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.He looks at his mom and gives her a grin.“Can you start some coffee while I talk to Autumn?” he asks her.She looks at me and her eyes sparkle when I start shaking my head at her.“Sure, honey,” she tells him, turning towards the kitchen.“Viv, let’s go make coffee,” Nancy says with a smile.Viv’s eyes come to me and she smiles, shaking her head.“No!” I semi shout.“You should really spend some time with your son.I can totally make the coffee,” I tell them, starting to head towards the kitchen.I feel myself being tugged back by the hem of my shirt.When I look over my shoulder at Kenton, I glare.“We need to talk,” he informs me.“We’ll be in the kitchen,” Nancy says, Viv following close behind her.I close my eyes, letting my head drop forward.“Thanks, Mom,” Kenton says as I turn around to face him and my shirt twists around my stomach.His eyes drop to my mouth and he takes a step towards me.I try to take a step back, but his hand, which is still wrapped around my shirt, prevents me from going far.“You kicked me,” he says quietly, his mouth brushing mine, leaving me paralyzed.“Sorry,” I say, getting lost in his eyes.“Are you really sorry?”“No,” I whisper, watching his eyes grow dark.“I didn’t think so.” His tongue touches my bottom lip, making me gasp as his teeth give my bottom lip a punishing nip and tug.My hands lift to his hair, pulling it at the roots, as his hands slide down my sides and over my ass, where he gives me a squeeze.The feeling of his hands on me has me jumping up without thinking and wrapping my legs around his waist.He groans, pulling my hips tighter against him.My back hits the wall and I whimper.His mouth leaves mine and travels to my ear, nipping it before his lips make their way down my neck, licking and biting along the way.When his mouth comes back to mine, my hips grind against him, trying to get some friction.“Coffee’s ready—oh! Crap.Sorry,” I hear Viv say.My eyes open, my teeth release his bottom lip, and I look over his shoulder, seeing Viv heading back into the kitchen.His hand cups my cheek, pulling my attention back to him.“I hate that she hit you.” His words and the look in his eyes as he studies my cheek make my heart start to pound harder.“I’m okay.I’m sorry about your bed,” I tell him.Now that I’m not in the moment anymore, I feel bad for having lost my temper.“I needed a new one anyways.” He smiles, and my fingers go to his cheek, pressing into his dimple.“We good now?” he asks, and I know he’s talking about this morning.I fight myself on what to say.I need to be honest with him.He scares me, but not exploring this thing with him scares me more.I look over his shoulder before my eyes search his face.“I know you didn’t mean it like you said it.You’re the first person in a very long time I find myself opening up to.” I cover his mouth with my hand when it looks like he’s going to speak.“You’re also the first guy since my first that I have been interested in.I feel vulnerable when I’m with you, and I hate that your words have the power to crush me, but they do,” I confess softly.His hand comes to mine, pulling it from his mouth, and he kisses my palm before placing it against his chest.“I say shit I don’t mean sometimes.It’s no excuse and I’ll work on it, but you need to work on opening up to me.” His eyes search my face before his lips brush mine again.“You’re so fucking fearless that I forget how fragile you are.” The words gently spoken against my lips cause my eyes to slide closed.“I’m not fearless,” I tell him, resting my forehead against his.“I’m afraid all the damn time.”“Nah.” He shakes his head.“You’re a fucking warrior.”Chapter 6Annoying Roomies And Bad GuysWhen I pull up to the house, it’s just after seven in the morning.Yesterday, after the tow truck showed up and Kenton left to go back to work, Viv, Nancy, and I sat around the kitchen drinking coffee and chatting for a few hours [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]