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.You chose him already.Sign it and you get Zayden.”I didn’t hesitate when he confirmed it.I picked up the pen and signed the bottom of this to free myself for him.“Then it’s done.They stay and you get no further say.”“Try not to make this worse by openly discussing it.Separations are scrutinized by the public.”“I won’t because you were right.I have what I want.”I went to Zayden and put myself in his arms.My father only stood behind the desk a moment longer and examined us together.“Yes.It was foreseen.Excuse me, I have to get these filed tonight.”“You saw this happening?”“I didn’t have to just to know you have your mother’s stubborn determination.”“I’m glad I have it.”“And I’m very unfortunate.Goodnight.”“Wait.” I stopped him before he reached the door.“Where’s Jaylyn?”He looked at all of us curiously before answering.“She’s at The Underground with Trever and Kole.I can report that you’re back and have succeeded so you don’t have to.”“Perfect.”He left and we were still standing in his office.“This has been interesting.” Darius said, not being able to hide the smile growing across his face.“Please don’t highlight all of my mistakes right now.”“I wasn’t.”“It’s fine.” Zayden said.“It’s over.”“I’m sorry.I really did have no idea.”“It’s okay.I know you chose me.Your unhesitant action proved it.”“I wanted you to stay here and I was going to sign it anyway.Better over that deal than something else.”“So, what are we going to do now? Are we going out?”“Oh, I don’t know about that.”“Why?” Troy asked.“Jaylyn is out with Kole.We need to find her.”“She’s with Trever too.”“He’s not the one that worries me and she should know that we’re back.”I knew he wasn’t going to let it go.He’s been without her long enough but I was still unsure about taking them out anywhere.“Please.I need to know that she still loves me.”“Of course she still loves you, Troy.”“I need to hear it from her.”“Come on, Adele.” Ruby said.“It’ll be fun.”I don’t think I could have stood here and argued it much longer.“Fine.Can we at least change and for the safety of every living person between us and her, we go with no weapons.”“Deal.” Darius smiled.“I’ve still got a couple you can’t take away.”He looked happily at his fists and I laughed.“That won’t be necessary but it’s good to know you’re looking out for us.”“It’s my role, remember?”“Let’s change.”The Underground was thankfully a short walk from the manor in the opposite direction of the palace and we stopped on the outside of the door to knock.The little window at the top opened and the keeper looked out.“What?”“Don’t say what like that to me, Jet.” I said.“Let me in.”“Oh, Adele.Didn’t know you were coming.”“Last minute plans.”“Hang on.” He closed the window and unlocked the three locks on the door to open it.“How many?”“Five.” He looked back at the ones I brought and looked skeptical.“It’s fine.They’re with us.”“Hello, Jet.” Ruby smiled sweetly, brushing her body against him as she passed.“Hey, Ruby.” His voice sounded nervous like she intended.“How’s your sweet little wife?”“Why do you ask?”“Just friendly conversation, Jet.Relax.”“With you? Yeah.You terrify me to be honest.Do you want to get down there or not?”“Of course we do.” I said.“How long has Jaylyn been here?”“Ah, a few hours.She’s with her brother and their equally terrifying bodyguard.What’s your mood like?”“My mood?”“I’ve been reminding people what month it is.”I sighed.“The Queen’s anniversary of ruining our country.”“Yes, so, naturally the theme is depression and anguish.That’s what the music is going to be about so turn back now if you’re not up for it.”“It’s okay.We really need to see Jaylyn but thanks for the warning.”“Let’s go.”He locked the door back up and escorted us to the lift that takes us down into the cavern below.“Everyone in.Standing around the edges is best.”“Got it.”He closed the gate and started to turn the wheel to lower us.“Going down.Hang on.”“Bye.”We were being lowered down the shaft with only a small light once it got completely dark.“How far does this really go?” Troy asked.“Far.There’s a cavern below us.”We could begin to see light under our feet and hear the music.“Remember to be discreet so we can find her.Don’t draw attention to yourselves.”Everyone nodded and we stopped on the bottom.The place was packed with people and I knew it was going to be hard to find them without one of them finding us first.“Come on.”Walking through the people was impossible and I couldn’t see a thing; a gruesome side-effect of being short.“How’s the view?”I turned and looked at Darius, not to use his name openly and he laughed.“Need me as your eyes, shorty?”“Do you see them?” I gave him a moment to look around.“Yeah.I think I do.Up there.”He pointed to the balcony and Trever and Kole were sitting with Jaylyn.She looked—different.Her face was really serious and she was wearing an all-black outfit, matching the men beside her.“Let’s go.” Ruby said, steering Darius through the people to the stairs.Jaylyn looked down when we got closer and her face just lit up with excitement.That was the Jaylyn I remember but I knew she wasn’t looking at all of us and would have bellowed Troy’s name in a safer place to get his attention so instead she did the next best thing.Chapter 27TroyI saw that beautiful smile that first led me to her and she vaulted out of her chair, onto the banister of the stairs and slid down into my arms where she belonged.She seemed truly happy to see me and not at all mad.“You’re here!”“So are you.I missed you.”She started getting emotional and kissed me.“I didn’t mean to leave you alone like I did.We got a day away and I wanted to turn back so I could be with you.I missed you that much [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]