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.Nor did he have to tell Dixie that he wasn’t anxious to get involved any further in this.He heard a surprised sound on the other side of the door, could almost hear her smile.He started to step away from the door.“Chance?”“Yeah?” he said, moving back to the door again.“Thank you.”He touched the door with the tips of his fingers.“Yeah.”NOT LONG AFTER midnight, Chance heard the lodge room door open and close quietly.He glanced at the clock, gave her a few seconds, then picked up his gun.He had stayed dressed in his jeans expecting something like this.And yet, he couldn’t help being surprised.And disappointed.He’d started to buy into her story.He’d even agreed to take her to talk to Glendora Ferris.So had it all been just a ruse?He pulled on his coat and boots.Opening the door quietly, he peered out.Dixie tiptoed down the hallway dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, no shoes.He frowned.No shoes? Where was she going barefoot in December in Montana?She had something tucked under her arm.He waited until she turned the corner before he went after her.At the L in the hallway, he stopped to peer around the corner.She stood at the door to the hot springs outdoor pool.Even from where he was he could see that the pool was clearly marked closed for the night.He watched her with interest since he suspected the door to the pool was kept locked at night.She pulled the barrette from her hair she’d used to tie it back earlier.It took her a few minutes but to his amazement, she picked the lock and slipped in.She was going swimming?He hurried down the hallway only to find the door locked again.He’d never been great at lock picking, but he was hell on wheels when it came to fence climbing.Backtracking he circled around the rear of the lodge to come out at the fence along the dark side of the pool.Steam rose off the surface, dissipating into the cold darkness.For a moment he didn’t see her and thought she’d given him the slip.But then he spotted her discarded clothing piled on one of the chairs near the deep end, a towel lying on top.At the sound of a splash, he saw her surface halfway down the pool in a cloud of steam and was surprised how relieved he was.She hadn’t tried to get away.She’d just wanted to go for a swim.He smiled, shaking his head.Would this woman ever quit surprising him?She dove back under the water and he quickly climbed the wooden fence, moving to the edge of the pool as she surfaced.He remembered that she’d been part fish back in Texas, always in her family pool.Always calling, “Hey, Chance, watch this.” Even back then she’d loved attention.And had known no fear, diving off the highest thing she could find if it would shock him.He realized she hadn’t changed.He’d expected to surprise her, but if he did, she hid it well.“Hello, Chance,” she said with a grin.“The pool is closed, Dixie.Also, I believe swimsuits are required.”Her grin broadened.“Why would anyone swim in a suit if she didn’t have to? And close a pool on a night like this?” She looked up, her face softening.“Look at those stars.I had no idea there were so many.” Her breath came out on a puff of frosty December air.He saw that her hair was starting to freeze.Frost glistened on her eyelashes.A snow angel.Her beauty took his breath away.She must have seen his expression because her gaze heated as it met his.Her smile widened.Oh, that mouth.Incredible full lips that arched up in a perfect bow that any man would have been a fool not to want to kiss.She laughed and ducked under the water, disappearing beneath the steam—but not before he’d glimpsed her sleek naked body moving through the water.Chance swore and glanced toward the lodge and the rooms that faced in this direction.Several of the blinds were open, lights out, but he’d bet Dixie had an audience and unless he missed his guess, she knew it and was enjoying it.“Damn it, Dixie.”As she surfaced, her laugh filled the air.“You should see your expression.”“You like shocking people.”She turned serious.“You’re wrong.I just like swimming naked on a night like this [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]