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.” I’m speechless, and gasp at the contact.My body is literally about to burn up.The massaging is amazing, but between my thighs is where I want all of his attention.It’s been so long and I feel very impatient.He leaves my bra and splays his hands on my flat stomach.Heat scorches every spot his hands have touched.Ty runs those large hands down my hips until he reaches the hem of my skirt.He lightly skims his fingers up under the material to brush my thighs.I lean my head back on his chest and moan.I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth, but my body is about to explode from his touch alone.“I want you,” he breathes in my ear.“I want you right here and now.” Ty presses his arousal against my ass.I push back and feel that he is rock hard for me.I close my eyes as his words pour over me like silk.“Do you want me, Stella? Can you feel how much I want you?” He pushes a little rougher on my backside.“If I touched you, what would I find? Would you be wet for me?”“Yes,” I whisper.“I asked you several questions.Are you answering yes to all of them?”“Yes,” is all I can get out as my chest heaves, trying to suck in oxygen.“Open your eyes and look at me.” I obey.Everything between my legs clenches tighter at the sight of him behind me.His eyes are filled with desire aimed right at me.“I can’t give you what you want, and I know you’ve held out for so long.I just don’t have it in me, Stella, but, what I can give you is…tonight.I can give you my body, but Baby, I just don’t have anything more in me.” He’s slides his fingertips along the inside of my thighs.“Say you want it.I’m dying to get inside you.Tell me you want me.”My body is screeching for me to say yes.I don’t care, it’s just his body he’s giving.I don’t care, it’s just for tonight.I want this man all over me and inside me.I just fucking want! “I don’t care.I just want you.You make my body crazy with need.Please, Ty.Please.” His sexy smile is almost painful to witness.“I make you crazy with need?” I shake my head yes, as his coy smile takes my breath away again.I feel his knee come in between my legs.“Open them, Baby.Open your legs so I can get in between.”Ty slides his fingers down the outside of my thighs, hooks them in my skirt, and lifts it up high on my waist.My panties are exposed and he groans.He uses his right hand as I watch his fingers run along the edge of my panties.He is being soft and gentle and I want to scream.I need him to touch me…now! “Ty, please, please, don’t tease me.It’s been too long.And now that I have you…”I stop speaking as two fingers ease into my panties.He hisses in my ear and presses his hardness against my ass.“Fuck, Stella, you’re soaked.” I can feel that I’m dripping wet.His fingers slip and slide against the outside of my slit.“Mmm, I love that you’re completely shaved.Do you want my fingers inside of you?” His words are hot on my ear.I take my hand and place it on top of his so I can push his fingers exactly where I want them.He’s not moving nearly fast enough for me tonight.“Yes, please, Ty, I’m aching inside.”“You have to tell me what you want.”“Your fingers…inside of me…now,” I moan, and my eyes rolls back in my lids just at the thought alone.His fingers push in my folds and quickly find my hard little clit.I cry out.I’m so damn sensitive to his touch, he doesn’t linger there long.Those two amazing fingers explore all my folds and gently push inside of me.My knees almost give out, and I feel like I’m going to come almost instantly.“Stella…you’re so damn wet.” With his other hand, he pulls my hair over my shoulder and brushes his lips and nose over my neck as his fingers, almost torturously slow, push in and out of me.“You smell amazing, and you feel amazing.You’re perfect all over.” Both fingers are inside of me, as he rubs my clit with his thumb.“I especially like this part.” I break apart at his words along with the movement.The orgasm rips through me like wild fire.I moan out something inaudible and I can hear him praising me.Once I enter the earth’s atmosphere again, and come back to the here and now, I feel him pulling at my panties so they fall down my legs.“Step out of them.” I do.I feel him unfastening his jeans.I want to be naked.I want his entire body all over me.I’m on fire again thinking that he is going to be inside me…tonight…finally.I open my legs and press my now bare ass against his soft, yet, rock hard flesh.I start to turn because I want to touch him everywhere.I want my hands all over his body.My need for this man is out of control.He grabs my waist with rough hands to keep me from spinning into him.“I want to take all of your clothes off.I want to touch you, Ty.I need you, please.” I can’t believe the desperation in my voice.I’m aching again for him.I’m begging and I really have no shame.“This is all I can give you.Is this what you want? I know I’m a selfish asshole for this…but I want to fuck you, Stella.”I run my backside down his length.“I want whatever you will give me, Ty.” He wraps his left arm over my shoulder and it rests against my neck and chin.He has me flush against him, as I rise up on my tiptoes because the height difference is making this position difficult.I feel the crown of him pushing at my entrance.I’m so slick, the head slides right in.“Stella.fucking hell,” he breathes out.“You’re so fucking wet.Tell me, are you ready for all of me?”“Please,” I beg breathlessly.“Yes.” This slow moving is driving me to the brink of insanity.He gently pushes in, inch by inch.He is so hard and thick.Ty continues to work himself inside as my muscles grip at his length.I feel fuller and fuller with every small push.“So damn tight, I can’t believe I’m the lucky fuck that gets to have you.You feel perfect.”“Ty, more, give me more.” He shoves the rest of the way inside.He’s large and stays still to give me a moment to adjust to all of him.Talk about perfect.He is perfect and I am in heaven.He slowly pulls out until the crown of him releases out of me as well.I protest by pushing back to show him I want more.He is back inside again and filling me to the hilt.He’s slow, yet once he is inside, he pushes with force to my end.“It feels like your body was made for me, Baby,” Ty whispers in my ear.I look in the mirror and he almost looks pained.He is holding onto me as if I’m his lifeline.I moan from the sight I see in the mirror.We catch each other’s eyes as he starts rocking back and forth, in and out of me.He is so right, our bodies fit together perfectly.He looks unbelievably sexy behind me and I melt, feeling him inside of me [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]