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.He stopped in the door to shoot her a look, and shook a finger at her.“I don’t even know what to call that one.If I were wearing clothing, I’d say you just visually stripped me down.As I’m in a towel, hell if I know.” Chuckling, he shook his head and disappeared from view.A moment later, she heard the chair move and the door open and shut, presumably behind him.Cassidy leaned back in the tub and grinned.Oh she was so going to love being in this man’s life.Using her toes, she released the drain on the tub and then stood.Grabbing her towel, she dried off and stepped out.After carefully applying lotion all over her body, she washed her hands and then brushed her hair out.Wrapping it in the towel, she grabbed the rub for Travis and went to the bedroom to wait his return.Ten minutes came and went.Twenty minutes dragged on by.Around the half hour mark, she was starting to wonder what was going on.Right when she was considering going to find him, Travis came back in the room.“Sorry,” he said softly.“Simon and Anthony came over tonight.Josh and I needed to give them a bit of a rundown on the layout of the place, and a tour of the house.Thankfully, they are now settled into rooms for the night.” He locked the door and shoved the chair up under the handle.“I was starting to worry,” Cassidy confessed, and shifted on the bed.“Now, get in here so that I can rub you down with this before you really start to hurt.” She had noticed the way that his left arm seemed to drag when he pulled the chair up and under the door handle and she didn’t want to have him hurting any more than he needed to.“Come on, Trav.Let me take care of you.”“Yes, ma’am,” he said.Dropping his jeans, he kicked them up onto a chair before sliding onto the bed at her side.With a groan, he laid down on his stomach.“Joshua kicked my ass today and won.That shouldn’t happen, damn it.”“Well, you haven’t done this for a number of years, and from what I understand, he’s been doing it practically from the moment he could walk, am I right?” she asked as she began to massage the rub into his shoulders and back.“We all did,” he said.Travis let out a deep moan that she could feel through her hands.“Oh God, that feels so damn good, Cass.I’ve obviously let myself go horribly while flying commercial taxi services.I think we should add a gym into our plans for the house.A sauna room too, maybe.”“I think that those are both great ideas.A hot tub down with the pool as well.I’m thinking that since we likely won’t be able to build much of a basement, we should see if any of the properties that are available back up to a hill.If so, we could build part of the house into the hillside and have that as our fun area and our protected storm shelter area.” Something they would need living where they did.“All good points,” he agreed.“Did you start the list? ‘Cause if you didn’t, sweetheart, we may want to do that while we’re having all these brilliant plans.I know myself, and when Martin asks me what I’m wanting, I will blank right the fuck out.”“Don’t worry, I started the list.I hope you don’t mind, but I grabbed your phone and started the memo there.I didn’t feel like turning mine on.” She didn’t say that she was afraid of what she might find message wise on her phone.He knew that far too well.Travis shifted a bit, and catching one of her hands, kissed her fingers.“What is mine is yours, sweetheart.Now and always.You never need to ask.I just hope you didn’t get into my little black book on there.” He was teasing her.The big ass grin on his face said as much.Cassidy laughed.“No, honey, your little black book is all safe and sound from me.” Leaning in, she rubbed her cheek to his.“But it needs to be filled with me and anything you want to do with me and to me.”“Oh, I have another book all for you,” he told her.“If you look on my phone, you’ll see it’s called the little red book.You should give it a read one of these days.I’ve added quite a bit to it.It’s all nice and neat, little categories and everything.From the musts to the fantasies.You can let me know which ones you’re game to try.”“Well, how about this?” She began to rub the liniment into his back and sore muscles once more [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]