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.We talked for an hour about what I had to do to get lean, and he put together a meal and exercise program for me and showed me how to log on to a website where I would type in every morsel of food that entered my body.I would also have to change up my exercise routine.He explained that since I had been jogging for so many years, I’d plateaued.He suggested that any martial arts or kickboxing would be just the kind of jump start my body needed.I explained to Mark that I had been kicked out of three separate aerobics classes due to severe motor challenges when moving my arms and legs in different directions.He seemed suspicious of me and I didn’t want him to think I was making up excuses.I told him about the first time I took a step class, when I hit my neighbor after I had somehow managed in my confusion to step my way over to her step.The first time I backhanded her, the instructor let it slide.The second time, my victim had fallen to the floor and was covering one side of her face when the music came to a screeching halt.I would have been an idiot not to figure out that I had made a major step faux pas.The last incident was during a class called the Bar Method, which uses ballet bars and poses that focus on concentrated areas.This was the only class I hadn’t been kicked out of due to my spastic hand-eye coordination.But I did get kicked out for giving the instructor the finger.Mark recommended I try boxing.“Done,” I told him.“What’s next?”He then guided me through all my dietary options, like how to replace a yam with four ounces of broccoli if I so desired.“Let’s talk alcohol.Are you with me?” I asked as I pounded one fist on his table.“No.Alcohol is all sugar,” he replied.I tried to remain calm.“Okay,” I said, taking a deep breath.“What about vodka?”“Nope.”“I’m not following you.”“Vodka is empty calories, Chelsea.Alcohol is carbs that cannot be used for energy.”“Well, that’s not true,” I told him.“I get tons of energy when I drink.”“Vodka turns to sugar, Chelsea, and whatever you’re mixing it with is going to have a lot of sugar.”“Well, isn’t there anything that doesn’t have sugar that I can mix it with?”“You can drink it straight, or use fresh lemon juice.”“I can do that.”“Chelsea, alcohol slows down your metabolism and is not going to help you get lean.You can have one drink a week, but any more than that is going to bloat you.”I was left with no choice but to cover my ears and shake my head from side to side.It’s not easy to hear negative stuff about the person closest to you, even if it is true.He had obviously never seen an episode of Jerry Springer.“Listen up, Mark.I am committed to this, but I absolutely must drink more than once a week.”“How many do you need?”“Well, I’m a comedian.”“How many do you need?”I tried to undershoot in order to sound like I didn’t have a problem.“How about seven?”“A week?”“Yes.”“No,” he responded.“You can have two drinks a week.Vodka with lemon juice and that is it.”I was silent.My eyes watered and I looked away to avoid Mark’s gaze.I didn’t want him to see me get emotional this early in our relationship, but the things he was saying were hurtful, and there was no denying that.I decided on the way home from my visit with Mark that I would just not allow myself to drink as much as I’d like.Something had to be done about my body, and it needed to be done in time for my thirtieth birthday.I drove straight to a kickboxing gym around the corner from my house and bought fifteen classes on the spot.I explained to the woman at the front desk that I could only focus on one body region at a time.I could box or I could kick, but I would not be able to do both at the same time.She suggested I take private lessons with a trainer until I felt ready to join a group class.“Would that mean that I wouldn’t have to clap at the end of the class?” I asked her.“Because I would really like to avoid that.”“You don’t have to do that,” she informed me.“Great, let’s get this party started,” I told her as I triumphantly kicked out one leg and knocked over the table next to me.“Sorry.”I met my personal trainer, Brad, and he was very patient with me.He told me he would incorporate the kicking part only when he felt I was ready.He understood my desire not to be humiliated in front of an entire class again.Surprisingly, boxing turned out to be fun, and something I could actually do.Three weeks and six drinks later, I went for my third weighin.I had lost 4 percent body fat and three pounds.I felt amazing, had more energy than I’d ever had in my life, and was now a believer that muscle does indeed take up less space than fat.I didn’t care about only losing three pounds because I could see a major difference in my body.I noticed little muscle lines down the side of my stomach starting to form a two-pack.This diet was actually working.No diet had ever worked for me in my life.I was the only one of my friends who had tried the Atkins diet and gained four pounds.Not to mention that after being on it for a week straight, my apartment, car, and all of my clothes smelled like a cheeseburger.Up until I met Mark, I was convinced I was having the same life experience with food that Paula Abdul was having with her meds.We were both hanging on by a thread.I was practically skipping out the door of Mark’s office after I jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him, elated.“I love you!” I screamed.I knew I still had a little way to go before I’d be where I wanted, but I was just thrilled to know that I had stuck to a program that was actually working.My boxing classes with Brad were amazing [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]