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.“Changing your mind.”Then he lowered his head again, this time claiming her mouth.Hot and cold danced along Livvie’s skin, leaving a delicious tingling sensation in its wake.A delicious desire raced through her, like fingers of lightning warming her from the inside out.She couldn’t think.She couldn’t protest.She could only breathe in the scent of leather and heat that filled her senses and hope that he never stopped kissing her.His tongue mingled with hers and stole her breath.Heat flashed along her legs his knee slide between her thighs and left her panting with need.Then his talented fingers trailed along her body, softly brushed against the side of her breasts, and reluctantly settled at her waist.Livvie was in heaven.A heaven she didn’t know existed until now.His lips were soft but firm as they teased and melded with hers.“I can make you want me, Olivia,” he whispered across her lips.She arched against his knee unconsciously.She already wanted him.If he did anything else, she’d lose her mind entirely.He chuckled against her mouth.“Eager, are you?” Then he rose up on his elbows, just gazing into her eyes.“How about if we play a little game?”“I’m certain your games are dangerous” she whispered.“Ah,” he responded with a wink.“That’s the glory of this particular game.You’ll be in complete control, Olivia.”“Complete control?” she asked skeptically.After all, he’d taken control of everything, ever since he’d found her in his wardrobe.Balancing on one arm, Alex trailed one hand up her belly then let it hover right above her breast.“Whatever you ask of me, I will do it.And if you don’t ask, I won’t continue.”Feverish and out of breath, she shook her head.His silver eyes twinkled as she arched her back, wanting his touch, but not wanting to ask for it.“Say, ‘Touch me, Alex.’”This was not a good idea.She had lost her mind to even consider doing what he asked.“Touch me, Alex,” the words were barely audible.A seductive smile spread across his face as he lowered his wicked fingers to her breast.The contact was exhilarating, like nothing she’d ever experienced before.He stroked her, rubbing his fingers across her swollen nipple, making her wish that riding habits were made of a far thinner material.After a while, he stilled his hand and gazed into her eyes.“Would you like more, sweetheart?”She nodded her head.“Or would you like to try something different?”When she stared at him quizzically, he laughed, rose up on his knees, and placed his hands on her jacket buttons.“Because you see, I would like to taste you, Olivia.But the decision is all yours.You’re in control.You can stop now, or have me simply touch you as I was before, or you can ask for my mouth.”Her eyes must be wide as saucers and she hated feeling like a silly child.Livvie swallowed and closed her eyes, remembering when she saw him take the maid’s nipple into his mouth.Even then she’d wanted to know what that felt like.“Taste me, Alex,” she whispered again.“My pleasure.”By the time she’d opened her eyes, he’d unbuttoned her riding jacket and was tugging the bodice of her blouse and chemise to free one breast from its confines.She sucked in a surprised breath when he dipped his head and took her peaked nipple into his wet, warm mouth.Instinctively, she ran her fingers through his hair, relishing in the amazing intimacy.He did more than just taste her.He suckled her.He licked her.He nipped at her very tip.Livvie thought she would come completely unraveled from his ministrations.Then she moaned when his knee inched higher between her legs, causing a maddening pressure to build inside her.Alex simply chuckled against her breast.A rumble sounded in the distance, but Livvie paid it no attention until the first drop of rain hit her cheek.Her eyes flew open, and Alex raised his head, a self-satisfied smile curved his lips.He quickly pulled her blouse back into place.“Sweetheart, much as I would love to fondle you all afternoon, we’d best start back or risk being washed away.”Disappointment crashed over her, even though she knew he was right.She breathed heavily, staring up at the darkening sky above them and wished that they had met in a different life.It would be incredibly easy to fall for Alexander Everett.From where she was strolling the Prestwick Chase gardens on Captain Gabriel Seaton’s very powerful arm, Cordelia Avery noticed dark clouds off in the distance.A feeling of foreboding washed over her and she shivered.Gabriel noticed her reaction and stopped, his warm, brown eyes focused on her.“What is the matter, my dear Cordelia?”She smiled up at him, wondering how she had been so lucky to have discovered him—or rather that he had discovered her—at this tedious affair that pretended to be a House Party.“Nothing,” she lied, and they quietly walked on, listening to the nearby skylarks.She couldn’t tell him.She couldn’t tell anyone.However, she was terribly worried about Livvie and the approaching storm echoed that concern in her soul.Not even a fool could have missed the heat radiating between Olivia and Kelfield that morning.The air nearly crackled when they were together.In all her twenty years, Cordie had never known Livvie to look at anyone that way.Not even Philip.He’d been gone too long, leaving Livvie alone.That was the problem.She silently cursed the entire city of Toulouse to the devil.Philip, along with her brothers, Russell and Tristan, should be home already.Many others had returned from the continent’s battlefields.It was unfair that they were still in France.Unfair and now dangerous, or at least the duke was dangerous.Kelfield was an imposing man—sinfully handsome, charming when he wanted to be, and extremely powerful in every sense of the word.It only seemed natural that Livvie would be swept up by his attention.Cordie was certain she would have felt the same if the duke was demanding her company, and if she hadn’t started to lose her heart to Gabriel.The man’s reputation, which had at one time been titillating, was now a pressing concern.Not that she didn’t trust Livvie’s judgment—she did, or she normally would have.Again the image of the two of them in the hallway that morning, gazing only at each other, flashed through Cordie’s mind and she cringed.Kelfield was only concerned about himself.Everyone knew that.And she didn’t want to see her dearest friend get caught up in something that was certain to hurt her.Riding? Why had he insisted they go riding? To get Livvie alone without the watchful eyes of those who cared about her.Obviously.What if Livvie was in some sort of trouble?“My darling.” Gabriel stopped again, tipping her chin up until she looked at him.“You look distressed.”She forced another smile to her face and shook free from his hold.“Truly, sir, I am fine.I was just thinking I might like to go for a ride [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]