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.Ian placed his cock at the tight rosebud there, finding his way by touch.He started to enter her, but Dolores started shaking her head.“No, no!” She pushed away from Derek with her arms and pulled away from Ian’sembrace.Ian fell back on the bed.He wanted it, but he wouldn’t force her.“All right,Dolores, all right.” He watched in confusion as she turned to him.“Mira me,” she said, but Ian didn’t understand.She leaned over him and quickly took his aching cock in her mouth.“Oh God,” he groaned, his hand burying itself in her hair as she used her lips and tongue on him.She was licking his hard length, making him wet and slick.47Samantha KaneShe pulled back and pointed at his cock.“Mira aqui, si?” she said.He shook his head, uncomprehending.She ran a finger down his cock and pulled it away to show him the wet residue of saliva and Ian suddenly understood.“You’re making it easier,” he whispered with a shaky laugh.“Si, Dolores,” he said, nodding with a smile.“Si.” She licked him again and then turned and rose to her knees, holding on to Derek again, who had silently watched their exchange.“Der-reek,” she said, smiling, and slid her arms around him as she kissed the side of his neck.When he didn’t respond she pulled away and placed his hands back on her thighs as they were before.“Der-reek,” she tried again, indicating he was to lift her up as he had done earlier.“Ian?” he asked.Ian moved behind her.“She got my cock wet, Derek, so it would go in easier.Lift her up again.”“Jesus, I think I’m in love,” was all Derek said as he grabbed her thighs and spread her for Ian.Ian laughed but it was cut short as the thick head of his cock slid into her tight passage.He clutched Dolores’ shoulders too hard and she cried out.“I’m sorry, it just, God, it feels so good.” He let go of her, but then had nothing to hold on to.“Hold on to me, Ian,” Derek said softly.“Hold on to me.”Ian looked over Dolores’ shoulder into Derek’s eyes and slowly raised his hands to Derek’s biceps.The feel of the hard, smooth muscles beneath his hands, the hot, slick skin made Ian’s stomach muscles clench.Yes, he thought, this is perfect now.I needed to touch Derek when I was doing this.I needed him to be a part of it.He pushed his cock slowly into Dolores and the feeling was so exquisite that he closed his eyes and locked his jaw with the effort not to come.Holding on to Derek’s arms brought the three of them closer together.Dolores was pressed tight between the two men, and the sound of their breathing filled the tent like a chorus of passion.When Ian’s cock was buried almost to the balls in Dolores’ ass, he stopped.“Derek,” he panted, “now.Enter her now.”“How does it feel?”Ian opened his eyes and smiled at Derek.“Fucking amazing.You have got to trythis.”Derek lifted one of Dolores’ legs high, making her moan.“I plan on it.Here, hold this.” He passed the leg to Ian, who let go of Derek’s arm and held it up.From where he was kneeling in front of Dolores, Derek tried to enter her but the cot started to wobble.With a curse Derek stopped.“Move onto the floor.”Derek carefully climbed off and lay down on the floor.Ian kept his cock buried in Dolores as he followed, he and Dolores straddling Derek.She moaned and grabbed 48At Love’s CommandIan’s hands where they were wrapped around her stomach.When they were in place it took Derek only a moment to get his cock into position.“Lower her, Ian, put her on my cock.” Ian lowered Dolores, and found he had tobend her forward and lean over her to keep himself inside.As soon as Derek started to enter her, Ian could feel him, could feel Derek’s cock sliding along his own through the thin wall of Dolores’ vagina.Derek stopped with a moan.“Do you feel that, Ian, do you feel me?” Derek said, his voice strangled.“Mmm,” Ian mumbled, nodding.He couldn’t speak past the lust crashing throughhim as he felt Derek’s cock jerk inside Dolores.His eyes slammed to Derek’s when the other man’s hands came up and covered his on Dolores’ hips.“More,” Derek whispered.“I want more of both of you.”The words made Ian cry out as he pushed Dolores down on Derek.She gave a short scream, quickly stifled with her hand as her head flew back, her hair streaming down her back.She thrust down hard and Derek’s upper body jerked off the floor.“God, yes!” Derek cried out, grinding against her.“Slow down, slow down,” Ian panted, trying not to join them in their uninhibited fucking [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]