you’d do if you won.”Kate’s breasts were pressed against her own, she was seriously contemplating wiggling her hand down the back of Kate’s pants to see if she could reach the wet heat of her pussy, and she’d just sucked face with the woman in front of a fair number of observers.But she still froze at the idea of saying out loud what she wanted from them.Who fucks who first.Kate spoke from beneath Callie’s chin, her mouth moving against the thin skin behind Callie’s ear.“She’s off the hook for that one.Especially after taking on those dickheads with her fine, fine display just now, just so you wouldn’t get your ass kicked.”Callie saw Gabe’s thick wrist braced against the edge of the table and remembered the twisting muscles of his arms from years of wrestling with steel and casting bronze.Yeah, Gabe wasn’t worried about a bunch of kids whose parents were still paying their rent.But he nodded at Kate’s words and let them slide off him like water.The younger woman definitely liked acting the tough chick who gave him shit, and he obviously didn’t mind accommodating her.“Fine.So, before I come in my goddamn pants…” He stood along the long side of the table and potted the one in the corner pocket.“One.” He’d hit the ball with enough backspin to pull the cue ball back towards the midline of the table.It was a short angled shot to sink the six and leave the cue ball inches from the side pocket.“Two.”Gabe dropped the cue on the table and turned to Kate and Callie.“Let’s get out of here.”Chapter Three‡Outside The Rack Room, they flagged a cab and got in, Gabe sliding across the seat in the back first, Callie and then Kate following.Callie was attempting to keep her skirt from rucking up around her hips as she squeezed in the middle seat.She heard Gabe give the cabbie his address.“So you’re still in the same place?” she asked.“They’ll have to burn the warehouse down to get me out of there.”She remembered Gabe’s place as a vast, echoing space with a concrete floor and thick glass block windows running in a stripe, higher than she was tall, all around the building.The one room was huge, big enough that Gabe actually welded his larger pieces there, his equipment taking over the nearest right hand corner.Piles of scrap metal and oxy-acetylene tanks lined the walls, and his living space was tucked away in the corners to her left.It smelled like metal and flux and was impossible to heat or cool.In the summer, it was dripping-sweat hot and in the winter…well, she imagined that any number of Antarctic explorers who’d frozen to death in their canvas tents would recognize the climate.From about mid-November on, they used to climb into bed fully clothed, strip while they hid under the covers, and then fuck with their socks on under three blankets until they were a sweaty mess.They would stick their heads out into the frosty air for a few minutes, just to cool down.She double-checked the view outside the cab as they sped down Clark Street.Not a leaf on a tree to be seen.The occasional pedestrian was collared with a scarf or had a jacket zipped up over her chin.Yup.Still December.No snow yet this year, but it was hella cold.She shivered, and this time it wasn’t sexy.Gabe dropped his hand on her thigh and gave it a squeeze.She was immediately distracted from her memories.“It’s a little different than the last time you were there, Cal.”She moved her left hand on top of his and squeezed back.It had been years.Things must have changed, although Gabe himself seemed not to have, which made her a little sad.She would wish more for this man than what he allowed himself.“I’m sure.” She tilted her head and smiled at him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]