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."Whoa.I guess she told you, David."David held his smile, but I could see he was surprised by my quick comeback."Where you going, Scooter? There's no Big Mac down this street.Jenna giggled."Leave me alone." I said, and kept walking, but he continued to drive slowly beside the sidewalk, even though he was on the wrong side of the road."You need to loosen up, Scooter.Hang out with some real people for a change, and have some fun."David said.I kept walking."I've been watching you, and so has Luke.Right, Luke?""Yeah," Luke shouted over him."We see you've lost weight.You might even turn out to be a good-looking woman, right, Luke?""Yeah."I caught my breath and turned."What do you want?""Just want to be friends, don't we, guys?""David is right.April.Relax," Jenna said."Luke here likes you, so when we saw you walking, we thought we'd come by and see if you wanted to go with us to the mall."I smirked.Sure, I thought, or, as Brenda would say.Yeah, right."It's the truth," Jenna insisted.She was leaning over David and looking out the window at me.Luke sat up so he could gaze over her as well.Luke Isaac wasn't a bad-looking boy.He had thick black hair he wore long in the back and swept back on the sides, a dark complexion, and light blue, sexy, sleepy eyes.I suppose he was attractive to me and to most other girls because he just looked dangerous, as if he could rape you with his eyes.He wasn't the sort of boy you played eye tag with.Give him the sense you had some interest in him, and he would smile and leer and swing his eyes suggestively before he started in your direction.It was enough to make younger, innocent girls like myself turn and walk away as quickly as we could without attracting too much attention."Why do you want to tease me so much?" I asked the three of them.David shook his head."I told you she was too young, man.I told you we were wasting our time fooling around with her.""We're not teasing you.April.Where are you going, anyway?" Jenna asked me.She surprised me by getting out of the car and coming around to talk to me.Jenna was tall, as tall as Luke and David.She had light brown hair cut stylishly.Her mother was a beautician with her own shop.Jenna usually wore tight pants and a tank shirt with a leather jacket.Some days she had a ring in her nose, and some days she wore it in her belly button.especially when she wore low-hung jeans.She had already been suspended this year for smoking in the girls' room.All I could think at the moment was thatBrenda would be so angry if she saw me talking to these three.When she was still at my school, she was always warning me about staying away from this one or that one.She had picked up an expression from Daddy she loved: "It only takes one rotten apple to spoil the barrel.""Keep away from the rotten apples," was her constant warning."I'm not going anywhere special," I told Jenna."I'm just walking," I said.She drew closer and played with my hair."You know, you should let it grow out.You're like me.You need some hair around your face, but you're not doing a good job with your bangs.What are you using for a shampoo?"I looked at her to see if she was sincere.She looked and sounded as if she was."I'm going to be a beautician.so I know about these things," she said."I'm already working in the shop, doing the shampoos and stuff."I told her what I used, and she said it wasn't as good as what she had."I'll bring some to school for you so you can try it," she offered."Can we get along here, please?"David cried."Hold your water," she fired back at him.Luke laughed,Jenna put her arm around my shoulders andturned me away from the two boys, who were sitting and watching us, both smoking and smiling."You see, here's the way it is," Jenna continued,"Luke has this thing for younger girls who are obviously inexperienced.He thinks they're fresher or something, like ripe fruit.That's what he says.Did you realize he's been watching you in school?""No.""He's a lot of fun.I'm with David.You probably know we've been on and off for a long time.We sorts have one of those hate-love things, you know.We fight and then have a helluva great makeup date." she added, smiling licentiously."You should come with us," she said."Have a little fun.See what it's like.What do they say? Nothing ventured, nothing lost?""No, nothing gained," I corrected."Whatever.You know what I mean.Whaddya say?""I don't know," I said.As always, I was attracted and repulsed by them at the same time."You know the rumors always livin' around about your sister," she said."What rumors?" I snapped at her."You know," she repeated.nodding."Some people think it's inherited or something.You're not like that, are you? I mean, you don't like girls more than you do boys?""No," I said."and neither does my sister.Those are just ugly, stupid stories,""Good.So come along and prove it.We're just having a good time."I looked back at the car as though it could transport me into purgatory as easily as Funland [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]