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.” I shake my head in disgust, wishing the glass weren’t separating us.“You think I don’t know that? You think I don’t regret the way I treated her?”“I don’t think you do.You left her to the wolves.”“I was fucked in the head after losing my wife,” he says, shaking his head.“I get that, man.I really fucking get that.I honestly don’t know what would happen if I lost Sophie, and I pray to God I’ll never have to know what that feels like, but if she left me with our child, I would always make sure my kid was safe.No way would I fuck my kid’s life up just to make mine easier to deal with.”“I fucked up!” he shouts this time, making the guard take a step towards us.“You did, but what I want to know is—are you still fucking up?”“What do you mean?”“You said earlier you wished Sophie had died.Do you still feel that way?”“Do you know why I’m in this fucked-up place?”I do know.I know he’s in here for murder.“I do,” I reply, looking him dead in the eyes.“Do you know who I killed?”“No.” When Justin told me where Sophie’s dad was and why he was there, I didn’t ask any more questions.“I killed the guy who touched her.It was two days after she left.I had been sober for two whole days, looked around, and realized what I was doing to myself and what I let happen to my daughter.I tracked the guy down that hurt her and killed him.I’m in here for the next fifteen years.I do not regret for one second taking that fucker’s life.I know I should have prevented it from happening in the first place, but I didn’t, so I made it to where it would never happen again.”“Holy shit.” I sit back in the chair, my body sagging.“I know I fucked up with her, but I never wanted her to be afraid again,” he says softly.I shake my head, still in shock from what he just said.“Someone has tried to hurt her twice since she moved to Tennessee.”“That’s where she went?”“What do you mean?”“I had someone keeping an eye out for her, and then one day she was just gone.”“Yeah.She’s in Tennessee with me.”“How long have you been in the picture?” He cocks his head to the side.“A while.”“How is she?” he asks, closing his eyes, but not before I catch the look of pain in them.“Good, but I really need to know who’s after her.Do you know of anyone here from her past who would be messing with her?”“The only threat she had is dead.” I nod.“What’s your name?” he asks.I debate for a second if I should tell him, but seeing him in here behind bars and knowing the reason he is here, I quickly make up my mind.“Nico Mayson.”“And you’re with my daughter?”“Yes.”“Is she happy?” he asks quietly, hopefully.“Very,” I tell him.His eyes search my face.“Take care of her,” he chokes out before hanging up the phone and standing.He leaves me sitting there in shock.I still know nothing about who’s after Sophie, but I do know that her dad loves her, and now I have to figure out if I should tell Sophie about him.“Fuck,” I grumble out before hanging up the phone and getting the fuck out of there.*~*~*Sophie“Girl, you know I don’t do the whole ‘white meat’ thing, but that man of yours is seriously fine.I mean F-I-N-E,” Maggie says, throwing herself down on the bed next to me.“I know.” I smile.“I’ve never seen you this happy.”“I’ve never been this happy before.He makes everything okay.With him, I feel safe, like I can explore or just be me and know he will watch over me.”“Yeah, I saw that.He’s kinda scary,” Maggie says quietly.“He told me he doesn’t have to be nice to anyone but me,” I tell her, watching her eyes widen.“Wow.” Her head turns towards me, her lips parting slightly.“You know, when I first met you, I wondered how the hell this little ol’ white girl was gonna make it in the world if she couldn’t even be around a group of people without freaking out [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]