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.The pleasure faded and turned into a feeling of empty loneliness.His mate wasn't here with him, and by rights, he might never allow Andreas to touch him again.But no, Andreas refused to resign himself to that.He'd just talk to Jessie and explain the circumstances.Finding refuge in that decision, Andreas finished showering in quick efficient motions.He exited the cubicle just in time to hear his cell phone ring in the bedroom.For a few moments, he dared to hope that the caller could be Jessie, but reason reminded him Jessie didn't even know his phone number.There was only one person who could be calling Andreas now.His guess was confirmed seconds later when Andreas retrieved his cell phone and stared at the screen.His Alpha.Damn it.With a mental sigh, Andreas plopped down on the bed and took the call."Good morning, Alpha," he said.Wendel Adler didn't even bother to make a comment on the early hour, not that Andreas expected him to."How are things going, Andreas?" the other werewolf asked."Have you made any progress?""I'm due to meet with the target soon, Alpha," Andreas reminded him.Technically speaking, it was true.Never mind that he'd already met, and had sex with Jessie tonight.Wendel didn't need to know that, and hopefully, he'd never find out."I see," Wendel replied."What about the preliminary investigation? Any news on Gavin Price and Saul Simmons?"Distantly, Andreas wondered why in the world the man had called him at six in the morning to ask about things Andreas would have reported anyway."Nothing, Sir," he replied."They seem to have disappeared."The Alpha hummed thoughtfully."Well, try to learn their whereabouts.And keep me posted.I want a progress report from you as soon as you've found out anything relevant.If the human shows any sign of knowing of our kind, just leave it to the silencers.""Of course, Alpha," Andreas replied.Thank fuck the silencer meant to handle the matter was Erdi.Whatever the man's reasons, he clearly didn't want to harm Jessie, so for the moment, Andreas didn't have to hunt him down and cause a bigger mess."Oh, and be very careful," Wendel said."I understand the Simmons pack is quite unstable right now," his so-called leader warned him.Did the man even realize that Andreas could hear the barely concealed satisfaction in his voice? Probably not, or if he did, he must be covering all his bases, preparing for the moment when he'd claim Alpha Simmons had attacked him.Well, Andreas had too much to live for.If he could help it, he refused to play along with Wendel's game."I understand," he said simply.The conversation ended on that less-than-positive note.It seemed clearer than ever that Wendel had plans for Dean Simmons's territory.Right now, Andreas's main concern was Jessie.How could he keep Jessie out of a potential pack dispute? How could he be sure that, when Andreas's world was crumbling around him, Jessie would stay safe? He didn't know, and that scared him.Chapter Four"Remember to send me your essays by next Friday.And if I catch you using Spark Notes or Wikipedia, your parents will hear from me."The students grumbled, but gathered their books without too much protest.Perhaps they realized Jessie was giving them a chance to up their grades, and all for their benefit.As the teens left the room, Jessie wiped the whiteboard, readying himself for his next class.Predictably, his mind wandered to his predicament, and especially to Andreas.He couldn't help but remember how good it had felt to take Andreas's dick inside him.His own cock hardened in his slacks, and he took a deep breath, trying to get his libido under control.Jesus, what was wrong with him? He had so many problems, largely connected to Andreas, and still, he couldn't help but lust for the Dom? He must have lost his mind.The sound of a cleared throat snapped him out of his furious scrubbing of the already clean whiteboard.Jessie abandoned his task, somewhat thankful for any distraction.He found the principal of the high school, Valentine Smythe, standing in the doorway."Good morning, Mr.Orwell," he greeted Jessie with that combination of kindness and stern politeness that had always characterized him."Would it be possible to steal you away for a minute? I need a word.""Of course," Jessie replied.It was always possible, and necessary to spare time for the principal.They didn't know each other that well, since Valentine had only taken over the school when his father had suffered an unexpected heart attack, but Jessie respected the other man [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]