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.Tommy ushered his employer along the corridor.This just made Powell even angrier.Who was Tommy to be ushering him along?’‘Why are we hurrying?’ he asked, failing to mask his irritation.‘I don’t want anyone in earshot, boss.’‘This had better be important, Tommy.I can’t go stopping the show every time you want a chat.We’re on a fucking tight deadline, you know,’ Powell complained.He still wasn’t quite sure why he was hurrying, but from a yard ahead Tommy kept on waving at him to keep up.It made him feel like an assassination target being shepherded to a safe place by a bodyguard, and he fervently hoped that wasn’t the case.The security man was picking up speed now, and even broke into a light jog as he called back to answer him.‘Yeah, I know.A lot’s happened though, boss.’‘Tell.’‘We think Otis Redding is dead.’Powell stopped in his tracks and watched Tommy run on a few more steps before realizing that his employer had come to a dead stop behind him.Tommy turned and gestured to him to keep moving.‘Come on, boss!’‘Otis Redding?’‘Yeah.’‘No.’‘Yeah.I’m serious.He’s dead.I sent four guys up to that Sanchez Garcia’s room, just like you asked.While they were up there, they saw two guys in an elevator with a dead body.They think it was Otis Redding.’A couple of young audience members ran past Powell from behind, almost knocking into him as they rushed to be the first to get to the bar during the recess.Realizing that they were most likely going to be the first of many, he resumed walking briskly along the corridor to his office, catching up with Tommy, who this time chose to stay alongside him rather than rush on ahead.‘Did we get the guys in the elevator?’ Powell asked.‘Not yet.’‘Anyone else see the body? We could have a panic on our hands if word gets out.’‘So far we reckon not, but my guys are on it right now.’The other’s face almost contorted into a frown.Fortunately, the ultra-high levels of Botox in his face prevented him from revealing to the security man just how concerned he was.His voice was the only thing that gave him away.‘Shit.So that Mystic broad was right.This bloke in seven-thirteen.He really is here to kill off the finalists?’‘Looks that way.There was another man with him, apparently, but none of my guys got a look at him.’‘Interesting.’ Powell pondered what Annabel de Frugyn had said to him earlier when she was making her hit-and-miss predictions.‘That Mystic Lady, she said he’d have been hired by one of the contestants.We’ll need to keep an eye out for any erratic behaviour from the other contestants.’As he spoke, he noticed that Tommy was wincing.Either he had a stitch from the brisk walking, or there was another problem.‘What?’ he asked, trying to frown.‘That ain’t all, boss.There’s a reason we gotta go to your office.’‘Which is?’‘There’s a big scary guy in there.’‘What? What in the fuck is a big scary guy doing in my office?’‘Waitin’ to speak to you.’The door to Powell’s office was set back from the passageway, in an alcove.As they turned into it, Tommy reached for the door handle, Before his hand touched it, Powell grabbed hold of his shoulder to slow him down.‘What’s he want to speak to me about?’‘Sanchez Garcia.’‘Jesus.Do I really have time for this shit?’ The frustration in his voice was becoming more evident with every word.‘Yeah.I reckon so.Like I said, this guy is kinda scary.’‘Does he have horns sticking out of his head? Is he bright red and carrying a large pitchfork?’‘No.’‘Then he doesn’t scare me.’Tommy, aware of his employer’s growing irritation, tried to calm him in readiness for what was to come.‘Do you think you could just try a little harder to stay calm, boss?’ he suggested.‘Sure,’ said Powell.‘’Cause right now I’m not trying at all.’ Then he barged Tommy aside and pulled a card from his jacket pocket.He swiped it through the reader next to the door handle and watched the small red light on it turn to green.Shaking his head disapprovingly at the hapless security man, he turned the handle on the door.It sprung open easily, as it always did, swinging inwards into the office.Powell strode in confidently, hoping to make a powerful impression on his waiting guest [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]