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.There was nothing more I could say or do, no point in prolonging his misery or mine.He was right.I'd won the game.Woo-hoo for me.* * *Chapter 29I took Buster up to Connecticut for the weekend, so I could pour my heart out to Weezie and he could play with the kids.It was a balmy, blue-sky day when we arrived, with spring flowers in bloom and birds chirping and the lawn green and fragrant, and I was grateful to be out of Manhattan, away from the scene of the crime.Of all my crimes.To my surprise, Nards was there when I pulled into the driveway.He hadn't moved back into the house permanently, but he and Weezie were spending the occasional night together, working things out, taking it one day at a time.Or, in this case, one weekend at a time."I hope you don't mind that he's staying over too," she whispered as we were unloading my car."Mind?" I said."You've got a huge smile on your face.I'm thrilled.""He and I realized we both made mistakes," she said."This marriage business isn't easy.""But the divorce business is worse.So whatever you guys are doing to stay together, keep it up."We went inside, and there was Nards, looking contrite but pleased to be back home, even temporarily.He bounded over to me and hugged me like my long-lost brother."Before another minute goes by, I need to tell you how ashamed I am for what I did," he said sheepishly."If I can restore even half of Weezie's trust in me, I'll be happy.Your trust too, Mel.You saw me in the restaurant that night.You must—""I'm hardly in a position to judge others," I said, cutting him off, wanting to lessen his load."Not after the fiasco with Dan.""That's another thing," he said."I feel guilty about encouraging you to hire Desiree.If there's any way I can make it up to you or help you repair your relationship with Dan, please tell me.""Thanks, but he and I are beyond repair.""Don't say that.He has his weaknesses, but he never struck me as a guy who holds a grudge.""Yeah, well he's holding one now.Two, actually."Weezie joined us, and we all sat in their cozy den."Two what?" she asked with her usual cut-to-the-chase curiosity."Grudges," I said."Dan's holding one against me and one against Leah.""I can't believe he thinks she was in on your plan," she said."She was just another single woman in the city, looking for love.""And she found it," I said."She adored him.She was good for him.She was everything to him that I wasn't.""Would you stop putting yourself down?" she said."Let's concentrate on how you're going to get him back.""I'm not," I said."It's Leah who has to get him back, and I'm going to help her do it.""What?" said Weezie and Nards at the same time.As soon as the pronouncement was out of my mouth, I knew I meant it.Dan told me he'd chosen Leah; that she was the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.I was his past, and she was his future.When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it's not with you.Yes, there it was again.Evan's voice.Mrs.Thornberg's too.But for the first time their words weren't empty rhetoric.They felt right to me.What makes an ordinary person heroic is when they give up the thing they want most.Maybe I was getting in touch with my inner heroine after all."It's true.I've been mulling this over for the past few days and now I'm sure about it.""Sure about what?" Weezie said, still confused."I'm going to find Leah, talk to her, and help her win him back," I reiterated."It's the only way I can really make amends to him.""Very generous of you," said Nards, regarding me with new respect.He had always been the pontificator.I never expected him to look up to me as his shining moral example."He was generous to me once," I said."It's time I returned the favor."We discussed how I might accomplish bringing together two people who no longer trusted each other.We all agreed that hiring Desiree to help with the matchmaking wasn't an option.I was done with her, besides which I wasn't in a position to hire anybody now that I was jobless."We're strategizers," said Weezie."We'll come up with something by the end of the weekend."But we never did.On Monday morning, I brought Buster over to Dan's, afraid he'd be home, afraid he wouldn't be.True to his word, he'd made himself scarce.It was Isa who answered the door and explained that he was out running errands, then driving to a meeting at L.I.U."As for her, she cleared out of here and took all her things," she added, referring to Leah."No more marriage.""Is Dan very depressed?" I asked, sickened by this latest irony.I'd told Ricardo that Mr.Swain was so depressed that he needed Leah to care for him.Now Mr.Swain really was depressed and needed Leah to care for him.What had I done? And how could I have done it?"He is, chérie.He keeps her picture on the dresser in the bedroom.""He always did hang on to his glory days, those times when he was happiest," I said."Keeping a picture of her proves he still loves her.""If he still loves her, then why is she gone?"I sighed."He's convinced that she wasn't honest with him about why she was living here.He thinks she was part of my plan.He thinks she tricked him too [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]