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.”“Okay but please, I want to see her before then.”“That’s not tradition, Zayden.”“I know but I have a ring for her now that I’d like to give to her.”“Oh, all right.I suppose that’s a good reason.Have anything special planned?”“Ah, I want it to be a surprise.”“All right.I’m sure she’ll be delighted and I’ll soon find out.”“Okay.I just have to get one thing then I’ll find her.”“Very well.I suppose I should get back.I’ll see you tonight and ah—try not to overdo it, okay? For your father’s sake.” I nodded and we kissed each other on the cheek.“Oh, and I almost forgot.” She walked over to the table with my crown on it, taking the smaller box from the drawer.“I better bring this into her.”“Yes, of course.”“Just keep in mind this will be for real this time.You don’t have to be worried about a thing.”“Thank you, mother.”She left and Darius sighed.“We just get dressed and now have to change?”“This was just to make sure nothing had to be altered.Now we eat, I’m sure Rift is hungry too and then meet a few guests downstairs and get back into this when it’s time.”Darius sighed again but louder.“Okay.Now we’ll just change back.”“Yes.I’m going to do that quickly than I’m going to give Adele her ring.”“You haven’t done that yet?” Troy asked.“No.I was waiting for you to ask them.I didn’t want to be in the way or make things seem obvious.”“Way to make her think you don’t love her, Zayden.” Darius joked.“I’m marrying her.She knows I love her.Let’s just finish with the rest of the day, okay?” They turned back towards the bed where their other clothes were still sitting and I went inside my closet with some of my food, tossing some to Rift as he followed.I thought of how I should present the ring I picked out for Adele and came up with something I knew she’d love.Now I just had to do it.“Rift, you stay.I’ll be right back.”Chapter 22AdeleI was finally alone.A few hours of resting to stay calm and relaxed was a good idea.I was laying on the bed in my room with the Senian Princess crown sitting beside me in the open box.My eyes were fixed on it like a child staring through the front window of a baker’s shop at an array of tasty treats.I knew how much I wanted it and couldn’t look away.The gold shone brightly with the accented diamonds just egging me to touch it until I finally gave in.I sat right up and reached my hands out towards it just as there was a knock at the door.I quickly looked up like I was caught doing something wrong.Something always seemed to stop me from taking a hold of it and I had to touch it for an instant just to do it.I smiled and got up to open the door.Zayden was standing on the other side and it was who I least expected to see.“Zayden! What are you doing here?”“I had to see you.Here.These are for you.”He held out a bouquet of white roses and I took them in my hands.“Awe, Zayden.They’re beautiful.”“Sorry they’re not the blue ones.They need every one for decorating.”“That’s okay.It’s the gesture.” I lifted them higher towards my face to get a nice good whiff and suddenly gasped, making them fall from my hands.Zayden was quick to react and caught them before they could have even fell below my waist.I was speechless as I looked down at the roses.The light hit them at just the right angle that I saw a large pear cut diamond placed in the center of a rose.It sparkled with the light of a thousand suns.My mouth was hung open and my hands slowly reached for it.“Zayden, it’s—it’s—it’s—”“It’s for you.” He plucked the diamond from the center rose to show me its high silver ring setting.“Well—if you want.I know we planned this so I never really got the opportunity to ask you but I’m asking now.” He lowered himself down on one knee and I began to shake.“Adeleigh Lydia Balwin, will you do the exceptional honor of marrying me?”How could anyone say no? They’d be a fool.“Yes.”Zayden smiled and tucked the bouquet under his arm, taking my left hand.“You are my life and I can’t wait to spend the rest of eternity with you.” He slipped the ring on my finger while he stood back up and it fit perfectly.I was staring down at it, trembling under his touch.I didn’t know what I would do.My scrambled mind only came up with one thing.I hastened towards him, throwing my arms around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth.“I don’t know what else to say.”“You don’t have to say anything.It’s yours and so am I.”“It’s all I’ve been thinking about.”“Come with me.” He took my arm and started leading me farther into the room towards the balcony.“Here.Hold these.” He handed the bouquet to me and picked me up in his arms.“What are we doing?”He just smiled.“Close your eyes.”He stepped towards the edge of the balcony and I looked down with wide eyes [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]