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.As Axel did up the buckles, working from those by his wrists up towards those around his biceps, Bayden’s arms were tugged closer together, straining his shoulders and stretching his muscles.The buckle closest to Bayden’s hands was fitted with a D-ring.Axel padlocked a chain to it.Arranging Bayden on the blanket, laying on his side, Axel fastened the other end of the length of chain to one leg of the chest of drawers below the window.They were halfway there.Axel moved around Bayden and carefully fastened a ball stretcher around Bayden’s sac.The two inches of black leather forced Bayden’s nuts down away from his body.Axel had worn similar toys himself.It wasn’t comfortable, but it wouldn’t actually hurt Bayden—not yet.There was a D-ring on the ball stretcher too.Axel clipped a length of chain to it and ran it toward the base of the bed.He tugged, very gently.Bayden obediently squirmed on his blanket, moving his crotch closer to the base of the bed.The chain behind him rattled.When it grew taught Bayden had to strain his arms, lifting them away from his body in an effort to position himself as Axel demanded.Axel attached the end of the second length of chain to the bed frame, leaving just a fraction of slack.He checked the arrangement carefully.From that moment on, Bayden had a choice, he could move back and release the strain on his shoulders, but in doing so he’d cause the ball stretcher to pull painfully at his sack.There was no escape from pain, just a choice between two forms of it—each of which would grow more intense as time passed.Even now, it had to send discomfort twisting through Bayden’s body.Axel wouldn’t have expected a human to tolerate it for long, but Bayden was nothing if not tough—physically at least.Everything he’d gone through had made his body resilient, even if it had taken a psychological toll.His penance would be real.It would take him to the edge and make him determined not to lie again.Maintaining the position would test him, but it was a test he could pass.Axel took his turn in the bathroom.By the time he returned to Bayden’s side, it was obvious that Bayden had realised just how much of a battle of endurance he was in for.There was no way he’d be able to sleep a wink.“Okay, pup?”“Yes, sir.”“If you’d told me the truth when you started submitting to me, you’d be in my bed right now.”Bayden closed his eyes.“Yes, sir.”Axel got into bed, but he didn’t try to sleep.He remained wide awake, watching Bayden choose one type of pain over another again and again.At first he remained relatively still.As the minutes ticked past at glacial speed, he had to switch tactics more frequently.By the time the clock reached the next hour, Bayden couldn’t remain still for more than a minute at a time.Axel threw back his blankets.The chains only took seconds to undo.“Sir?”“It’s okay,” Axel said, undoing the quick release tabs on the bondage sleeve.“It’ll hurt when you first move your arms, but that won’t last long.”“I didn’t ask you to untie me, sir.” There was just a touch of uncertainty in his voice, as if he’d considered doing that so many times, he wasn’t entirely sure he hadn’t succumbed to the temptation.“Hush.”Axel tossed the sleeve aside.Bayden gasped as Axel guided him to put his arms in front of him.Axel moved on to the ball stretcher.As much as Bayden tried to co-operate, he was stiff and clumsy.It was pointless to order him to his feet.Axel simply picked him up and carried him the few paces to the bed.Quickly tugging the blanket up over them both, he beckoned Bayden closer.“Sir?”“Yes, pup?” Axel reached down between them and cupped Bayden’s balls in his palm, gently massaging them to ease the way they had to ache.“I don’t understand, sir?” Bayden whispered.“One night for every month you lied to me.Three and a quarter months,” Axel reminded him.“Three and a quarter nights,” Bayden realised.“If you hadn’t told me the truth when you did, you’d still be down there.”A shiver ran through Bayden.He didn’t feel chilled enough for it to be an entirely physical reaction, but Axel pulled Bayden closer anyway, letting him share his body heat.Bayden hesitated for a moment.“You can come as close as you want,” Axel said.A moment later, the only way Bayden could have got any nearer would have been to climb inside Axel’s skin with him.“That’s right,” Axel murmured.“I’ve got you.” He rubbed Bayden’s biceps and shoulders to coax the stiffness out of them.Bayden snuggled in against him.The punishment had taken him so close to the edge he was past hiding how much he needed Axel’s praise and comfort.He murmured his pleasure at each touch, making Axel smile.“See how good everything is once we tell each other the truth?” Axel whispered to him.Bayden nodded, and took the opportunity to burrow his face into Axel’s shoulder at the same time.Axel slid a hand down his back, welcoming him back to his side with every touch.“Good boy.”Bayden’s cock hardened against Axel’s thigh.Axel’s body quickly responded in kind.Bayden pushed out his arse when Axel’s hand slid over his buttocks.“It’s late, and you’re exhausted,” Axel chided.“I could suck you off if you prefer, sir.And I can make it quick if—”Axel hushed him.“Tomorrow,” he promised.“We’ll do everything there is to do, tomorrow.Just rest now.”Bayden had snuggled down so far under the blankets, his face was inaccessible.Axel pressed a kiss on top of his head.A second later, Bayden placed a tentative kiss on Axel’s collarbone in return.“Good pup.” Axel grinned with relief.They’d both had enough punishment.Tomorrow it would be time to play.* * * * *Tomorrow.Obviously it was Axel’s choice what they did and when they did it— and Bayden had no doubt that was exactly the way things should be.But, Axel had said they would have sex tomorrow, and it was tomorrow.By the time the pub was due to open for business that evening, Bayden was starting to really wish he’d asked Axel to specify a rough time of day.Axel came around the bar and stood behind Bayden.He chuckled as he slid his arms around Bayden and encouraged him to lean back against him.“Impatient, pup?”The truth.Bayden nodded.He’d been impatient first thing that morning.After an entire day on edge hoping that Axel hadn’t changed his mind, he was little short of desperate.“If I’ve done something to make you not want to—”“I’d tell you,” Axel cut in.“Mind reading isn’t part of the deal.I still want everything I wanted since the first time you walked into this pub.”Bayden nodded [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]