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.Psychology.ENDERBY: A lot of simple (sinful?) bloody nonsense.You take the filament of human choice out of ethnical decisions.Men should be free to choose good.But theres no choice if theres only good.Stands to region there has to be evil as well.BALAGLAS: I emphatic disagree.What does inhabited or unconditioned human choice go for.For too much rape and mugging (A).ENDERBY: In other words original sin.Which leads us to the stations of the cross.BALAGLAS: Pardon me.ENDERBY: Youre not Christian then.BALAGLAS: An irreverent question.Were all in this together (A).SPERR: You think its possible then professor that people can be made to be good by er positive er.BALAGLAS: Right.Its happening already.Volunteers in our prisons.Also in our universities.Stations of the Cross is proud of its volunteer record.SPERR: Well thats just (Interrup by loud A).ENDERBY: What you mean is that the community is more important than the individual.BALAGLAS: Pardon me.ENDERBY: Stop saying bloody pardon me all the time.What I said was that you think human beings should give up freedom to choose so that the community can be free of violence (A).BALAGLAS: Right.Youve said it loud and clear professor.Bloody clear if I may borrow your own er locomotion (???).The individual has to sacrifice his freedom to some extent for the benefit of his fellow citizens (Prolonged A).ENDERBY: Well I think its bloody monsters (?).Human beings are defined by freedom of choice.Once you have them doing what theyre told is good just because theyre going to get a lump of sugar instead of a kick up the ahss (?!) then ethnics no longer exists.The State could tell them it was good to go off and mug and rape and kill some other nation.Thats what its been doing.Look at your bloody war in…SPERR: Well be right back after this important message.Dont go away folks.Be right b (Prem start comm break) (Music.Band on Camera.Audience shots)SPERR: This is the Sperr Lansing Show.Be right back after this station break.(Station break)SPERR: Were talking with two professors Professor Balaglas psychologist and Professor er Endivy British poet.Professor Balaglas…BALAGLAS: Call me Man (Pause then A).Representative Man (P then A).ENDERBY: Whats that short for.I knew you werent a bloody Christian.SPERR: Do you believe professor that movies and books and er art can influence young people to violence rape mugging and so on (A).BALAGLAS: There is I would consider ample proof that the impressionable and not merely those in the younger age groups can be incited to antisocial behavior by the artistic representation of er antisocial acts.There was the instance in the township of Inversnaid NY not too far from Ribblesdale where as you know I am at present on the faculty of the university there of the young man who killed his uncle and said that seeing Sir Laurence Oliviers movie of Hamlet had influenced him to perform the crime.ENDERBY: How old was he.I asked how old was.BALAGLAS: About thirty.And very unbalanced.ENDERBY: And had his uncle just married his mother (L).His mother.Not his uncles mother (L).BALAGLAS: I dont recollect as much.It was just the killing of his uncle as in this movie.And also if I recollect rightly that also comes in the play on which the movie was based.ENDERBY: Shakespeare.SPERR: Thats right.And would you believe in the restricting of the viewing of professor.ENDERBY: Of course not.Bloody ridiculous idea.SPERR: I meant the other professor professor (L and A).BALAGLAS: Well as we are committed to control of the violentment (?) and as works of art and movies and the like are part of it then for the sake of society there must be control.There are too many dirty books and movies and also violent ones (A).ENDERBY: This is bloody teetotal Aryan (??) talk.You mean that kids wouldnt be allowed to see or read Hamlet because they might go and kill their uncles.Ive never in my life heard such bloody stupid actionary (?) talk.Why by Christ manBALAGLAS: Thats right Man thats my name (L and A).Call me Man by all means but cut out the blasph (Very loud A).ENDERBY: But bagger (?) it man you idiot I mean that would mean that nobody could read anything not even Alice in Windowland (?) because it says Off with his Head and the Wizard of Oz because of the wicked witch isBALAGLAS: I do not know what standards of etiquette prevail in your part of the world Professor Elderley but I do most strenuously object to being called idiot (Very loud A).SPERR: And at that opportune moment we take a break.Stay with us folks (A).(Commercial break)SPERR: Professor Balaglas made an interesting slip of the tongue folks which weve just been discussing during the break.ENDERBY: I still say that he was trying to be bloody insulting.A man cant help his age.SPERR: Right.Because if a girls name was ever improper that is to say not appropriate to what she is then the name of my next guest must be [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]