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.Those familiar with the boggling restaurant prices in Oslo will understand the significance of the word ‘free’ in this context.One other inaccuracy, however, was entirely unintended.The air-defence systems that I attribute to HMS Daring certainly are those planned for deployment on the Type 45 destroyers, of which she is the first.Yet it emerged after the book was written that thanks to delays, cost overruns and the matchless, life-threatening incompetence of the Ministry of Defence, HMS Daring has actually taken to the seas without her main Viper missile system.I can only hope that the Navy’s meagre budget has run to a Lynx helicopter and its Sea Skua missiles.If not, any real-life Damon Tyzacks will stand a very good chance of getting away.Tom Cain, Sussex, 2009 [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]