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.I thought I recognized it.” He took her earlobe gently between his teeth.“Now, how about we say hello again?”In a flash, they were on the couch.With impatient hands, clothes were thrown on the floor, shoes kicked off.As he settled between her legs, he hesitated, his eyes heated but worried.“Are you sure you.Is this going to be okay?” he asked.His awkward concern made her smile.“There’s only one way to find out,” she murmured, moving her hips against his.He slid inside of her, slowly, carefully—in spite of the passion she could feel in his body.She shuddered with pleasure.He was heavy on top of her and she liked the feel of his weight.When he began to move, she held on and carried the rhythm in her own hips until she heard him call her name in a hoarse cry.As his arms contracted around her, she let herself go over the edge with him.Later, when her breath was no longer coming out in pants and her heart wasn’t racing so much, she opened her eyes.Jack had shifted and his body was stretched out next to hers, taking up the lion’s share of the couch.His face was relaxed with contentment, his eyes gleaming with satisfaction.“How do you feel? Okay?” he asked, his voice full of gravel.“A lot more than okay.”“I didn’t want to hurt you.”“I’m tougher than I look.”He dropped a kiss on the tip of her nose.“And you don’t look like a wimp either.”Her stomach let out a growl.“You ready to eat?” When she nodded, he sat up and handed her the sweater she’d been wearing.“I thought we’d go to this diner in town that’s all the rage right now.”Hell, she didn’t care if they went to McDonald’s and ate with plastic sporks.Cradling her sweater against her chest, she was content to lie back and watch him move.As he picked up his shirt and pulled it on, the wide expanse of his back flexed and she noted the marks she’d left on his skin the night before.“What are you looking at?” he asked in a low drawl.“I seem to have done some aesthetic damage to your back.”Jack reached over and pulled her to her feet, drawing her against him.“And you can work on the front of me later on tonight.”His lips came down for a quick kiss that soon hardened with passion.“Maybe we should put off dinner for a little while,” he growled.His hands slid over her hips and she felt him, hard and ready, as his body curved around her.“God, I’m insatiable when it comes to you.”And what a wonderful word that was, Callie thought, dropping her sweater as she wrapped her arms around his neck.He pushed her over against the closet doors and lifted her up, suspending her from the floor with his arms.When she wrapped her legs around his hips, he thrust inside of her again and their bodies took over.The surging movement was frantic and she cried out as waves of energy coursed through her.When the quaking was over, she uncurled her legs and felt her feet touch ground.“My God,” Jack muttered, putting his palms against the doors and leaning into them.His breath was coming out roughly.Moving a hand to her hair, he smoothed the thick weight back from her face and kissed her on the forehead.His arms, which had held her up with such strength, were gentle as they cradled her.“Callie.” His breath was soft against her skin.Before she closed her eyes to savor the moment, she saw his beautiful suit jacket crumpled on the floor, his pants hanging off the open Rubbermaid container, his tie wadded up and sticking out of the couch.Those fine trappings of wealth meant nothing to her.It was Jack she wanted.Jack naked and trembling from passion.Jack’s voice stripped of all culture and refinement, her name leaving his lips in nothing more than a guttural burst.She leaned into him, holding on tight.She wanted Jack Walker, the man.Not the business legend.Not the newest star of his prestigious family.When he pulled back, he said, “You amaze me.”His fingers brushed against her cheek and then lifted her chin so he could kiss her.His lips were as soft as his eyes.“We should probably go,” she said.“Why don’t I meet you back at the house? I have to shut down Nathaniel’s beauty spa and I’d like to change.”He placed a lingering kiss against her lips and then put on his pants.After tucking his shirttails in with sharp movements, he pulled his jacket on and casually slung his blue tie around his neck.But he didn’t leave right away.He just stared at her, a slight smile playing over his lips.“Come here,” she said, motioning to him.“Your hair looks like it’s been blown dry by a box fan.”He came up to her and put his head down, standing patiently while she fixed him up [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]