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.”“Looking for wedding details?” Please say yes.“Nope.” Miranda shook her head.“She wanted to know all about you and Sean.”Her stomach dive–bombed to her knees.“Great.” She traced the length of her pearl necklace.Salvation’s gossip gods giveth and they taketh away.“What did they tell her?”Miranda shrugged.“Not much they could tell.It’s not like there’s anything going on.”One pearl.Two pearl.Three pearl.“Exactly.”“Of course not, because you’d totally tell your big sister if there was,” Miranda said.“From what I hear, you and Sean made quite the team when Carl showed up.Maybe you two should…work together more often.”Oh no, she wasn’t taking that bait.She wasn’t sure exactly what she was doing with Sean but it scared her just as much as it thrilled her.“I’ll keep that in mind.”Had someone heard them? Then she remembered how Hailey had burst into the room as soon as their clothes were back on.Had she been outside the whole time, trying to get their attention, but they’d been too focused on each other to hear the outside world? Natalie’s cheeks burned.She was falling back onto old habits.Sex with the unobtainable—in this case an employee—when what she needed was to find someone with relationship potential.Miranda arched her eyebrows and cocked her head to the side.“Oh, if Olivia could see you now, you’d be in so much trouble.”Too late for that.Natalie was already neck deep in it.Natalie paused outside of Sean’s closed office door and took a deep breath.She’d just talk to him.Work only.No mind–melting kisses.No sexual tension.No noticing his amazing ass that you could bounce a quarter off of.Definitely no sex.She wasn’t sure she could take a second time without getting her heart broken—and that was not part of her master plan to have a healthy, non–compartmentalized relationship.Plan.Brewery.Keep it together, Natalie.Miranda was right.To implement the changes, she had to get the staff’s buy in, and to do that, she needed Sean.She wouldn’t even notice his broad shoulders or the way he chewed his bottom lip when he rolled a problem around in his head.She could do this.She would do this.So why are you standing here with your hand hovering in the air, unable to knock on his door?Straightening her shoulders and snapping on an imaginary chastity belt, she rapped her knuckles against the wood.“It’s open.” Sean’s deep voice stirred up nothing but trouble inside her.Steeling her nerve, she turned the knob and walked in.“Hey, do you have a minute?”Sean looked up from the notes he was writing in his cramped script.He’d tossed his Sweet Salvation Brewery hat on top of the file cabinet, leaving his chin–length waves loose and wild.Like him.God, that enough should make her control freak self–padlock her knees together.If only her libido worked that way.She clutched her clipboard closer to her chest.His gaze zeroed in on it, and his pupils dilated and darkened.“I don’t know.” A slow, deadly smile curled his lips, and he relaxed back against his chair.“You’ve got that clipboard and too many clothes on.”“Very funny.” Heat blazed against her cheeks.“Look.I’ve been thinking.”“That’s always trouble.” His flirtatious tone remained, but his body sharpened as he leaned forward, tension thrumming off him.Her breath caught and she almost stumbled back.Everything about him screamed danger.To her heart.To her sanity.To her ability to control the chaos.Tightening her grip on the clipboard, she squeezed it close to her chest like a shield.“Yesterday shouldn’t have happened.People are already talking—neither of us wants that.We don’t need to pretend it was anything more than temporary insanity.”That last bit was harder to get out than she’d expected.Each word slashed against her skin like a whip, leaving a red, raw welt in its wake.“Who said I was pretending?” The deadly serious look in his brown eyes made her heart stutter.“I sure as hell hope you weren’t.”“Oh.” For once, it was Natalie who didn’t have a thing to say, because he was right.She hadn’t been pretending at all.She wasn’t falling for her brewmaster—she already had.He shrugged and rubbed his palm against his head.God, she could still feel the smoothness of his hair as she’d run her fingers through it while he’d licked her nipples.A slow and easy warmth invaded her body.Remember the plan, Natalie.Latching on to her logical side before lust could tip its hand, Natalie shot him a dirty look and remained standing to hold on to the height advantage.“Enough procrastinating.We need to get these changes in place.” She whipped a copy of her plan from the clipboard [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]