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.“Silvius, what’s going on?” Dais’s voice brought Ember’s attention to the screen.One glance at her eyes and Dais knew exactly what was ailing Ember.“I see.Silvius, aid Ember to leave as she now wishes to do.Tell Ceylon after you deposit her that she is gone but do not tell him where she is.If he truly loves her he will find her,” Dais stated in their language.Silvius almost didn’t recognize the language after speaking English for so long with the crew.In order to learn their designated Earth language the crew had foregone the use of their native tongue and used English for everything.Silvius nodded his understanding to Dais before taking Ember and leading her to the transport bay.“Oh and Silvius, when you figure out the answer, then you’ll find your Maria.”With those cryptic words, Dais’s face faded from the screen and Silvius helped Maria into the transporter.“Now, do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”“He doesn’t love me.” Ember’s tears were still flowing, but for some reason they had slowed enough for her to talk.“Who, Ceylon?”“Yes.I have told him many times that I love him, but he hasn’t told me once that he loves me.” Silvius was confused.He had heard Ceylon profess his love for Ember many times, telling her over and over again that she was his and that he loved her.Then a light bulb seemed to shine its light on the situation.Ceylon had told her those words over and over again, yes, but Ember had no idea what he meant.He always told her of his love in their language.“Have you ever thought to ask how he feels?” It seemed like the most pertinent and logical thing to do.Ember nodded but didn’t elaborate.It seemed like an eternity before she spoke.“ I heard them during the meeting.They are leaving in two weeks.Cedwin gave them the opportunity to petition to stay, but Ceylon said there was no reason for him to stay and he would be ready in two weeks.” With those words she dissolved into tears.While he knew that some of the crews would be going back to Salin, Silvius knew that Ceylon intended to take Ember with him.Ember was his mate, but it seemed that she didn’t know that.Silvius shrugged and did as Dais asked.Dais had never led him wrong before, and it seemed as if Ceylon had something he had to learn in all of this.***Ceylon had looked everywhere for Ember.It wasn’t like she could have just gone out for a few minutes, they were in the ship, for goodness sakes.Ceylon was beginning to panic when Silvius stepped into the hallway.“Ceylon, I have a feeling you are looking for something.”“Do you know where Ember is?”“I can only tell you that she left.I took her back to Earth?”Ceylon saw red and grabbed Silvius by his shirt pinning him to the wall.“Why would you take her from me? And it better be good, or so help me you will die.” Silvius’ eyes widened at Ceylon’s uncharacteristic behavior.Ceylon was surprised at the deep growl his voice had become.He had become a healer because of his very easy temperament.He released Silvius and stepped back.“I’m sorry, Silvius.I can’t lose Ember, she is my mate.”“I know that, but she didn’t.She requested to leave, said that you were leaving and that you didn’t love her.”“But that is ridiculous.I tell her all the time that I love her.”“Right, but did you ever tell her in English?”Ceylon looked at Silvius as if he had grown two heads, wishing he could punch the smirk off of his face.“Of course, I…”“No.You didn’t.Everyone on the crew heard your praises and exultations of your love for Ember.It got nauseating honestly, but Ember didn’t understand a single one of those.She was heartbroken.I was going to explain to her, but Dais made me promise to allow you to search for her.I believe there is a reason in it.I don’t know.I’ve known the guy my whole life and he baffles me most of the time.But I will say this, he has never led me wrong.”“So what do I do now?”“You find your mate and tell her that you love her and bring her back.A little advice though, tell her those things in English this time.”“Tell everyone that I’ll be back when I’ve found her.” Ceylon turned to leave when Merrcum stepped out of the medical bay nearly being plowed down by Ceylon.“I’m sorry Ceylon.I was looking for you and Ember.”“Well, Ember is missing and I’ve got to go find her.” Merrcum looked baffled.“It’s a long story, that I am sure will be funny in years to come, but I don’t have time to talk about it now.”“Well, I just reviewed Ember’s medical scan and I believe you’d like to take a look.It will only take a moment.” Merrcum turned around and Ceylon followed.His heart aching at losing Ember, yet again.THIRTEENEmber attempted to focus on the project at hand, but she wasn’t succeeding.Her mind constantly wandered to Ceylon, how he looked, the sound of his voice, and the way he made love to her.It had been three weeks since she had ran from him, her heart in shards.It wasn’t getting any easier.Ember had read somewhere that time healed all things, but she was sure that time would never heal her heart.She had thought many times that she would go back to the ship and ask Ceylon how he felt.She never did and the fact that he was probably gone settled in her stomach like a rock sinking in the ocean.Ember had rented a very small apartment one state over.She couldn’t stay in a town that held so many memories for her – good and bad.Thankfully her savings had amassed quite well during her marriage to Landon.Ember let her colored pencil fall to the table and got up, wandering to the bathroom.The small stick sat staring at her.Taunting her with the truth.Ember read the instructions through and through and each one had done the same.She was pregnant.Ember let her hand fall to cup her still flat abdomen as she imagined giving birth to the little life that grew inside of her.A tear fell down her cheek as she realized that her child would never know his or her father.Ceylon was gone and he would never be back.Ember allowed herself to slide to the bathroom floor and the tears never seemed to stop.She thought after the first week of nonstop tears she would have cried herself dry, but she hadn’t.Every night she cried herself to sleep only to wake to a bleak reality that she was incomplete.A knock at the door stirred her from her never ending misery as she hefted herself from the floor.Ember picked up the bat from beside the door and opened it slightly leaving the chain locked to keep out someone if it turned out to be Landon.Ember wasn’t stupid, she would never be caught by that bastard again.She had more than herself at stake this time.Ember’s breath stilled in her lungs as she took in the sweetest sight she had ever seen.“Ember.” Ceylon whispered her name and she began to sob – relief and pain washing over her.“Ceylon,” Ember sobbed.“Yes, Sweet Ember, let me in.”“You left.”“I couldn’t leave.”“Why?”“Oh, my sweet Ember.I couldn’t leave without the woman that I love.”Ember’s face crumpled, her heart re-breaking.He loved another.“Who is she and why must you torture me with this?”“Ember.Open this door, now.” Ceylon’s voice became deep and authoritative.Ember had unlocked the door [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]