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.Lola smiles at us and coos.“You guys! Adorable, I swear.” Playing with her straw, she asks curiously, “C’mon, Helena.Tell us why you didn’t like Max.I’m dying to know.”Max grunts, “You’re not the only one,” and I elbow him in the gut.He flinches then lets out an outraged, “What?”I open my mouth to refuse them, but Felicity’s already there.She laughs out loud.“Oh man.It’s a doozy.”Nat gasps.“You know?” She turns to me.“Why does she know? You never told me.”I open my mouth to speak a second time, but it’s too late.Felicity utters, “Well, it all happened at your wedding.I’m surprised you don’t know.”I lean over to Flick and hiss, “Shut.Up!”Max covers my mouth with his hand, urging her on.“No, no! Don’t stop.I want to know!”So she begins, “Well, Helena had here eye on Max from the very first time she saw him.”My cheeks heat, and I dip my chin to fight my embarrassment.Max asks me quietly, “Is that true?”I shrug lightly, not willing to answer.Felicity continues, “And it’s a wedding.C’mon, you girls know what I’m talkin’ about, right?”All the women wear a knowing look on their faces, nodding and smiling slyly.We’re women.Weddings make us emotional.Emotional and horny.I don’t know why, but those are the rules.My mind flinches.Now you’re even talking like him!Before I can stop her, Felicity takes it there.“So Helena’s ready to make a move on our handsome Max.She’s been watching him all night as he flirts with everything with a heartbeat, and she’s built up the courage to ask him to have a drink with her.And she does.” She turns to Max, shaking her head at him.“And he doesn’t even look up from his phone.In fact, he completely ignores her.”The women’s mouths gape.Max’s arms tighten around me.Tina looks sad.“Max, you didn’t.”But before Max can say anything, she finishes up, “Oh, he did.And that’s not the worst part.After he ignored her, he dismissed her.” She pauses for effect before adding, “Then he called her Helen!”The women gasp in disgust while the men let out low sounds of discomfiture.Oh yeah.Tonight sucks assholes.Chapter ThirtyMaxMy gut sinks.I didn’t do that! …did I?I let out a long sigh.Chances are I did.I hurt Helena.Fuck me.But, damn it, I’m gonna make up for it somehow.***HelenaNat leans over looking pissed and smacks at Max’s leg, muttering, “Dickhead.”At the very same time, Nik slaps Max across the back of the head, mumbling angrily, “Asshole.”Max squeezes me tight, defending himself.“I don’t remember that! I swear!” He looks over at Nik.“You think if Helena threw herself at me, I’d say no?” Nik makes a noncommittal noise in his throat, looking down at his brother in contempt.I bunch my nose.“You calling me a liar?”Max turns me in his arms.“No, I’m not, baby.I’m just saying I don’t remember that happening.” He dips his head, shaking it lightly.“No wonder you hated me.I’d hate me too.” He looks up, his golden eyes sincere.“I’m sorry, cupcake.Never meant to hurt you.”And just like that, it’s forgotten.He looks truly ashamed.I reach up to cup his cheek.“I know that.Now.And it’s done.We’re good.I promise.”He leans into my touch, eyes closed.After a moment, he groans, “Are you fucking kidding me?” When his eyes open, he looks pained.“I could’ve had you all those months ago and I fucking choked?” He groans again, mock-sobbing.“God, I am an asshole.”Chuckling, I stand on my tiptoes, pecking at his lips.“Yeah, well, suffer.” I turn to face Nik.“I’m going downstairs to check out the women’s bathroom.What do I do if there are people in there doing nasty things?”Nik takes his two-way off his belt and hands it to me.“Just call it in.Security will be right outside the door waiting for you.Don’t lay a hand on ‘em.You’re not trained for that, and as an employee, you could get us sued.If you find you’re liking the job, I’ll get Ghost to take you on a short security and crowd control course.”I nod, smiling.“Cool.And noted.No touchies.”Felicity walks down with me, hitting up the bar as I walk into the bathroom.It’s empty, and I’m fine with that, because I really need to take a whiz.I head into the stall and do my business, flushing the toilet and moving to open the door, but as I do, three women walk in.I peek out of the crack in the door.I can’t see everything, but I can see enough.“The pickings are slim tonight,” mutters a short brunette.The taller brunette whines, “Where are all the hotties? I really need to get laid.”When the third woman speaks, I perk up.I perk up, because I know that voice.The tall, slender redhead utters, “Oh, please.None of the men here are good enough to even look at me.”The redhead is Portia.I shake my head at her comment.She said me, not us.Her poor friends [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]