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.” I shrugged.“I guess that I was trying to protect you in a way.”To my surprise, she started laughing.“Oh, God, CJ.I’m sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, but you somehow think that my life is perfect.I thought you knew me better than that.”“Well, it is,” I protested.“You have a mom and dad who are normal, and your siblings are normal, too.Your brother Austin is a Wall Street banker, and your sister Marie is a Broadway actress.Neither of them seem to have problems with drugs or alcohol.I guess I just see you and your whole family as golden.I’m a mess, or I was a mess, and I just didn’t want you to see me like that.”“CJ,” she said.“I love you.And, anything that you’re going through, I’ll support you through that.Just because I don’t have first-hand experience with severe dysfunction doesn’t mean that I’ll freak out or think less of you when you’re experiencing something awful.After all, I’ve been the one who has been there all this time.You really need to trust me more, and not shut me out.”I nodded.“I know, and I’m so sorry.” Another deep breath.“But there was something else, too.Another reason why I didn’t tell you where I was.”“What was that?”“I knew that Asher would call you, wondering where I was.And, well, I didn’t want him to find me.”She nodded.“I see.Probably for the same reason you didn’t want me visiting you, huh?”“Well, no,” I said.“Asher has gone through a lot in his life, so I knew that he could hang with all of that.”“Oh really?” she said, looking skeptical.“That rich hunk of sex on wheels has a life that isn’t completely charmed? Okay, whatever you say.” The look on her face said I’m calling bullshit.“Well, I don’t want to go into all that.But that really wasn’t why I didn’t want him to find me.”“Then what was it?”I felt my face turn red.“I didn’t want to be with him.I mean, I did, more than anything in the world.But I…he told me on the boat that day on the lake that he wanted me to pose as his fiancée.He needed to get this other woman, Sophie, off his back.And he also told me that he didn’t have the ability to fall in love, so I shouldn’t ever expect us to become a real thing.”“Oh, I get it.That was why you totally freaked out that day, huh?”“Yes.Well, I was feeling like I wanted to be with him.For real.For keeps.So, I wanted to get away from him before he completely devastated me.”She nodded her head.“Well, I can totally see that.Anybody would want to be with him.Talk about the total package.”“Yeah, his package.Oh, my God.It’s freaking amazing.” I shook my head.“Anyhow, we’re off track here.So, yeah, I wanted to get away from him.Especially after his ex-girlfriend called me out in front of his friends.Totally humiliated me.And I was angry with Asher for putting me in that position, too.”“How did she humiliate you?”I shook my head.“Oh, God.She just asked me, point-blank, in front of everyone, why I wasn’t in jail for child endangerment.” I felt myself feel sick just thinking of that memory.“So, I’m sorry, Scarlett.I just needed to be away from him, and I knew that he would be looking for me and would call you.And I just thought that you would spill the beans, and he would come and see me at the hospital, and I just didn’t want that.”“I see.Yet, he was in your bed today.” She raised an eyebrow.“Yes.Well, he did find me, of course.He put me on his insurance, so, when he got the bill, he knew just where I went.He came to find me, and he told me that he was in love with me.He came to visit me every day after that.”“Ah.I knew that was just an excuse.If you really didn’t want me to know because I would blab all to Asher, then you would have called me after Asher came to find you.”“Yeah, I know,” I said.“So, I guess it really was more that I didn’t want you to see me in there because I was embarrassed.”“Well,” she said, “I forgive you.Just don’t do that again, you creep.” She gave me a hug, and, I felt so relieved, I just started crying.“Don’t cry, CJ.I’m not mad.I’m so sorry that you went through all that, though.”I nodded my head on her chest.“I know.I really suck.”She laughed.“You don’t suck.Anyhow, I’m really excited that you’re recovering.And congrats on getting a guy like Asher to fall in love with you.You really scored there.”I laughed, too.But I wanted to tell her that I was over the moon, but, at the same time, apprehensive.No matter what Asher said, I thought that he was hiding something from me.Something major.And I had to find out just what that was [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]