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.Her legs fell open, limp.She struggled to catch her breath.Brendan’s hand left her, moving slowly up her belly, trailing fire wherever he touched.He shifted his position, urging her legs wider, kneeling before her.His lips found hers, and he devoured her, tangling his tongue with hers, marking her as his.“Dear God, I love you,” he whispered fervently.He nudged again at her entrance, this time with something much larger than his finger and Cordie’s eyes widened in surprise.Brendan kissed them closed, used his tongue to open her lips, stroke the moist softness of her mouth.He cupped her bottom, raised her slightly off the bed, and slowly, gently pushed into her.She sucked in a breath.His handsome face looked strained as he pushed forward, and she sucked in a breath.She’d never imagined it would feel like this.Strange, exhilarating, urgent, all rolled into one.She wriggled against him, wanting him deeper, and he gasped.“For God’s sake, Cordie.I’m trying to go slowly.”“Please, don’t,” she begged.“You’re torturing me.”He choked on a laugh.“I think it’s the other way ‘round, my love.” But he pressed himself deeper and groaned, his fingers digging into her skin.Then he took a deep breath.“Please remember that I love you.”Cordie beamed at him.She could never forget that, no matter how many years she—Brendan thrust forward, and she sucked in a breath, startled by the slight pain.“Oh!”He looked at once remorseful.“I’m so sorry.”But the pain was already ebbing, and she touched his cheek, hating to see his mournful expression.“I’m fine.But if you don’t continue, I think I shall expire from want.”Relief washed across his face.“Thank God.”He moved deeper inside her, until it was impossible to determine where he ended and she began.Then he pulled out, only to thrust back inside.Over and over he did this, holding her in place with his hands, while strangled need coursed through her veins.Cordie writhed, wanting him closer, wanting him deeper, until he started to rock against that sensitive spot and all the stars in the sky fell from their celestial homes, crashing down on her.“Oh, Cordie!” her husband growled, thrusting deep, one last time.It felt as if lava gushed inside her.Brendan released his hold on her and collapsed at her side, holding her tightly in his arms.“My darling wife, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same.”Sated and exhausted, Cordie snuggled in his embrace, resting her head on his chest.“Ummm, never,” she whispered dreamily.~ 27 ~With early morning light streaming through the windows, Brendan slowly awoke.His wife was nestled against him, her soft breath tickling the hair on his chest.Last night had been the most amazing of his life.For the first time in so long, he was optimistic about the future.He was desperately in love with his bride, and her with him—something he hadn’t even dared hope for.Their marriage would secure his mother’s letters, freeing him from the nightmare he’d been living for too many years.Cordie stirred in his arms and he glanced again at her beautiful face.Her pert little nose was scrunched up and her hand fluttered toward her eyes.The morning light glinted off the golden band on her finger and his heart swelled with pride.Though this was not the route he would have preferred to take to the altar, or anvil as the case may be, he’d do it all over again.Cordie’s cold foot slid up his leg and his eyes flashed to her face, to find a teasing smile on her lips.“Good morning, husband.”He grinned back, still amazed at his luck that this goddess would warm his bed until the end of time.“Ah, my beautiful wife,” he said, rolling Cordie to her back.“Are you sore, darling?” he asked, kissing her collarbone as his hand teased a nipple.“A little,” she admitted.“Though it was well worth it.” An innocent blush colored her cheeks as she ran her fingers over his chest.“Must we leave, Brendan? Can’t we just stay here forever?”In other words, not back to their lives or the real world they’d left behind.He rose up on his arms and softly claimed her mouth, caressing her cheek.He’d do anything to make her happy, but they couldn’t stay here.“This from the woman who told me yesterday she had no intention of playing my valet? How would we go on here, sweetheart?”She furrowed her brow.“Well, not here then.But, well, I’m just not ready to give you up.”He wasn’t all that anxious to return to London, either.Now that she was his wife, there was no pressing need for the letters.Her family would certainly hand them over.They didn’t need to rush back for them.“Cordie, instead of heading for London, why don’t we go to Bayhurst Court instead? I’m anxious for you to meet Thomas and Rose, for you to see my home—our home.”She smiled brightly, making his heart leap.“I would like that very much.Besides, I don’t think I could take another long coach ride anyway for a while.My bottom will be bruised for months as it is.”“Indeed?” he asked with a grin.“Let me see.”Mortified, she pushed away from him.“I beg your pardon?”Life with her would never be dull.Brendan tugged her back into his arms.“Now be a dutiful wife and let me see your bottom [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]