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.After she spits the flesh out of her mouth, she hurriedly starts to drain the blood from the beast.Its beating heart pushes the blood through the wound at its jugular.Morna drinks thirstily and sighs in relief after a few minutes.She quickly drains every drop from the body of the beast but needs more.Morna lies back to relish the strength that is slowly returning to her body, and closes her eyes.She feels a hand on her leg and quickly rolls away.“DON’T!” she roars.“Please leave, Elias.I don’t want to hurt you.I am not under control yet.I still need to feed.” She snarls at her beloved godson.She sighs in relief when she feels him leave.She didn’t hear or see him, but she knows he is gone.She wonders how she can sense him while he has woven the hiding spell.She lies there trying to regain control over her instinct to feed and the mind numbing pain when she senses Elias’ return.“DAMMIT ELIAS!” she growls.When Morna smells the deer and its blood she rapidly sits up and grabs the animal from Elias.She repeats the same procedure as she did with the boar.Finally, her blood thirst is quenched enough after draining the deer to allow rational thought.She looks right at her godson.“Elias, I am okay now.You can drop the hiding spell.” She laughs, and says, “I seem to be able to sense you anyway.But don‘t drop the iron-lion just in case.”Elias drops the hiding spell and walks a couple of steps towards Morna.“Is it okay for me to examine you now?”“I am under control.I won’t hurt you.Besides, I think I am too messed up.You could easily fight me off.” Morna grunts in pain as she tries to move.Elias looks at her skeptically.Morna sees the uncertainty in his eyes.“Sorry Elias.You must be pretty freaked out by what I have become.I know I am.” Morna admits.“Not really Morna.In the midst of it all, you were still in control.I just don’t see how.I know you must have really been struggling not to feed on me and yet you kept trying to send me away.And I am a little freaked out that you could see me when I had the hiding spell on.I know the spell was holding, how could you see me?” Elias asks as he moves closer to examine her severely injured body.He quickly looks at her eyes and ears, and examines the head wound.“Dammit Morna, you have a concussion.”“Yeah I know.I don’t have to be a competent healer to figure that out.” Morna chuckles at herself and then says, “I couldn’t see you.I could only sense you.Your energy, your aura actually.Maybe it’s something I gained when Almeda gave me her life force and aura? But then again, that thought already occurred to you, didn’t it?” Morna asks in awe.“Yes it did.” Elias says as he takes off his tee shirt and tears it into strips to stop the blood flowing from her wounded chest and abdomen.“How did you know that?” He quickly tears his tee shirt into long strips and binds those wounds and holds his hands over her rounded belly and smiles in relief.“He’s fine, I can sense him stronger than ever now.We were both pretty weak before you brought that boar to me, kiddo.” Morna says with a smile.“To answer your question, I can get impressions of what people are thinking.I can’t read their thoughts, I just kind of have an idea what they are thinking.I guess that’s another gift from Almeda.She could do that.”“How come you had to feed again today?” Elias asks as he examines her legs.They are healing improperly.He knows he will have to re-break them and he is honestly afraid to try it without some help.The pain will be intense and he knows Morna might try to kill him for it.“I am not sure.The intense need to feed, the thirst just overcame me out of nowhere.Hey kiddo, don’t try to do anything with the legs or the arm right now.I am not sure I can control myself when you start re-breaking them.You should go get help.I am stable now.” Morna assures him.“What the hell was that thing that attacked you Morna?” Elias asks as he tries to clean the filth out of the wounds on her back.“The blood, or whatever this crap is on your body smells like the filth we cleaned out of your wounds when you went to the spirit plane.”“It was the mate to that creature,” says Morna.“He was avenging his mate’s death.He said the great mother led him to me.I don’t know what he meant by that.How did it get into Asgard?”“How do you know its language?” When Morna shrugs Elias looks Morna in the eyes and continues, “Look Morna, I know it’s gonna hurt, but I really need to get you out of these woods and get you somewhere that I can treat your injuries.Or better yet, get one of the Asgardian healers to work on you.I need to carry you to Heimdall’s place.You have yourself completely under control, right?”Morna reaches out and gently strokes the face of her beloved godson.“I am so sorry kiddo.I was truly a wild monster today, and you still are trying to heal me.Thank you for what you have done for me today.You have saved my son’s life and mine.Actually, you saved the life of two of my sons.”“Nonsense Morna.You stopped yourself from attacking us.Even after we ran away, you could have caught up with us, but you didn’t.And after Micah left with Kyle, you could have fed on me.You knew where I was despite the hiding spell.I don’t know how you controlled yourself, but you did.” Elias kisses her bloody forehead and says, “Stop talking and let me carry you out of here.”“No need.I think your dad and brother are here.” Morna turns her gaze to a spot at the edge of the clearing.“Brian? I won’t attack.You don’t need the hiding spells, but keep the iron-lion spells on.” Brian and Micah drop their hiding spells and walk towards Morna.Morna sniffs the air and says, “George? Come on out brother.I am under control.”“How did you know we were here Morna?” Brian asks.As George walks into the clearing from the other direction.“I can apparently sense your aura when you are under a hiding spell.I could sense this one too.” She says pointing at Elias.“But he was too stubborn to leave, even when I threatened to kick his ass for him.” Morna says with a chuckle.“Lucky for me he stayed with me.I would probably be toast if he hadn’t helped me with that Stone Coat cannibal from the Spirit Plane.”“That creature did this to you?” Micah asked.“Yes, and it might have killed me if Elias hadn’t bashed it in the head with a rock.” Morna laughs and absentmindedly reaches down to caress her growing belly.The head injury and the loss of blood are dragging her down towards unconsciousness quickly.Brian, Micah, and George watch her intently and Micah asks, “The baby?”“I think he’s fine,” says Elias, but we really need to get her to help.She lost a lot of blood and is still bleeding.Look at her legs and her arm.Her back is really shredded.She has a nasty concussion too.Has Luca made it back?”“He hadn’t when we left.It took us quite a while to find you two.You are really deep into the forest here.We might not have been able to find you if George had not been with us.Let’s make a stretcher and haul her out on that.Maybe that won’t cause her too much pain,” says Micah thoughtfully.He pulls the sword from his sheath and starts hack off saplings to make a stretcher.When Elias takes his dad’s sword and goes to help his brother, Brian leans down and looks Morna in the eyes.“Mo, did you try to hunt my son?”“No Brian.I promise I didn’t.I wouldn’t do that.” Morna promises her old friend.“Damn Morna, I was afraid I was going to have to find a way to kill you.” Brian says quietly, looking agonized.Morna pats the hand of her friend and says, “I understand completely friend [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]