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.I know we are all well beyond our limits, and if I can just make it inside, I make a promise to myself never to drink this much again.Funny, everyone seems to make this promise to themselves at some point in life.I look over and see Rebecca has removed her heels as we climb out of the car.Holding her shoes in her hand high above her head, she laughs loudly and dances around the parking lot, without a care in the world.Brian holds onto my arm and guides me to the front door.He makes an attempt to grab ahold of Rebecca as well, but I’m suddenly hit with the urge to throw up.I lean over, and Brian pulls my hair back to keep it from getting in the way just as everything in my stomach comes back up.I absolutely hate getting sick, especially in front of anyone.Brian holds my hair back from my face and assures me it’s going to be okay.“When you think you’re able, let’s try to get you inside.You definitely need to lay down.”Rebecca approaches me, and I feel myself pulling away from her.“Jenn, come on sweetie.Let’s get inside.”“Just leave me alone.” I know it comes out sounding harsh, but now is not the time for me to be getting upset.I just want to go to bed, sleep off this mess, and forget anything I think I may have seen in the cab.We all had too much to drink tonight.I get the feeling Jennifer is slightly embarrassed about getting sick in front of Rebecca and me.It’s happened to all of us at some point; I just want to get her inside.I overhear Rebecca say something to Jennifer, but I’m unable to make it out.Suddenly, Jennifer snaps at her.Wow! That is so unlike Jennifer.“Just leave me alone,” Jennifer spits out.I cannot believe what I’m hearing between those two.I tell myself it’s the alcohol, that tomorrow everything is going to be better for everyone, myself included.I unlock the door and guide Jennifer inside.Rebecca locks up behind us, and I tell her I’ll be just a moment while I get Jennifer changed and in the bed.I really feel bad for the way Jennifer acted towards Rebecca, and I’m sure whatever is going on will work itself out.Once Jennifer sits down on the bed she wastes no time falling back on the pillow.I hear a sigh escape her mouth, relieved to finally be in her own bed.“I’m going to bring the trashcan from the bathroom and put it beside the bed for you.I’ll also get you a wet washcloth.I’m going to get Rebecca some blankets and a pillow from the hall closet, then I’ll be back to check on you.” I bend over and kiss her cheek.“I just want to go to sleep.” She mumbles, and I’m not sure if she heard anything I just told her.“Just make it all go away.”I’m not able to convince her to change, so I just let her sleep in the clothes she wore out tonight.Right now, I think the less she moves around, the better.I make my way to the bathroom and grab anything I think she may need throughout the night.I even grab a towel to cover the floor in case she gets sick again.There is nothing worse than cleaning up someone else’s vomit.I know this.By the time I walk back to the bedroom, Jennifer is sound asleep.I go out to the living room to check on Rebecca, and see she’s sitting on the couch holding a beer.The TV is on, but I’m not familiar with the show that’s playing.The volume is turned down low.She reaches over to hand me a beer that’s sitting on the end table.“What’s this? I figured you had reached your limit tonight.” I volunteer, pretending not to notice the way she’s slightly pulled up the bottom of her dress, revealing just a little more leg than I’m comfortable seeing.If this were a different situation all together, and this wasn’t Jennifer’s best friend, I might feel compelled to act on her behavior, but I can’t shake the fact it’s my girlfriend’s best friend.I sit down on the couch, the opposite end from her.Going against my better judgment, I pop open the beer even though I’m not in the mood to drink anything else.“Oh, I’m definitely buzzed.” She rubs her temples.“I just can’t stop thinking about Greg.I want to call him, but I know he’s not allowed phone calls in the middle of the night unless it’s an absolute emergency.”I try to comfort her by saying the right thing.“You’ll be amazed how fast time will fly [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]