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.”On the kitchen counter, her cell phone rang.Lucy got up off the couch to get the call, glad yet irritated by the distraction.Only one person called rather than text message her.“Hello,” she answered.“Hi, honey.”Lucy was right.It was her mother.She called when she needed a favor, or had news to wave in Lucy’s face.Bryce walked past her and went out the sliding glass door.He returned with a beer in his hand.In an hour, they’d be headed to the restaurant he owned.“Did you get Bella’s message?”“Yes.” She watched Bryce pop the bottle’s top off on the corner of the kitchen counter.“She’s six weeks pregnant.”“Anything else?”“Um, no, Mom.”“Honey, Jason proposed.” Her mother was giddy with excitement.After the proverbial bomb was dropped, her mother said she had to go and hung up.Nothing was said about the snow storm or whether Lucy was safe.Her mother’s life was now filled with the lives of her beautiful stepdaughters.They brought her mother the attention she craved and thought was rightfully hers to have.Numb, Lucy stared past the sliding glass door at the snow on the ground.So Jason had proposed.“Is everything okay?”Bryce’s finger grazed her elbow.Have Bryce understand her, and she would understand him.Maybe then they’d become friends, and as a friend, he’d willingly hand over her diary to her.“My ex proposed to my stepsister,” she shared.“Ah, Lucy, I’m sorry.” He pulled her to him and rested his chin on the top of her head.She turned and settled her forehead on his chest.His heart thumped, thumped, thumped, the sound comforting, relaxing.nice.Why did it feel so right to have Bryce hold her? Just yesterday morning, she had hated his guts.She glanced up, and her words a whisper, said, “You’re a good guy, Bryce Morgan.”He cradled her face in his palms and brought her lips to his.“Bryce?”“Just shut up and kiss me, Lucy.”She did.A groan rumbled from him, and Lucy deepened the kiss.She edged closer until their bodies molded into a near perfect fit.Upright worked but for only so long.Bryce must’ve thought the same thing.He hooked her under her butt with his arms and lifted her.Lucy circled her legs around his waist and they made their way to the couch, not once breaking the mess of lips and tongue.With him seated, she straddled him.Her skirt hiked up to her thighs.Through her tights, she became aware of his erection under his jeans.She did that? Her? The one the guys avoided?He wound his fingers through her hair, and when he tugged her head back to break their kiss, his breathing was ragged.They looked at one another.It seemed like a long time.She figured seconds had passed.He ran his fingers across her lips from one corner to the other.“Kiss me again, Miss Badeaux.”Lucy leaned forward.Would this kiss be as electric as the last? Or would it fall flat? With Jason and Eric, it wasn’t like this—longing and a deep ache in her chest while the throb between her legs needed relief.Before she could kiss him again, Bryce picked her up under the arms and set her on the couch next to him.“You still love him, Lucy?”Bryce couldn’t possibly be jealous.Blinking in disbelief, she opened her mouth but nothing came out.Though they’d been neighbors for months, and Lucy had caught bits and pieces of his conversations, she didn’t truly get Bryce Morgan.And he couldn’t possibly understand her in a day’s time.He got up.“Grab your crap.We should get going.”She stood with her hands on her hips.“You can’t boss me around.”He sighed in exasperation.“Please.Okay?”That was better.She nodded.A change in scenery would be good for the both of them.They got in his truck and drove into town.The whole ride over he simmered, and she stayed quiet.No point in riling up the dangerous beast sitting beside her.He’d either chew her up and spit her out or lick her to death.At the thought of him licking her, she crossed her legs.Soon they parked in front of the restaurant.Bryce got out, and she followed.Inside the Grill, everyone commanded Bryce’s attention.She lingered behind as he made the rounds.Morgan’s Bar and Grill was one of the fancier restaurants in town.It was the first time she had set foot in the place.People gave her curious stares when they realized she’d come with Bryce.She avoided their glances and looked around.The building was floor to ceiling glass [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]