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.The minute I was inside I wondered why Mrs.Arman had sent me there.The big, four-poster, heavily-carved wood bed looked like it had come with the house, and I understood perfectly why Archer was asleep on it.It would have been his room if he’d never sold the house.Except Mrs.Arman wasn’t the type of woman who allowed unmarried teenagers to share beds in her house.I mean, Alex was sleeping in Ava’s room, and Tom was in Adam’s.So why did I get to curl up next to Archer? Granted, the only thing on my mind at that moment was a shower and a coma, but I didn’t think Mrs.Arman had ever done an ill-considered thing in her life.I was much too tired to process anything other than the hot water controls on the shower.There was a pair of pajamas that looked like they might be Ava’s hanging on the towel rack, and I gratefully left my filthy clothes on the bathroom floor as I crawled under the covers of the big bed and wrapped myself around Archer’s back.He didn’t stir at all, and about ten seconds after my head hit the pillow, neither did I.The GenealogyMy hair was hanging in a wavy sheet over one shoulder, and I was wearing a midnight blue cloak over a matching long dress.The hood of the cloak hid my face from view, and I could just see the tips of my combat boots under the skirt.Good to know I hadn’t completely gone to the dark side.And yet, as my vision-avatar was being escorted down a long hall toward a heavy wooden door at the end, I had the feeling that maybe I had.There were two guards behind me, and I was following a black-robed man whose face I had yet to see.But I knew him.The way he moved, powerful and yet freakishly graceful, like he was gliding on rails, was the dead giveaway.If I hadn’t been so terrified, I might even have winced at my bad pun.Dead indeed.The man leading me down the hall was Bishop Wilder.We reached the wooden door, and one of the guards leapt forward to open it for us.The White Tower loomed into view outside the door just as Wilder turned to my vision-avatar and gave me a disconcertingly friendly smile.“After you, my Lady.I hope you’ll appreciate the lengths I’ve gone to for your comfort.”“What.The.Hell.”I must have said the words out loud because I could almost still hear my voice in the room when I sat bolt upright in bed.The big four-poster bed in the Green Room.With no creepy bishops in sight.I automatically looked down at my clothes and was absurdly happy about the blue Smurf P.J.s I had on.Then I spotted Archer.He was still lying in bed as if he was sleeping, but his eyes were open and staring at the ceiling.It almost seemed like an afterthought when he finally looked at me.And smiled.“Cute pajamas.”Really? He just saw my vision-avatar-booty waltz through a door with Wilder like a party guest, and the blue Smurfette winking at him from Ava’s tank top had all his attention? I mentally slapped him and then got over it when his voice shifted.“The long Elizabethan gown isn’t really your style, though.”“Elizabethan? Wait, how do you know that?”Archer pointed to a painting above the fireplace across the room.I gasped and got up to look closer.The painting was of a young, beautiful woman, with long gold hair, wearing a crown on her head.“Elizabeth Tudor on the day of her coronation.” Archer spoke matter-of-factly, as if it wasn’t insane to be looking at this portrait in a private home.“Why do they have it?” My voice came out in an awed whisper, and Archer chuckled.“It’s a copy of the original, painted at the same time, but specifically for the Seer Family.Camille’s great-grandmother was very proud of this portrait and hung it when she took ownership of the house.”“Elizabeth was a Seer.”“So it seems.And you’ll notice the style of the dress? Obviously this one is much more grand, but it’s from the same period.”I looked closely at the dress and jewelry.It looked like most everything was gold except a bit of silver at her wrist.But Archer was right, the style of the dress was similar enough to the blue one I’d been wearing in his vision.I turned back to him, looking through narrowed eyes.“You knew Elizabeth was a Seer when you had that vision of Ringo.Do you still deny it’s her?”He sat up and sighed.“It’s getting harder to ignore the logic.”“You just saw me there too.Why is it so hard to believe it was a true vision with Ringo?”“I saw you, but as a separate person.I wasn’t looking out at the scene through your eyes.That’s the difference.” I rewound the memory and realized he was right.I’d been looking at myself in third-person.‘Avatar’ hadn’t been wrong.Archer ran his hands through his hair, making it all messy and adorable.“At least we got confirmation we’re going to the Tower.”“We?”“You, me, and Ringo at least.”“How do you know you’re there?”Archer looked as if it took every ounce of patience to stay calm.“The first and most obvious answer is that I go where you go no matter what.And since I clearly wasn’t born yet in the 16th century, there’s nothing to prevent me from being there.”He had a point, so I bit back my automatic bristle-mode and waited for him to finish.“Second, and perhaps equally obvious, is the fact that I’m the one having the visions.And since Seers don’t have visions of things that happened in the past, it can only mean it will happen in my future.”My eyes went wide.“That’s actually really brilliant.”He smiled wryly.I guessed it was sort of a backward compliment.I forged ahead to cover my blush.“I wonder if the Armans have ever thought that through?”Archer raised an eyebrow.“If I were to guess, I’d say yes.Otherwise, why would we have been allowed to share this room last night? Camille Arman is almost as Victorian as I am in her ideas of acceptable unmarried behavior, so us sharing this vision must have been her motive.”“Ah, excellent point.I wondered about that.”He eyed my borrowed P.J.s again.“Lucky for you, I remain trustworthy.”“Because the Smurfs are so sexy.”“You have no idea.”I popped out of bed and said brightly, “Well okay then.Time to get up and face the Armans.” I bolted for the bathroom and discovered my clothes, that I’d left strewn on the floor, had been cleaned and folded in a neat little pile on a chair.And as much as it creeped me out that someone dealt with my filthy clothes, I was very grateful to pull on something clean.I thought about my reaction to Archer as I was getting dressed.I didn’t think I was a prude.Not really.But then again, having no experience at all with the physical aspects of a relationship beyond kissing also didn’t qualify me as particularly expert.In fact, if I was honest with myself, something usually best done in small doses, one of the few things I was actually expert at was running away [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]