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.I didn’t like to think about why and tried forgetting about it while we spent another week training Rory but I kept seeing those signs when he was around Vera that no one else seemed to see.I had to know.I caught him sneaking out on this one particular night but didn’t confront him.Instead, I followed.I hid in the shadows while doing so and watched Rory slip out the palace gate into the city.Where was he going? I feared the answer but followed anyway.Rory was headed to the little park here by the palace where I first was introduced to Cadence and there waiting for him was Vera.I knew it but I didn’t expect to see her greet him with a kiss.I couldn’t believe it and stayed back to watch what would happen.“I’ve been waiting all day to do that.” Vera said as they parted.“Oh, believe me, I’ve been waiting all day to get it.” Rory replied.They sat down and leaned up against a rock.Vera smiled again as she sat in front of him and leaned back on him.He put his arms around her and she held onto them as she sighed.“What is it?”“Nothing.Time is just going by too fast, that’s all.”“I know.It’s something I try not to think about.”“You know we’ll have too, right? I mean, we only have a week of this.”“If it could only be longer.”“Forever would be nice but I know my father would never allow it.He’d kill me if he saw me now.”“Yeah, he would.” I was done with this and made my presence known to them.They jumped right up to their feet to see me.“Seth! I can explain.” Rory said.“Oh, really? Well, start explaining.Start by telling me why I’m finding you here with the Princess after specific instruction to stay away from her.”“Seth, please.” Vera said as she stepped in front of Rory.“It wasn’t his fault.”I knew better.“It’s all right, Vera.You don’t have to cover for him.”“But I’m not.It’s really my fault.I’m the one that spoke first.”“At this point, it doesn’t really matter whose fault it was.Do either of you know how serious this is?” I let them think about it for a moment but neither of them were replying.“I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell your fathers about this.” I started to turn.“No!” They shouted at the same time.I turned back and Vera started to beg.“Please, don’t tell my father, Seth.He’d take it out on Rory and I don’t want that.”“Then you know what is to be done.This has to end.” Vera and Rory put their heads down and sighed.“This has to end or I have no choice but to tell them.”“Fine.” Rory said in anger.“Good but that means you two are not to be around each other, talk to each other or even look at each other.If I see the slightest glance between you two this whole thing is coming down and your fathers will be notified.Have I made myself clear?”“Yes.” They said under their breath.“Louder.”“Yes!”“Now, separate and get back to the palace.”Vera and Rory sighed and I walked in between them all the way back in silence.When we walked in, I pointed to the stairs.“Get up to your room and Princess, I suggest you do the same.” They both had a sad look on their faces and Vera couldn’t help but look over to Rory but I quickly blocked her view.“No.To your room.”She was getting tears in her eyes as she stood there looking at me then turned away as they started to fall.She ran off through the main hall toward her room which was located downstairs.“What is the matter with you?” Rory asked.He was ready to pass me to go after her but I stopped him.“No.Let her go.She’s no longer your concern.”“We’ll see about that.” Rory muttered as he turned from me.“Rory!” He stopped in his tracks and turned back to listen.“Your father put you under my watch and as long as you are as such, you will obey my orders.You are not to go anywhere near her!”“Like that will be easy! You say that like you know what I’m going through but how could you? You get to be with the one you love whereas I’m forced to stay away!” He turned from me and ran up the stairs.I was surprised by his choice of words.Was it true?I went up to my room and Cadence was laying in bed still awake.“There you are.Where have you been?” I walked closer and she noticed I was thinking about something.“What’s the matter?”I sighed.“I just found Vera and Rory together.”“No way! Together, together?”“Yeah.”“What did you do?”“What I had to.I forbidden their union.”“But what?”“What do you mean, but what?”“I know you’re thinking about something, Seth.What is it?”I sighed again and sat down on the edge of the bed.“It’s something he just said to me.”“What did he say?”“I think he’s in love with her.”“With Vera?”“Who else?”“So, what’s the problem?”“I don’t know.I guess I feel bad about what I did because I know I felt the same way when someone told me I wasn’t allowed to see you.”“Then take it back.”“I can’t.I did what I did because I knew Vera’s father would have wanted it.She’s been claimed since her birth [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]