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.” I tell him holding the phone between my shoulder and ear.“Look, I gotta get out of town and I wont be back for a week so can you meet me somewhere?”‘Um I’m not sure that’s a good idea.” I tell him worrying my bottom lip.“Do you want your phone or not?”“Yes of course I want my phone.” I say becoming annoyed.What kind of stupid question was that?“Then you need to meet me so that I can give it to you.”“I don’t get off work for another hour so can you meet me after that?” I crossed my fingers hoping he could.I didn’t know what I would do without my phone for a week.Not that I wanted to call or text anyone but I was kicking ass in candy crush and wanted to beat my last score.“Jesus, where the fuck do you wanna meet?” He grumbled and I smiled.I don’t know why but it kind of made me happy that I was annoying this person on the phone.“Can you meet me out front of Jacks bar-b-q in an hour and a half?”‘Sure, fine.” I can tell by his tone that he is completely annoyed and I smile bigger.“Thanks a lot.”“What are you wearing?” He asks“What the hell does that mater?”“Look,” He huffs out.“I have your phone, which means you don’t have a phone right?”“Right.” I repeat like an idiot.“So that means that I can’t call you and tell you when I get there, so I need to know what you’re wearing so I can spot you on the street, right?” I can hear the smile in his voice now.“Oh… I guess that makes since.” I say and I can hear him laugh and the deepness of his laugh makes my belly flutter.“So what are you wearing?”“Oh.” I look down at myself feeling stupid about what I’m going to say to him.“Um.A grey skirt, a white silk blouse oh! And I have brown hair.” I add the end part; I don’t know how many women may be wearing the same kind of thing as I am.“Alright sweetheart I’ll see you in an hour and a half.” He says and the phone goes dead.I hang it up and toss my bag back under the desk and start putting back all the books that have been checked out by students away.I started working at the school library a year ago when I moved to Nashville from Seattle.I work here three days a week, the rest of the time I work from home as a medical insurance specialist.I like working here, its quiet and the pay is good.I finish out my day making sure to update the computer system and locking up.When I leave the building most of the staff has left for the day.The parking lot is mostly empty except for my red Audi.I get in my car and turn it on, flip the button for the top, it takes a second for the top to go back and lock in place.The sound of Addicted to love by Florence and the machines starts playing as I head out to down town.When I reach the area that I’m supposed to meet this guy I find parking about a block away.This part of town is always crazy around this time of day; by the time that I reach Jakes I’m about ten minutes later than I planned of being.I look around wondering what this guy might look like.There are so many people walking around that I feel like an idiot that I didn’t ask him what he was wearing.I stand next to the building with my arms crossed over my chest.I want to sit down so bad my feet are killing me.I have a sick love for heels and the ones I wore today are paying me back for wearing them for more than a few hours.I see a guy looking at me he’s about my age not much taller than my 5’5, he’s cute and wearing a suit and tie.I start to wave to see if it’s that the guy, then a guy about 6’3 and huge I don’t just mean in height, his body looks like its chiseled from stone.He’s wearing washed-out blue jeans and a white t-shirt; every piece of skin exposed is covered with tattoos.He is beautiful in a way that is unusual but no less gorgeous.His ears have those gauges in them.His hair is cut low on the sides, the top in a fohawk.His jaw is strong with a few days of stubble.His eyes are blue that almost looks like contacts.His eyes come to me before looking away quickly then the next second they come back to me doing a head to toe sweep.I gulp at the look on his face.I look past him to the other guy or try to.When Mr.Tattoo starts towards me blocking my view.I want to take a step back but I can’t go anywhere.Then I see my phone in his hand.“This yours?” He asks.I nod like an idiot.He shakes his head running his free hand down his face.Then his eyes sweep me again.“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” He says looking upset.I look down at myself wondering how I could have offended him.I look normal or my working out of the house normal.When I’m at home working I wear baggie sweats, some I cut off into shorts just hanging off me, with tank tops or t-shirts.But the few days a week that I get out of the house I like to dress up or at least wear heels.“This cannot be fucking happening.” He says and I wonder if he is completely crazy.“What?” I ask, finally finding my voice.I have to look way back even in my four inch heels he is still towering over me.“You.”“Me what?” I ask confused.“Never mind who’s this?” He presses the button on my phone the screen lights up and a picture of Jamie Dornan wearing nothing but a pair of jeans takes up the screen.“Um… That’s Jamie.” I say wondering why he is asking but too afraid to ask, the look on his face isn’t very open for conversation.“He your man?”“I wish.” I mumble and I hear him growl.My head flies back and I search his face, his jaw is ticking and his hand holding my phone has his knuckles turning white.“What does that mean?” he ask“That’s Jamie Dornan he’s playing fifty I don’t know him [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]