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.He gets hurt and goes to the Healer’s Hall.Eventually he and one of Mordir’s healers hook up, he gets interested in medicine.I see him as a pretty decent guy in about three years, all things considered.Thor rides his ass every day for him though,” Sammy laughs happily at that image.Luca and Morna can’t help but laugh at that idea too.By now Nora is dragging her grandpa outside when suddenly she stops and looks at Auggie and says, “Don’t forget to make one of those venison steaks rare and one medium rare.Everyone else wants them medium.”Auggie chuckles and says, “I saw the same thing you did you little chit.Go play with your Grandpa!”Everyone laughs when Nora giggles and resumes urging Valliant outside.“Someone please help me.This little girl wants a tree house, and I have never built a tree house.”Damian laughs and says, “I worked with a carpenter for a couple of years before I was changed, maybe I can help.”Kylor joins him and says, “I am a pretty decent builder myself.I would love to help Pumpkin build a tree house.”Breena gets up and quietly follows them out.Morna looks after her thoughtfully and then follows her.“Bree, you okay?”“Yes Morna.I am going to keep an eye on the carpenters to make sure they are careful.I suspect Nora will have them plenty distracted.” Breena smiles at her sister and says, “Are you okay? How are you taking the new Luca?”Morna stammers at this and Breena smiles.“I saw his face flush.I haven’t seen that since before the change.I don’t know exactly what has happened, but I know he has been changed, irrevocably.His emotions are all over the place, but mostly on cloud nine.” Breena chuckles at that.“I am not sure what has happened either, but yes you are right, something has definitely been changed.We need to talk to Mordir.We may have to go to the Healer’s Hall.Thank you for watching out for Nora.”“I love her too, sis.I love all your children, you know that.” Breena assures her younger sister.“Well, go do what you need to do.You guys will obviously have to answer a lot of questions at dinner time, judging from the cryptic comments of Nora and Auggie.Besides, you have to talk to Maria.She is chomping at the bit to tie into you.”“Yeah, even I can feel that one,” Morna rolls her eyes and wonders what the hell is going on now.Ewan stops Morna and tells her that six of the dead invaders are Shape Shifters.He recognizes two of them as belonging to the Clan Gregory.He also tells her that he is going to talk to Heimdall.He wants someone to help him find The Primordial.“Be careful Ewan, she might be the one who created the Stone Cold vampires.They say she is deadly and dark in her soul.”“She’s an evil bitch, there’s no doubt about that.I will be careful.Good luck sorting out your little family drama,” Ewan says with a smile.Morna chuckles and tells him to keep in touch.Morna goes back to join Luca as he chats quietly with George and Rodrigo.They are discussing the problem with Rolan.Morna looks around and asks where Aideen and Kyle have gotten off to.“They have gone to Kyle’s room to watch a movie.” Luca says absently.“What? Watch a movie? How?” Morna stammers.“I guess Ingrid got a TV for him?”“No, Tena did.And two boxes of DVDs.She said it wasn’t natural for modern human children to have to read all the time for entertainment.” Vali says with a laugh.“I am going to go check on the treehouse builders.” Vali and Bellona walk out of the room, both are wondering what is going on.You couldn’t cut the tension in that room with a sharp knife, it‘s that thick.After they leave the room Morna finally gives Maria her full attention, “Lady Maria, you have been busting at the seams to scream at me about something.Let’s hear it.” Morna says gently.“I don’t want to scream at you Morna, but I do want some answers.And if I don’t like those answers, I may kick your warrior goddess ass for you.” Maria says stonily.“MOTHER!” Rodrigo hisses.“Granny, have you lost your damned mind?” George says softly.Morna looks at Maria incredulously and then she looks at Rodrigo and then towards Luca.Understanding is dawning in her face and her eyes are wide in shocked surprise.“OH SHIT! Rodrigo is changing too?”“Too?” Demands Maria, “Who the hell else did you knowingly do this to?”“Okay, wait a minute.I didn’t knowingly do anything to anyone.I am trying to heal Rodrigo, at your request I might add.But something has happened and there are some changes taking place to Luca too.” Morna says uncertainly.“What is happening to Rodrigo?”“He has become like you Morna Glynn Michaels!” Maria rants.“My son, the Stone Breaker, has become a vampire.You did it to him!”“That’s not exactly correct,” says Mordir.“As well as healing the DNA that changes him into a blood thirsty, uncontrollable beast during a full moon, your antibodies are also making him more like you are Morna, physiologically speaking.”“I think the same thing is happening to me,” Luca says quietly.Mordir chuckles and looks at Morna with admiration.“God I hope I find a woman someday with half your zest for life, Madam.” Morna blushes to her roots at his words and even Luca flushes at little at the remark.George lets out a low whistle.“I thought I saw him flush earlier and I know I did just then.” George walks over to Luca and looks at him intently.The room is silent.George stands quietly listening and sniffing.He tentatively reaches out and touches his friend’s hand.He pulls back quickly and then touches him again.“You are becoming like her! You are not icy cold, not quite as hard to the touch and you smell differently.Hell I smell blood in your body and hear your heart beating!” George whistles low and says, “Man, you damn near seem human!”Morna looks at Maria and takes her hands into her own.“Friend Maria, how could I knowingly turn your son into a vampire? I don’t even know what I am for sure.I had no idea my antibodies would make him like me.I am sorry if that is a bad thing in your view.I didn’t realize you saw me as a vile creature to be shunned,” Morna says sadly.Maria’s angry face crumbles, “Oh God Morna! No sister, I do not see you that way.There is nothing vile about you.You are loving, honorable, caring and a giver not a taker of life.Even though you are an amazingly proficient warrior, you are far happier healing, teaching and nurturing [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]