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.Already the finery was disintegrating; rags and ashes would soon follow.'Don't worry, it will be found, people always find things like that.Besides, we are not interested in your jewels.Only in you.' Through her brown nylon-stocking mask, Pussy's voice sounded muffled and horrible.The effect on Princess Amy was to stop her new-found tears abruptly: at the same moment involuntarily she wrinkled her nose in disgust.It was actually the strong smell of Pussy's lavender water which disgusted her, reminding her of a tormenting governess in childhood.'You're supposed to make friends with your captors,' thought Princess Amy.'I've read about it, and there was that cousin of Ferdel's in Italy, that boy, he did it and it worked.But I'll never be able to make friends with you.You're really cruel under that awful mask.I know it.'Amy, carried down the special stairs and out of the side entrance used for private visits to the Royal Box in Arab woman's clothing, had not been drugged, as the senior policeman suspected.She had been gagged, her disguise hiding the gag.Beagle, who did the gagging (as he also bound the other inhabitants of the box including the Royal Box Steward who had been serving the party) did it expertly.It was something he told the cell that he had learned from some kind of military anti-terrorist manual borrowed from a friend.Wherever he had learnt it, it seemed to work.'She is sick,' was Beagle's reply to a reaction of surprise from the attendant at the bottom of the stairs.'It is the smoke,' he muttered, rather than spoke, in some vaguely foreign accent, his face stained, shrouded under his own Arab headdress, robes flowing.'We must go to the car.'Both Fox and Beagle were carrying loaded pistols: but only Fox knew that they were loaded since at meetings Fox had carefully promised a couple of unloaded 9 mm.Berettas, looking absolutely for real, via theatrical contacts for supplying such, made at Leaviss.He had already successfully supplied something similar to Beagle on the occasion of the photographic foray; but Beagle's pistol had had a solid barrel.For the climactic, night of the abduction, however, Fox had obtained pistols used for firing blanks - and replaced the blanks.Nevertheless Fox stoutly maintained that his decision to load them with real bullets was absolutely the right one.He also defended his shooting of the Princess's detective, who had flung himself forward as the 'Arabs' produced their weapons, even in the face of Monkey's appalled reaction.'That was violence, Fox.We agreed that simulated weapons should be taken: that it would be enough to frighten them.'Yet Fox was almost blithely impenitent.He merely pointed out that the detective's precipitate action would have in fact scuppered the whole plan if Fox's weapon had not been loaded.He seemed to think the detective had been quite unreasonable in his behaviour.Fox argued this on the grounds that it had been decided in advance that the sight of a Beretta pointed at the Princess's temple would immobilize him, as indeed it had immobilized the other occupants of the box - Prince Ferdinand, Major Smylie-Porter and the flunkey; Lamb had immobilized Ione Quentin by her own method of flinging herself into her arms and hugging her as if for protection.Fox even regarded himself as a bit of a hero.Monkey on the other hand thought there was something positively frightening about the way that Fox, a young man apparently dedicated to a life of non-violence, shrugged off what Monkey himself considered to be a serious crime against a fellow human being: Innoright was after all specific in not condemning the whole of humanity in favour of the animal kingdom.At this point - in the car - they had no idea whether the man had lived or died: probably the latter, judging from what Beagle had told Monkey briefly in the getaway car.Monkey, dark uniform cap hiding his high forehead and receding hairline, scarf round his neck to conceal the white tie, had been satisfied that he looked the image of some rich Arab's chauffeur, at the wheel of a large, dark-blue Mercedes with elegant darkened glass windows; leaving the opera discreetly early [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]