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.Lara examined the pavement; it appeared to be dry and clear.Instructions came over the speakers.Doors closed and latched.She fastened her seatbelt and felt the plane moving as it slowly pulled away from the loading area.Her heart was beating wildly as the plane rolled onto the runway, slowly; then turned onto another runway and the behemoth picked up speed.With her face close to the window, she examined the topography of the earth; it receded as the plane gradually ascended.It was fascinating to watch.With rapt attention, she was acutely aware of the click and whir of the landing gear tucking beneath the huge aircraft.Jet engines didn't purr, they roared.She watched the earth fade away little by little.Recognizable buildings, houses, and roads became a patchwork quilt of colors.Suddenly, she realized she was in a cloud.Anxiety swept over Lara as she felt powerless.Sensing her panic, Ben squeezed Lara's hand as she experienced her first take-off.In the first class seats there was at least some comfort.The distance flown from Portland to Vancouver was about 2,500 miles; they landed in New York as more passengers boarded.Lara felt panicky again as the plane took off; it felt like the load was much heavier.The flight seemed to take forever.The air was cold and dry at 35,000 feet.She drank lots of water.Ben was attentive to Lara's every need.He showed her how to use the bathroom.Too nervous to eat, she sipped water and tried to close her eyes to sleep.Lara's heart raced.The only time on the plane when she was not in panic-mode was when Ben whispered in her ear saying crazy things to divert her attention.His commentary in her ear was filled with risqué and sensual things he wanted to do with her, and it worked for a while because she couldn't stop laughing.He nuzzled her neck and never stopped touching Lara throughout the entire flight, even sleeping with his arm around her.Ben fell asleep shortly after take-off from New York catching a two-hour nap.Maybe he wore himself out saying all of those wild things in her ear.Lara's fear of flying began to decrease with Ben next to her.Instead of feeling sheer panic, she was beginning to relax.For a moment she felt thrilled to be in a cloud with Ben sleeping next to her.Ignoring the airplane and all of the background noise, Lara scrutinized Ben's handsome boyish face.Every so often he would toss and turn, but he was in deep slumber.She touched his muscular arm tracing her finger along his rock hard chest.She could feel the pendant under his shirt.She had never thought of a man being beautiful, but Ben was.He had five o'clock shadow, but it looked sexy on him.Lara noticed the flight attendant observing her in her private reverie with Ben; she had been eyeing him, too.How many other women had traced Ben's lovely features with their fingers? Lara really did not want the answer to that question, but it lingered in the back of her mind.As nerve-racking as the take-off was in Portland then New York, the landing in Vancouver was even more terrifying.Lara watched as they flew over what seemed to be hundreds of miles of city.The slowing of the aircraft was evident and the clicking of the landing gear was noticeable.She clutched the arms of the seat, trying to control her breathing.She thought of closing her eyes during the landing, but could not do so.She felt that would be the ultimate loss of control.Lara watched through the window as the plane came closer and closer to landing.It felt like they were touching down at 300 miles an hour and might run out of pavement before they stopped.She envisioned crashing into a building.When the wheels of the plane touched the pavement she felt a slight bump, then another bump, and they were finally on terra firma.Lara exhaled.After what seemed like an eternity, moving from one runway to the next, the plane finally taxied to a full stop.After ten hours of flight, they landed in Vancouver.Although she felt exhausted, Lara knew she had to be strong and supportive for Ben during this tumultuous time.Ben checked them into a beautiful five-star hotel in Vancouver.Thoughtfully, he attended to Lara's every need, arranging for a spa visit and spoke to the concierge to make sure every detail was carried out as he intended.Ben quickly showered and shaved.When he emerged, his face was filled with concern, "Sienna has been taken to a hospital not far from here.I just got a phone call while shaving.Not sure what's going on, but I am going to meet her there.I will text you as soon as I have further information." He looked so handsome, even when serious.He seemed to brace himself as if he were going into battle.His expression became solemn as he kissed Lara goodbye.Having flown through a time zone or two, Lara felt hungry and tired.Room service brought her brunch, but it was really dinner in her body's time.Fresh flowers were delivered with a note from Ben, saying, "I love you".They were her favorite blossoms, a mixture of white and pink peonies.Ben seemed to remember the smallest details.She arrived at the spa at the appointed time.As she stretched out on the massage table, Lara enjoyed the relaxation and a complete hour to daydream about Ben.She decided she could never be without him again.Arriving back in the room, she received a text from Ben.Sienna was being force fed in the hospital; she was weak and heavily sedated, as she fought with the doctors constantly.Ben was discouraged and could only see her briefly alone.He literally begged her to sign the divorce paperwork that he brought with him.Sienna was unresponsive to his request and he left the room, hopeful she would be stronger tomorrow.He said in the text message he was stopping to see his son.William was staying with Sienna's parents.He would text Lara again later.Lara's heart broke as she contemplated the anguish Ben was going through.She wondered what his visit with William would be like.The thought crossed her mind that Ben may need to take physical custody of William if Sienna's health did not improve.She recalled the many conversations she had with Sienna and how she described her love for her only child, William.Lara felt a deep sense of sorrow sweep over her.She felt a strong instinct to meet with Sienna in person.She awoke with Ben's hand touching hers, not sure what time it was.As Lara opened her eyes, she thought she saw tears in his eyes but wasn't sure.Still groggy from sleep, she listened as Ben spoke, "I hope you have been comfortable here today." His first thoughts were of Lara's comfort."Ben, I am fine.How are you?" His beautiful blue eyes looked tired and he dropped onto the bed, his body lying next to hers as he stared at the ceiling.They ordered room service and Lara listened as Ben unraveled the events of the hospital visit."Sienna is in and out of a drug-induced state.Even if she signed the divorce document, it might not hold up in court because she is not of sound mind.I need to wait until she is a bit stronger, at least able to speak with me.Then, I visited William at Sienna's parent's house.He is staying there with them and doing well, in light of the circumstances.I tried my best to tell William that Sienna had anorexia before I married her [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]